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Nirav Modi

The great scam of Nirav Modi

Nirav Modi fled to London seeking asylum in Britain. The biggest scam ($ 2.2 billion) linked to the jewelery world ♦ ︎ When summer comes, you can read more books […]

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Orecchini della collezione Mozambico con ametista brasiliana ovale, granati, tsavorite, diamanti baguette

Ajoomal between ancient and modern

Rare stones, refined cuts, tradition and innovation: all this is Harshad Ajoomal, Mumbai’s jeweler ♦ ︎ The briolette cut, with its elongated teardrop shape, is back in fashion in jewelery. […]

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Opalicious Starburst, orecchini con opali, zirconi naturali e diamanti

The fusion menu of Hanut Singh

Among India and the United States: Hanut Singh proposes jewels worthy of a maharaja (in fact his grandfather was an Indian king) ♦ ︎ India is the world’s largest gold […]

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Anello in oro e pietre lavorate a mano, diamanti e perla. Prezzo: 1850 sterline

Flora Bhattacharya, passage to India

The scent of India seen through the eyes and creativity of Flora Bhattachary ♦ India and Britain are two souls that history has united: conflicts and love are the legacy […]

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Orecchini con diamanti e smeraldi

Passage to India with Bapalal Keshavlal

Extraordinary jewels designed and manufactured in Mumbai for diamond and precious stones enthusiasts from all over the world: this is the mission of Bapalal Keshavlal, who after VicenzaOro and Hong […]

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Bracciale con perla di Thaiti, e diamanti con taglio baguette e tondi

The Indian colors of Diagold

The rich style and a lot of tradition in the jewelry of the Indian Diagold ♦ India is the country that loves most jewelry. It is logical, then, that has […]

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Bracciale con smeraldi e diamanti

Awesome Takat

From India to New York: Takat jewelry as maharaja style is an opulent dream of many women ♦ Haji Nisar Ahmed Takat, descended from an ancient Indian family of carvers […]

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Anello Splatter in oro giallo e diamanti. Prezzo: 3340 dollari

Swati Dhanak, from the desert to New York

From the desert to abstract art: the jewels of the New York designer Swati Dhanak ♦ ︎ From Dubai to New York, but of Indian origin, Swati Dhanak is a […]

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Orecchini a forma di stelle, in oro bianco e diamanti

Bina Goenka, incredible India

The extraordinary jewels of the Indian designer Bina Goenka, pieces of goldsmith virtuosity between Mumbai and London. A jewel of Bina Goenka often is exceeding the price of 100,000 Euros […]

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Anello Kalei, in oro giallo, diamanti, tanzanite, zaffiro rosa. Prezzo: 5200 dollari

Ayva, colors for manager

The new jewels by Priyanka Kedia, founder of Ayva, queen of the compositions with small gems ♦ Responsible for the strategic deployment stocks, implementation of new tools and processes for […]

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Thomas Sabo, collane della collezione Mini Chakra

Yoga lesson with Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo, the Mini Chakra collection for a winter of Indian flavor ♦ ︎ An exotic Christmas? There is no need to book a cruise or even go to the […]

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Tamara Comolli, collezione India, bracciale in oro e snakewood, con zaffiri

Tamara Comolli paisley size

Tamara Comolli devotes her India collection to the most loved graphic pattern ♦ ︎ There are women who “forget” to communicate their age. But there are also women who celebrate […]

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Ornamento per turbante, Hyderabad, 1800-1850. Set di diamanti, perle e spinello

Al Thani jewelry in Venice

In Venice an exhposition with 270 vintage Indian jewels from the Al Thani collection ♦︎ Jewelery in a jewel city: in Venice comes the Al Thani collection. Exposed first in […]

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Bracciale Memphis, in oro laccato

The British India of Alice Cicolini

By Alice Cicolini a collection dedicated to Italian designer Ettore Sottsass, the Memphis collection, in memory of the design school founded by the architect. The Memphis jewels are made in […]

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Orecchino con cristallo di rocca e perle

Silvia Furmanovich in India

The new collection of brazilian designer Silvia Furmanovich is dedicated to India ♦ ︎ There are those who fall in love with their children (everyone), others who falls in love […]

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Figura di cane che risale a 1500 avanti Cristo, realizzata con opale, smeraldi, diamanti e zaffiri orange. Prezzo: 29.000 dollari

Coomi, after Bollywood there is Hollywood

The jewels between culture and pageantry of Coomi, from India to the US. From old palaces of Mumbai to the busiest streets of New York or Los Angeles: Coomi Bhasin […]

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Anello con smeraldo intagliato, rubini e diamanti

Goshwara, drops of perfection

A drop of perfection in the jewelry of Goshwara, a bit of India in New York ♦ In ancient Persia and India, the word Goshwara indicated the perfect shape of the […]

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L'Urlo di Munch

Sunjewels, diamonds with scream

The Scream by Edvard Munch and the famous Andy Warhol Campbell soup reproduced with thousands of diamond by Sunjewels. In the world jewelry occasionally it happens to find the special […]

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Due collane  con pendente Melograna della collezione Bonheur

Passage to India for Lebole

Passage to India with the new Bonheur collection by Lebole Gioielli. Images and prices. Lebole, Tuscan brand of a affordable jewelry , is traveling to West. The Plainsman has departed […]

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Anello di Munnu The Gem Palace

Ode to ruby

Sindoor, an extraordinary collection that celebrates the ruby ​​made by the Indian Maison Munnu The Gem Palace. The Siddharth name can evoke the original name of the founder of Buddhism, […]

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