Anello in oro 9 kt.
Anello in oro 9 kt.

Pianegonda Conversus in silver and gold

New Latin exam with Pianegonda. The brand of the Bros Manifatture group has long chosen to use words in Latin, or words that closely resemble them, for the collections of the Maison specializing in silver jewellery. A choice that hasn’t changed with the arrival of the artistic director Betony Vernon and which is confirmed with the new Conversus collection. Difficult, however, to convert the word into another language, because in Latin the name conversus can be associated with different meanings, such as swept, turned, but also clean. And perhaps this is the right key: the lines of the jewels are really clean, simple, essential. Rounded surfaces, soft weaves and rounded corners are the characteristics of the jewels in the collection.

Anello in argento
Silver ring

Another specificity of the design consists in the use of silver in two versions: shiny, as in most of the pieces, but also brushed in the case of the ring. Added to this is the introduction of jewels entirely in 9 carat gold, or mixed in silver with an additional element in yellow metal, as in the case of the necklace or earrings.

Anello in argento 925‰ satinato
Ring in 925‰ satin silver
 Bracciale in argento 925‰.

925‰ silver bracelet
Collana in argento 925‰ e oro 9 kt
Necklace in 925‰ silver and 9 kt gold

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