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Orecchini a cercio in argento placcato oro e cubic zirconia

PdPaola’s Rule of Five

PdPaola tuned to channel five. Television has nothing to do with it: the Five collection is described by the brand as a journey into the profound beauty of the wildest […]

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Collana in oro rosa con tormaline tonalità pastello e diamanti

The precious passions of Selim Mouzannar

Almost all jewelers spend their time making jewelry. Almost. Some, like Selim Mouzannar, also engage in civil battles. The Beirut-based jeweler, in fact, is part of the Executive Committee of […]

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Bracciali Pandora Signature

The new Pandora Signature

After many years of silver bracelets with charms, Pandora renews the style with the new Signature collection, a name already used in the past, but for completely different jewels. The […]

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Anelli in oro giallo e diamante

Furrer Jacot, rings guaranteed for life

Swiss precision, with very Latin variations. Or, at least, far from tradition: Furrer Jacot is a brand specialized in rings born in 1858 which is located in Schaffhausen, a town […]

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Anello in argento brunito con quarzo fumé

The reborn silver of Maria and Luisa

The name has nothing special: Maria Luisa. The surname, however, is known to jewelry lovers: Pianegonda. The Pianegonda brand, however, due to troubled corporate events, can no longer be used […]

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Anello in acciaio color oro

Fossil’s summer 2021

Bijoux for the summer. Simples, inexpensives, without extravagance, but cheerful enough to be bought without thinking twice. Also because the prices offered by Fossil remain within everyone’s reach. For the […]

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Anello con tormalina Paraiba di 24,75 carati e diamanti

Everything about tourmaline

Everything you need to know about tourmaline, increasingly fashionable in jewelry ♦ You may have noticed it: for some years now tourmaline, and in particular the Paraiba variety has become […]

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Anello Jodhpur in oro 22 carati, smeraldo e smalto

The new jewels by Alice Cicolini

Alice Cicolini’s new jewels: the Indian tradition of enamel ♦ ︎ Among the descriptions of herself that Alice Cicolini provides, there is this: former director of Arts & Culture for […]

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Orecchini a monachella della linea Cuore

Recarlo with the heart

For some time, the Italian Maison Recarlo has focused on the iconic shape of the heart for its collections. It did it with some new lines of jewelry that use […]

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Anello petalo di diamanti in oro 18 carati

The intelligent minimal of Elena Sardo

Minimal made in Turin: Elena Sardo is a new contribution from the Piedmontese city to the design jewel. Graduated in architecture, designer, the founder of the brand that bears her […]

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Orecchini in argento placcato oro

Pianegonda Domina

Pianegonda expands the Domina silver collection: for women who know how to make decisions ♦ Pianegonda continues to offer collections with names borrowed from Latin. One of the novelties presented […]

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Bracciale in oro rosa e diamanti

Annamaria Cammilli, spring with Velaa

x A Velaa that takes off towards the future. The Velaa line by Annamaria Cammilli, born as a variation of the classic Dune series, now becomes autonomous. Not only that: […]

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Un set Pain de Sucre con gemma intercambiabile

Fred, interchangeable tango

Rings with interchangeable stones, or bracelets with an iconic clasp: these are the jewels of Fred, brand of the LVMH group ♦ The tango of interchangeable ring starts from Buenos […]

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Orecchini in oro giallo 18 carati, ceramica, diamanti brown

The new balances of Etho Maria

High jewelry and even higher design with Etho Maria, the Greek Maison that loves to communicate little and even less wants to dress its collections with bombastic adjectives, stories, marketing. […]

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Anello in argento ossidato, oro 24 carati, diamanti

Boaz Kashi, Boho Chic

The Israeli jewelry designer Boaz Kashi and his Boho Chic collections: irreverence, but luxury ♦ If, by accident, you do not know what Boho Chic means or you’ve forgotten, you can […]

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Anello Aurora Boreale

A secret world in a ring

Rings and pendants that are inspired by nature: for those who love seas, mountains and forests ♦ Some wooden rings. This is nothing new, let’s face it. But those of […]

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Collezione Link to Love by Gucci

Link to Love, Unisex line by Gucci

Even Gucci has decided that unisex is the password to enter the world of jewelry. Or, more precisely, to be in the trendy area of ​​the jewelry world. The Maison […]

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Orecchini Capri Dream

Dreams of Capri with Angela Puttini

Capri Dream is the name of the collection by Antonella Puttini, an artist and jewelry designer with the Angela Puttini brand, a boutique of the same name in the heart […]

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Bracciale, pezzo unico, in oro rosa con opali etiopi e acquamarina

Traveling with Yael Designs

A very personal design that of Yehouda Saketkhou and his San Francisco-based Yael Design. Starting from the name, a tribute to the disabled sister ♦ His name is Yehouda Saketkhou, and […]

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Pendenti della collezione B Blossom

The new B Blossoms by Louis Vuitton

B Blossom collection by Louis Vuitton is enriched with new pieces, which are variations on the original theme. The collection was presented two years ago and represented the debut of […]

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