Bracciale Piume Paraiso di Lorella Verrillo
Bracciale Piume Paraiso di Lorella Verrillo

In Rome, research and jewelery with Incinque Jewels

The Incinque Open Art Monti gallery in Rome launches the Incinque Jewels project, presented during the recent Rome Jewelry Week 2023. The exhibition opens on November 24th and is curated by Monica Cecchini. The format involves the permanence of the works of jewelery artists and designers, who will exhibit their creations throughout the year. The resident designers will in turn invite and host, temporarily and with specific projects, other artists from various disciplines. The aim is to create a dialogue between the arts, which has a central role in the philosophy of the gallery.

 Incinque Open Art Monti
Incinque Open Art Monti

The intent is to recover awareness of the importance of creativity and traditions, which can be made available to technology, with a reflection on the multiple expressions of contemporary jewelery and on the dialogue with other art forms. The resident artists and designers include Myriam Bottazzi, who uses multiple manufacturing techniques for contemporary jewellery, Chiara Fenicia who, after advertising graphics, specialized in reused jewellery, Claudio Franchi, silversmith, goldsmith, art historian and designer of the historic workshop Franchi Argentieri, who directs together with his brother Roberto.
Lavoro di Myriam Bottazzi
Work by Myriam Bottazzi

Again: Emanuele Leonardi creates a jewel that tells stories, often autobiographical, between communication and poetry, Paolo Mangano, Roman goldsmith and sculptor, dedicates himself to the creation of jewels, objects and sculptures, also in collaboration with well-known artists, Anna Pinzari transforms the jewel in a symbolic and emotional message that represents her, Simone Vera Bath uses a special coating technique that leaves the object deliberately unfinished, never exactly replicable, and Lorella Verrillo who uses traditional and experimental techniques, with new and unusual materials.
Among the guest artists and designers, Angela Gentile with jewels like a patchwork of memories, Lisa Dal Pont, who recently completed the jewelery design course at the IED in Rome.
Spilla-collana Boom, esplosione di luce di Angela Gentile
Boom brooch-necklace, explosion of light by Angela Gentile

Anello di Claudio Franchi
Claudio Franchi ring

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