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Anello con crisoberillo del Tajikistan, zaffiri rosa, diamanti bianchi, rodio blu

Aenea, symphony in Salzburg

The Austrian Aenea Maison in Salzburg offers a mix of innovative design and luxury ♦︎ Aeneas was the Trojan prince who in the Iliad flees with his father Anchises and […]

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Bracciale Scent

The gentle geometry of Adelio Rossini

Good news from the world of jewelry: there are still those who want to do, to propose, to confront the market. In this specific case the novelty is called Adelio […]

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Spilla in platino

Baiyang on the fancy wire

The intricate draws of jewelry designed by Baiyang Qiu, a goldsmith of Chinese origin who works in the United States ♦ The roads of design run more and more globally: […]

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Bliss, anello della collezione Sole

The sun shines on Bliss

How to get a jewel that shines as if it were proudly enriched by a diamond with many carats? As if it were. And instead, it has a smaller diamond: […]

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Orecchini a disco in oro con diamanti

Arya Esha, Goddess of Truth

The jewels of Arya Esha by Indian-born designer Priyanka Murthy ♦ Priyanka Murthy: is the designer and founder of the Arya Esha brand. Priyanka Murthy works in the United States, […]

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Anello in oro bianco e rodio nero, diamanti

Palwer, precision in Venice

Among the beautiful things in Venice there are also the jewels of the designer Alessandro Palwer. Here are some examples ♦ Gold, diamonds and rope in the bracelets and necklaces […]

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Bracciale India Candy

Tamara Comolli with new colors of India

Tamara Comolli brings India to Arizona. But without moving continents: the link between the two geographical areas is represented by a new version of the popular India Snakewood bracelet. It […]

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Anello in oro giallo, argento, diamanti, onice

The high spheres of Elie Top

His jewels are reminiscent of the romantic atmospheres of the mid-nineteenth century, between devices to scan the sky, mechanical dolls, the first scientific laboratories: Elie Top has the merit of […]

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In aeroporto

10 rules for jewelry on trip

Can you go for holidays with jewels? Can you leave the jewels in the hotel? What dangers do you run with jewels on a trip? Here are ten useful tips […]

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Masterpiece 2020: orecchini con smeraldi colombiani, diamanti gialli, brown e bianchi, tsavorite, granati cangianti, alexandrite e titanio

Cindy Chao, new masterpieces in London

In 2020 Masterpiece London also had to drop the flag: the famous fair dedicated to art antiquities and high jewelery was suspended due to the coronavirus. Instead of the usual […]

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Orecchini in oro rosa con diamanti e rubini

Borgioni, jewels to hard rock

America with Italian roots: the Borgioni brand between rock and star system for jewels with a resolute style ♦ A bit ‘rock, a little’ traditional, but very American: the brand […]

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Anello con la mini Stonehenge

The solstice at Stonehenge and the ring by Theo Fennell

Summer solstice, end of June. The date set by astronomy indicates the exact moment when the sun reaches, in its apparent motion (because we have the impression from the Earth […]

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Tre sautoir della collezione I Segni

Moons and stars in Salvini’s Signs

The signs: what would life be like without a gesture that reveals a love, an imprint left by the partner on the sand or, less romantically, a warning not to […]

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Anello Bolt in ottone bagnato in oro

Federica Tosi queen of Rome

The jewels of the Roman designer Federica Tosi: Nina Zilli, Illary Blasi and … like them ♦ ︎ “Jewelry is the natural completion of the clothing collection,” explains Federica Tosi. […]

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Bracciale in oro e agata bianca

The Orient by Buddha Mama

The Buddhism joins with jewelery in the original collections of Buddha Mama ♦ ︎ The way of meditation can lead to unexpected goals. For those who are involved in this […]

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Rubellite con tonalità lampone

In jewelry beware of false friends

In jewelry beware of false friends. Or rather, do not buy stones that have different value, but a similar appearance. Similar, but not the same. Yet, in the misunderstanding there […]

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Orecchini Puzzle in oro rosa e smalto

The infinite Puzzle of Mattioli

It is the only Puzzle that will never be completed: the collection by Mattioli, a Turin-based brand specializing in jewelery with a strong personality, is one of the proposals that […]

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Anello in oro giallo, acquamarina, smeraldi, tanzaniti, diamanti

Carol Kauffmann, Brazil with rigour

Art, architecture and a lot of Brazil in the colors and geometries of the jewels of Carol Kauffmann ♦ ︎ It is true that art and creativity have no passport, […]

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Orecchini della Muzo collection in oro e smeraldi

Lots of emeralds for Coomi

The jewels between culture and pomp of Coomi, from India to the USA. Now with a new collection with Colombian emeralds by Muzo ♦ From the fané palaces of Mumbai […]

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Anello con diamanti

Explosive Emanuela Duca

Emanuela Duca and her jewels with roots in Rome and work in New York, between the call of the earth and fantasy. From Rome to New York: a journey that […]

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