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Nimb, anti-aggression ring

Nimb is a ring that launches an alarm in case of danger 

There’s a jewel that is most precious of all: security. Nimb is not the first jewel that tries to combine both aspects, the aesthetic and the tranquility of the wearer, as in the case of anti-aggression necklace (we talked about here). Nimb, however, is a ring with a program and a hidden button that allows you to send an emergency alert to predefined contacts at the touch of a thumb. When the woman (or man) wearer it feels in difficulty, for example if she is threatened, press the button and hold it down for three seconds: this is enough to send a message with her profile and the location. In the US, where the ring is going to be sold, you can also contact a public emergency number. Nimb takes account of the movement and follows the real-time position, so that anyone who receives the message will always know where to locate the wearer. When using the mobile app connected to Nimb you can choose and configure their security circles: emergency services, best friend, family, people in the vicinity. To underline that this ring has been promoted by a woman who years ago was attacked in broad daylight, Ekaterina Romanovskay. From this bad experience it was born the idea of ​​a safety device, but also beautiful to wear. Prices: single ring costs 249 dollars. Giulia Netrese

Runner con Nimbi
Runner con Nimbi
Nimb costa 115 euro
Nimb costa 115 euro
L'anello elettronico anti aggressione
L’anello elettronico anti aggressione

In viaggio con l'anello anti pericolo
In viaggio con l’anello anti pericolo

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