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The 10 etiquette rules for the engagement ring

The 10 rules of etiquette about the engagement ring in the era of Instagram and Facebook. Here is the rules to respect ♦ ︎

The 10 rules to know about etiquette about the engagement ring. Indeed, the new rules. Because compared to the past now the engagement ring can take on a different, more social role. So beware: it’s good to know these rules when you give away or have received your engagement ring.

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Watch out for social media. Let’s start with socials. Instagram, Facebook or similar have become part of the lives of millions of people. And often it happens that even the most intimate aspects end up being shared through the internet. It is your choice. But be careful when it comes to the engagement ring. The jewel, in this case, is equivalent to a commitment to marriage. Therefore, it is not the simple gift of a precious thing, but something more. Publishing a photo of your wedding ring means that you are getting married. Everything is fine: but before posting the photo on Instagram or Facebook, tell your parents, relatives or close friends: they will be happy not to learn the good news through a post.

Anello di fidanzamento
Anello di fidanzamento

When to show the ring? You will certainly be proud of the engagement ring they gave you. But don’t exaggerate in showing it as a trophy. Want to publish the ring photo on Instagram or Facebook? Ok. You can even include your boyfriend in the picture, who is the one who asked you to marry him, after all. If it is a particularly expensive ring, avoid emphasizing it in a post on the internet: in addition to being a not very good boast, it is also dangerous: it can awaken the interest of thieves.

Anello di fidanzamento trilogy
Anello di fidanzamento trilogy

Choose the right time. Do you want to give a ring to ask your girlfriend if she wants to marry you? Very well. But choose the right time. Maybe she would be not happy that the request and the gift of the ring take place in a public place or even that the moment becomes a video to be published on the web. Before doing something like this, test her opinion on the subject. By the way: it seems that about 40% of marriage requests coincide with a holiday period or on Valentine’s Day. It’s not a casuality.
Anello di Beatrice di York con diamante di 2,5 carati
Anello di fidanzamento di Beatrice di York con diamante di 2,5 carati

Can I ask him how much it costs? The answer is no. The ring is a symbol, not a dowry. It is obvious that you are curious to know, but keep your tongue in check. If you really want to know how much your boyfriend has spent, you can ask to describe the jewel. If the ring is gold and has a diamond, it will be enough to know how many carats (or, better how many tenths of a carat) is the stone to get an idea quickly of the cost of the ring. But is it so important?
Bliss, particolare della speciale incassatura della collezione Rugiada
Bliss, particolare della speciale incassatura della collezione Rugiada

And if it’s not a diamond? It is probable that if the boyfriend does not have large financial resources, instead of a diamond ring, you buy a jewel with a cubic zirconia, a synthetic stone that looks like a diamond, but is not, or with a moissanite. Are you disappointed? Yet you would be less happy if your boyfriend got into debt to buy your ring, since you’re about to marry him.
L'anello con diamante di Jennifer Lopez
L’anello con diamante di Jennifer Lopez

Can the ring be chosen by the woman? In the United States and Great Britain, it is increasingly common to choose the engagement ring as a couple. He and she (or he and he or she and she) go to the jeweler together for the purchase. Of course, the surprise no longer exists or, rather, the moment of the marriage request does not coincide with the gift of the ring. But it’s up to you to decide if you like this idea. You can talk about it first, in general.
Anello in oro bianco e diamanti della linea Eden
Recarlo, anello in oro bianco e diamanti della linea Eden

The choice of times. The engagement ring gift, as mentioned, coincides with the marriage request. How much time should pass from the moment you receive the ring before letting the rest of the world know? Answer: about 1 second. You can immediately inform humanity that you are about to get married. But remember: tell your parents and close friends first.

Should the engagement ring be worn immediately? Sure, why not? If your boyfriend has done things right, he will also have chosen the right ring size. So wear it now.

Emily Ratajkowski con l'anello di fidanzamento: ha due diamanti taglio princess da 2 carati e un diamante a forma di pera a 3 carati su una fascia d'oro
Emily Ratajkowski con l’anello di fidanzamento: ha due diamanti taglio princess da 2 carati e un diamante a forma di pera a 3 carati su una fascia d’oro

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Does the ring have to have a diamond (or similar)? Absolutely not. Of course, diamond is the most used stone for engagement rings. But it is not mandatory. Princess Diana’s engagement ring had a (large) blue sapphire in the center.

La principessa Diana con l'anello di fidanzamento
La principessa Diana con l’anello di fidanzamento

Do I have to wear an engagement ring on my wedding day? It is a choice that is yours. But don’t complicate things: don’t wear the ring on the same finger that is about to receive the wedding ring. Subsequently, after putting the wedding ring on your finger, you can move the engagement ring and wear both rings on the same finger.
Fede nuziale e solitario
Fede nuziale e solitario

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