Chantecler, collana, dettaglio
Chantecler, collana, dettaglio

Chantecler fine jewelry that smells of the sea

Capri, the small queen island of the Mediterranean facing Naples, is also the headquarters of Chantecler, a jewelery Maison that combines the charm of the place with that of design. This is why the new production by Chantecler, the nickname by which the co-founder Pietro Capuano was called, exuberant like the rooster in Edmond Rostand’s fable, is inspired by the marine environment that surrounds the island. A sea that manages to be fascinating in the summer, when Capri is filled with tourists, but also in the winter. This marine influence translates into high-impact pieces, such as starfish-shaped necklaces or earrings, with diamonds, pearls and stones such as (obviously) aquamarine. But also ceramic and titanium, without forgetting shades from ruby red to amethyst, intense emerald greens, cold and brilliant, almost iridescent blues.

Anello Stella Marina
Starfish ring

Finally, the Medusa, a jewel with generous dimensions for earrings or as a pendant. The new one is made of colored titanium and gold with small diamonds and aquamarine, consistent with the mythical universe of the Mediterranean explored by Chantecler. The Maison also presents new pieces from iconic collections, such as Paillettes, which we will publish in a new article.

Anello Stella Marina
Anello Stella Marina

Infine, la Medusa, gioiello con dimensioni generose per orecchini o come ciondolo. La nuova è realizzata in titanio colorato e oro con piccoli diamanti e acquamarina, coerente con l’universo mitico del Mediterraneo esplorato da Chantecler. La Maison, inoltre, presenta nuovi pezzi di collezioni iconiche, come Paillettes, che pubblicheremo in un nuovo articolo.

Choker con acquamarina
Choker with aquamarine
Medusa ciondolo
Medusa pendant
Medusa orecchini
Jellyfish earrings
Orecchini Stella marina
Starfish earrings
Collana con titanio, perle, diamanti
Necklace with titanium, pearls, diamonds

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