Anello in oro con azzurrite malachite
Anello in oro con azzurrite malachite

Daria de Koning, family colors

Daria de Koning, how to paint with jewelery creation ♦ ︎
Dutch blood, born in New York, design with the spirit of the Mississippi. Daria de Koning has a rather original mix behind her. She is the daughter of a Dutch artist and a fifth generation American mother, and also her was a painter: Elaine Marie Catherine Fried. And more, he is his father who is very famous: Willem de Kooning, a painter who disappeared in 1997. But she has preferred to shorten her last name by eliminating a “o”. She tells in her bio, she traveled to the Netherlands, one of the modern design pole, when she was young. But she also studied art and graphics at the University of Washington, St. Louis, South USA and, as Daria said, American formal education has influenced both his personality and his design.

Collana in Diaspro Deschutes, topazio, perle di citrino champagne, oro giallo 18 carati
Deschutes jasper, topaz, champagne citrine beads, 18k yellow gold

She has shown her passion for gems, rocks and colors since she was a little girl. When she was 11, already she had a collection of stones. The degree at the Gemological of America Institute, combined with metalworking lessons, has convinced the designer to turn her passion into work. Today her jewelery is also sold through the online channel Moda Operandi. She loves colored stones, especially if they are cut to cabochon: she likes smooth surfaces, round volumes, decided shades, lively stones and tending to the same tonality. As she would painting. One of the latest creations is the Nomos collection, which celebrates the orderly and graphic nature of precious stones born from the wild and chaotic planet in formation.

Collana in oro con pirite e apatite
Gold necklace with pyrite and apatite

Orecchini con rodocrosite, opale rosa, granato rosso, pietra solare, oro giallo 18 carati
Earrings with rhodochrosite, pink opal, red garnet, sunstone, 18k yellow gold
Orecchini con malachite, azzurrite, oro 18 carati
Earrings with malachite, azurite, 18k gold
Orecchini con granato rosso, diaspro di Sonora, oro 18 carati
Earrings with red garnet, Sonoran jasper, 18k gold
Bracciale con perle quadrate di acquamarina, tormalina nera burattata, legno fossilizzato
Bracelet with square aquamarine pearls, tumbled black tourmaline, fossilized wood
Anello con diaspro rosso, oro 18 carati
Ring with red jasper, 18k gold
Orecchini con tormalina rosa, celestobarite, oro giallo
Earrings with pink tourmaline, celestobarite, yellow gold

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