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Anello con diamante a taglio marquise

How to change the ring

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Do you want to modify your engagement ring? Ideas and suggestions ♦ ︎

There are many reasons that can lead a woman to change or modify the engagement ring. If you are interested in changing your engagement ring, here are some useful tips that are worth knowing. In this article you will find the answers to your questions on how and when (and if) to change the ring you received at the time of the promise of marriage.

Recarlo, anello della collezione Blue Carpet indossato
Recarlo, anello della collezione Blue Carpet indossato

Usually, those who want to change the engagement ring have two reasons: the breakdown of the relationship with the boyfriend or husband (therefore: new life, new ring), or the desire to change the shape of the ring, which no longer likes (or maybe she never liked it). This is the case, for example, of the engagement rings that are part of the family inheritance. His grandmother might have liked the ring, and she gave it to you convinced that you would jump for joy. But you don’t like it at all. You may not have had the courage to say it right away, but now the time has come: so how do you change the shape of a ring?

Anello con diamante a taglio marquise
Anello con diamante a taglio marquise

Pay attention to the value

Before going ahead, you need to know one important thing: by removing the ring you have on your finger or in the drawer, its value could decrease a lot. For example, the single value of the diamond and the gold band of a solitaire, when they are separated, is less than the whole ring. So, if you want to disassemble a ring to sell the diamond, know that you will get a price lower than the value of the whole ring. At that point it is therefore more convenient to sell the ring as it is now and buy a new one. The same goes, even more, for period jewels: if they are broken down their value decreases a lot. If, on the other hand, a part of the jewel is damaged, the solution could be to look for a new setting (or a new stone) and reassemble the jewel.

Lavorazione di gioielleria
Lavorazione di gioielleria

Increase the value

Of course, there is also the opposite aspect. Maybe you have a ring that has an inexpensive stone mounted and you want to replace it with a better gem, perhaps a beautiful diamond. Obviously in this case the value of the ring, after the change, will be greater than what you have now. But be careful to really choose the right stone: a thin metal circle may be too small to hold a large opal. Or, conversely, if the gold band is quite thick, a tiny diamond is in danger of disappearing.

Gioielli di Pisa Diamanti
Gioielli di Pisa Diamanti

Ring with diamond

If you want to change the diamond of a ring, or add one where it wasn’t there before, it is good that the stone you buy is accompanied by a gemological certificate that describes its quality and carat. If you do not have the certificate (and this is not good) you must obtain a report from a specialized laboratory: only in this way will you be able to know what the real value of the diamond is.

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If you have finally decided to modify your ring, at this point all that remains is to contact a jeweler to create a new ring, naturally asking what the cost will be first. However, you should go to a jeweler with clear ideas: knowing which shape, type and maximum cost to face is a good starting point. Not only that: if you do not have a jeweler in whom you have blind faith, it is better to ask for a quote from at least three different jewelers before making a choice.

Anello di fidanzamento indossato assieme alla fede matrimoniale
Anello di fidanzamento indossato assieme alla fede matrimoniale

Some ideas to transform your ring

1 If you have a ring with only one diamond (usually with a few fractions of a carat), you can ask to add two small and inexpensive ones to the sides: it will greatly increase the brightness of the jewel.

2 If you have a brilliant cut diamond you might consider turning it upside down, leaving the pointed part on the outside, perhaps surrounded by a crown of other small diamonds. But be careful that the visible surface of the stone does not decrease too much.

3 If the diamond is set on yellow gold, you could change and choose to combine it with white gold, or vice versa: the ring will have a completely different appearance.

4 A diamond also goes well with classic colored gems such as emeralds, rubies and sapphires. Two little touches of color can make all the difference.

Lavorazione di un anello Toi & Moi by Messika
Lavorazione di un anello Toi & Moi by Messika

Consult a jeweler

Before making the decision to modify your ring, consider a few things. That ring is also linked to a memory: if it is a moment that you want to erase from your memory, proceed without worrying. But if not, think twice before proceeding. If, on the other hand, you have any idea how you would like a new ring, talk to a trusted jeweler. Ask how much the type of stone (diamond or other gem) you want to use costs. First show you a similar one, of the same weight and size: you will avoid being disappointed when you go to collect the ring. Don’t forget to ask for the cost in advance. Finally, before entrusting the ring to the jeweler, take a picture of the jewel, from both sides. Make sure to illuminate it well and carefully preserve the image. If, after the work of the jeweler, something does not convince you, you could return to the starting ring. And, in any case, it will remind you of what your engagement ring was originally like.

Anello di fidanzamento
Anello di fidanzamento solitaire

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