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Damiani take the field against coronavirus

Damiani also makes a contribution to deal with the coronavirus emergency. The company has decided to make 12,000 square meters of what will become the next headquarters of the Group Manufacture available to the Civil Protection in Valenza (Alessandria, Italy), so as to support the authorities in the extraordinary activities made necessary by the health emergency. The building, ex Palafiere, was recently purchased by the Damiani family to be transformed into a production site, so as to be able to maintain the goldsmith’s manufacture of the group’s brands in the territory where the company was born as a workshop in 1924. The spaces will be able to possibly used as a field hospital, homeless shelter, materials warehouse or for what the authorities deem useful.

L'ex spazio Expo Piemonte, ora di proprietà della famiglia Damiani
L’ex spazio Expo Piemonte, ora di proprietà della famiglia Damiani

In this moment of great concern and declared emergency, my brothers and I have decided to make a concrete contribution to the hospitals so that they can continue to have the necessary equipment to save people’s lives. Furthermore, we have made available to the Civil Protection the twelve thousand square meters of what will be the next headquarters of our Manufactory: in this battle we must be united and everyone must do something. With the same attention we look to our employees because their safety and health are as important to us as the well-being of the company and the whole territory in which it is located.
Guido Damiani, president of the Damiani Group

Da sinistra, Giorgio Damiani, Silvia Damiani e Guido Grassi Damiani
Da sinistra, Giorgio Damiani, Silvia Damiani e Guido Grassi Damiani

Furthermore, after the first donation of over 100,000 euros, others will follow, for the SS Antonio e Margherita hospital in Tortona, indicated by the Piedmont Region as the first Piedmontese Covid Hospital, to the SS Antonio, Biagio and Cesare Arrigo of Alessandria, at the Santo Spirito of Casale Monferrato, the Sacco of Milan, the Pope Giovanni XXIII of Bergamo, the hospital of Padua, the Spallanzani of Rome, the Santa Maria di Loreto of Naples, the Policlinico of Bari and the Cannizzaro of Catania, in addition to donating a share at Humanitas University in Rozzano to support scientific research in the Convid-19 area.
In addition to these donations, Damiani has activated its international network with the aim of recovering masks and other personal protective equipment to be donated to Italian hospitals to allow doctors, health workers and nurses to be able to continue working safely.
Il negozio Damiani di via Monte Napoleone, a Milano, dove si è svolta la Masterpiece Couture
Il negozio Damiani di via Monte Napoleone, a Milano

In terms of solidarity actions, in addition, Damiani launches a program that involves the customers of the Group’s brands, and proposes itself as the collector of a fundraiser in favor of entities active in the fight against Covid-19. By purchasing a Damiani or Salvini jewel, a Venini object, either in the specific brand platforms or through the Rocca e-commerce, but also by investing in a Calderoni diamond, the company will activate further donations in addition to paying the buyers a discount, which can also be donated to the body chosen by the end customer to support, for example, the hospital in its territory.

The Group has also decided to pay homage with a Bliss jewel to all the doctors and nurses working tirelessly in the Tortona hospital, which as required by the Piedmont Region has been transformed into Covid Hospital, to thank them symbolically for the great work they are carrying out and with the intention of giving them a smile. Damiani has also activated an insurance that can represent concrete help in case of hospitalization for Covid19 or in need of home care for its employees.

Collezione San Lorenzo anello multigiro in oro bianco
Collezione San Lorenzo
anello multigiro in oro bianco

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