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The diamonds that mark the hours of Coronet


There are several watches with diamonds. But a watch that has a diamond-shaped face is new. The idea comes from Coronet Diamonds, a brand of the Aaron Shum group based in Hong Kong, but which sells its diamond jewels all over the world. Coronet has launched a new range of diamond watches that actually features a hand-drawn 3D image of a brilliant-cut gemstone on the dial. The author of the watch is Canadian designer Reena Ahluwalia, who is also a passionate diamond painter and has been collaborating with Coronet for years.

Reena Ahluwalia con l'orologio diamante di Coronet
Reena Ahluwalia con l’orologio diamante di Coronet

Two years ago, for example, Coronet won a Guinness World Record for her Mudan watch, thanks to the largest number of diamonds set on a watch: 15,858, for a total of 50.01 carats. The Mudan watch is in 18-karat gold, and has a 3D diamond dial made by Reena Ahluwalia. The flower that encloses the diamond is a peony, a flower that in Asia symbolizes nobility, honor and wealth. Peony (Chinese name is Mudan 牡丹) is known as the king of flowers in Chinese culture.
L'orologio  Mudan, Guinness World Records di Coronet
L’orologio Mudan, Guinness World Records di Coronet

L'orologio Mudan indossato dalla modella svizzera Kerstin Cook
L’orologio Mudan indossato dalla modella svizzera Kerstin Cook

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