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The good vibrations of Brent Neale Winston

in Orecchini/vetrina
Anello in oro 18 carati, acquamarina e tsavorite

The good vibrations of Brent Neale Winston in New York: high quality jewelry among Hieronymus Bosch and the Sixties ♦ ︎ She has been defined as one of the emerging designers. Trendy she is for sure. Brent Neale Winston designs and creates high quality jewelry in New York, with a light and fun style. Bees,…

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Eva Fehren, luxury and simplicity

in ANELLI/Diamanti/vetrina
XX Ring, in oro rosa e diamanti

The jewels in black and white (with a pink and yellow) by Eva Zuckerman, designer of Eva Fehren, who won a Couture Awards: essence of New York ♦ ︎ The world is divided into two: those who love color photos and those who appreciate those in black and white. There are two schools of thought,…

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When is the engagement ring given?

in ANELLI/da sapere
La scelta dell'anello, un momento delicato

When is the engagement ring given? What does it mean when a man gives a ring? And what are the rings to give as gifts? All questions that require an answer. And, it seems trivial, but many wonder what is the meaning of a ring worn on the finger. Let’s answer these questions: not everyone…

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The jewels that smell

in news
Bracciale per aromaterapia indossato

The essential oils of aromatherapy combined with bracelets, necklaces and rings from the Californian company Anavia ♦ ︎ Aromatherapy is a practice of the category of alternative medicine that has many followers. Although the real effectiveness of smelling aromas is discussed and questionable (and is not considered medical by doctors), the idea fascinates a good…

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The cultural bridge of Sethi Couture

in ANELLI/vetrina
Anello impilabili in oro e diamanti bianchi e neri

Sethi is a common surname in northern India and Pakistani. The word derives from Sreshta which means pure or superior in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language. Following (perhaps) this principle, the two Californian sisters Pratima and Prerna, with their Sethi Couture, have tried to reunite the jewelry made in the USA with its roots in…

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Rosato with cube colors

in Argento/bracciale/COLLANE/vetrina
Collane della collezione Cubica

Founded in 2004 by Simona Rosato, the eponymous brand has always focused on pendants to add to bracelets and necklaces. With the purchase by the Bros Manifatture group in 2011, the range of jewels offered by Rosato has expanded to include rings, bracelets and earrings. But without forgetting new collections of charms. Now, however, Rosato…

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Vice Versa wearable rings

in ANELLI/vetrina
Anello scomponibile Vice Versa in oro rosa 14 carati

The expression in Latin, vice versa, can be translated as “the story changed, the order changed” or “the other way around”. And if these two words are adapted to the world of jewelry, surprising results can be obtained. Like the one chosen by Vice Versa, the name of a jewelry brand born in New York…

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In the blue with Roberto Bravo

in ANELLI/bracciale/vetrina
Collana con pendente a forma di farfalla in oro bianco 14 carati e diamanti

Jewels for the summer: the Naviblue marine-inspired collection by Roberto Bravo ♦ Born in Italy, in Vicenza, as a small goldsmith’s company, Roberto Bravo emigrated to Istanbul years ago. But one of his reference markets is now the Russian one. In short, presented as an Italian brand, it is actually an international brand. And this…

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Comets of aquamarine

Anello con acquamarina taglio antico di 3,75 carati su oro bianco e diamanti

Summer and the sea are a de facto couple. And the aquamarine goes perfectly with this season, even if it certainly doesn’t clash at other times of the year. In any case, Comete Gioielli offers a line dedicated to aquamarine that can combine a classic style reserved for special moments in life with more informal…

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From Vhernier earrings for Aladdin

in ANELLI/Orecchini/vetrina
Orecchini in oro rosa e lapislazzuli o madreperla

Aladdin is a character who is part of the folk tales in the East. The best known is the one contained in the Thousand and One Nights, although not everyone knows that the fable with the 40 thieves was not part of the original text, but was added to the collection by the Frenchman Antoine…

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Caspita what jewels

in ANELLI/Design/vetrina
Collane Vishuddha della collezione Chakra in oro, diamanti, smalto

The alchemy of Arlène Bonnant and her Caspita, a jewelery house that has the name of an exclamation in Italian. But a refined formula ♦ ︎ First premise for non-Italian readers. The word “caspita” in Dante’s language is an exclamation. Those who pronounce it usually add an exclamation mark: wow! It means more or less:…

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Brosway for the summer

Orecchino singolo in acciaio, smalto e cristallo

Be in tune with fashion, but also with the season. Two objectives that Brosway has achieved with its jewels inspired by summer, the sea, the heat and, at the same time, with the use of a style clearly in line with the trend. That is, in this specific case, with the use of colored, lively,…

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Little H’s sandwich pearls

Orecchini con perle e rubini

Pearls that hide rubies or emeralds: the jewels of Little H are really different from the others ♦ ︎ The cult of pearls originated in Japan, but not all Japanese consider pearls as an untouchable symbol of the perfection of nature. Pearls can be used, worked, opened, excavated, modified: and that’s what Hisano Shepherd does.…

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New alchemy of light by De Beers

in alta gioielleria/vetrina
Anello Ascending Shadows in oro bianco, diamanti centrali fancy, titanio e alluminio

For years, De Beers has entered the synthetic diamond market with the Lightbox brand. But The Alchemist of Light is, instead, the name of the high jewelery collection that obviously uses natural diamonds. Light, as we know, can cause different effects. A taste of the collection arrived in January. Six months later the big company…

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Diamonds multiplied by Six with Recarlo

Anello con solitario della linea Six

The solitaire diamond attached to the shank of the ring by means of six prongs was an innovation that made it possible to increase the light reflected by the stone, thanks to the open bezel, compared to the traditional four (but thicker) prong setting. An idea that Recarlo has adopted for the Six line, the…

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The jewels of Bali 1987

in vetrina

Bali1987: the brand name can evoke a past of travel, exotic beaches, oriental charm. But, in reality, Bali1987 has nothing to do with all this: the small jewelry Maison is based in Bergamo (Italy) and was born from the initiative of the jewelry designer Leila Bali and Mara Cividini, with a degree in architecture. To…

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Surfing with Tara Hirshberg

in ANELLI/bracciale
Anello in oro 14 carati, smalto, topazio

Art and economics, post-war painters and market trends: what does all this have to do with jewelry? This question can be answered by Tara Hirshberg, who studied at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and then in Mancherster, England, before taking her first steps in an art gallery. Indeed, the most famous, the Gagosian Gallery,…

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Wedding rings by Unoaerre

in ANELLI/vetrina
Due fedi della linea Comoda

How do you draw something that is perfect? It’s simple: you draw a circle. The geometric shape without beginning and without end is also the one that, not surprisingly, surrounds the fingers of those who get married. The wedding ring is the symbol of the union between the two partners. It is a ring that…

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Lalique, the name still counts

in vetrina
Bracciale Ginko in ottone placcato oro e cristalli verdi

Lalique collections are again ready for fans of one of the great names of the jewelery history  ♥ Death and resurrection. Or, if you like it more: a good revival. The history of the Lalique brand goes back more than a century and a half ago, namely on April 6, 1860, the birth date of René…

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Naif poem with flowers

in ANELLI/bracciale/COLLANE/vetrina
Orecchini in oro con diamanti e zaffiri rosa

Naïf is a French word that is commonly used as a synonym for naïve, straightforward, primitive, while the art naïf art is a current born under the influence of American primitive painters and the works of Rousseau the Customs officer, and is intended as an unrelated expressive form from the academic and cultural world. Now,…

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