Anello in argento e opale
Anello in argento e opale

Leather and stones for the Pianegonda Assoluto

An absolute success: Pianegonda increases and multiplies the Assoluto collection, the first designed by creative director Betony Vernon. The collection, in silver like the rest of the Maison’s production, which is part of the Bros Manifatture group, is expanded with new jewels. The common thread obviously remains the one underlying the collection, presented a few months ago: the name Assoluto leads to philosophical reflections, but also to particle physics and astronomy.

Collana in argento
Silver necklace

In short, atoms or planets of space: inspirations that are also present in the new pieces of the collection, which should now include 46 different pieces. The precise lines of silver, softened by curved surfaces, are interspersed with spheres. But Pianegonda adds another novelty: leather elements of different colors, which in some cases offer a hint of post-punk aesthetics. Furthermore, Pianegonda jewels include hard stones such as chalcedony and opal, always mounted on silver.

Anello in argento e calcedonio
Ring in silver and chalcedony
Bracciale in argento
Silver bracelet
Bracciale in pelle e argento
Leather and silver bracelet
Bracciale in pelle nera e argento
Black and silver leather bracelet
Bracciale in pelle verde e argento
Green and silver leather bracelet
Collana in pelle nera e argento
Black and silver leather necklace

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