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Orecchini della collezione Stagioni in  oro con rubini e foglie di giada

The unique pieces by Antonella Ferrara on show in Milan

Gold, silver, natural stones and pearls, with the ambition of becoming sculptures to wear. They are the result of the work of Antonella Ferrara, who has a long (35 years) […]

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Sara Sampaio per Graff

Here are the most beautiful advertisements

Here are the most famous and beautiful jewelry advertisements ♦ What were the best advertising campaigns regarding jewelry? Most, let’s face it, has little to remember: familiar faces that dreamily […]

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Orecchini in oro giallo, diamanti e rubini

The long way of Nina Nguyen

Nina Nguyen, from Vietnam to America to bring its eco-friendly and ethically crafted handmade jewelry. From the Vietnam War to the mountains of Colorado. From iridescent colors of Mekong, to […]

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Anelli di Avel Lenttan

Avel Lenttan is a new Italian jewelery brand that has a particular history

A new jewelery brand is born: it’s called Avel Lenttan, like the name of its founder. In any case, the brand has already debuted at the end of 2018, and […]

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Spilla a forma di ramo e ghianda, con oro verde 18 carati, perla di Tahiti, platino, zaffiri , diamanti

The jewels of Aaron Henry that love nature and are born in California

Jewels and nature, jewelry and the environment, jewelry and sustainability: Aaron Henry is a Californian jeweler who puts green philosophy first. But without giving up luxury. Perhaps Greta Thunberg, the […]

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Liz Taylor e Richard Burtin

The jewels of Hollywood stars revealed in a book

What jewels have the historic Hollywood stars bought and donated? Journalist Beth Bernstein is one of the lucky few who works with what is her passion: jewelry. Beth Bernstein, an […]

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Orecchino in oro a sfere

Me Studio’s small but pretty jewels

From Veneto, in the town of Treviso, to the accessible jewelry market. This is the path taken by Elena Miano whit Me Studio, who has extended her horizon from the […]

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Anello in oro con rubellite e zaffiri

Why the jewels of the American designer Peggy Stephaich Guinness are loved by upper class

Unlike many other designers, by searching the internet you can find many photos of Peggy Stephaich Guinness, in addition to her jewelry. And this is because the American designer, who […]

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Anello in oro bianco e diamanti

Why the jewels of Dena Kemp are aprecieted by Hollywood’s stars

Dena Kemp jewels shine in gala evenings. They appear on the Oscar night, or on the red carpet of the People’s Choice Awards, but also in some episodes of Dancing […]

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Anello in oro, zaffiri, acquamarina, smeraldo

Margova from East to West

(Italiano) Dalla Bulgaria al mercato internazionale dei gioielli: il viaggio di Denitza Margova.

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Pendente ispirato al personaggio Olaf, in oro bianco, smalto, diamanti

Roberto Coin launches a jewelry collection inspired by the sequel to the film Frozen

Winter is frozen for Roberto Coin. The Italian brand has decided to get on the sequel to the animated film Frozen with a special collection. Presented in the USA, the […]

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Anello con topazio e diamanti su oro bianco

Nadine Aysoy, back to the gems

Precious stones, family affair: so Nadine Aysoy has returned to her passion of origin ♦ ︎ There is a whole jewelery category that was born literally surrounded by precious stones. […]

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Panettone con cioccolato di Modica Bonfissuto

Isola Bella, jewels with panettone

The jewels inspired by the Sicily of Isola Bella combined for the Christmas period with two gourmet panettone (tipical italian christmas cake) ♦ ︎ Sicily is a wonderful land rich […]

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Triadra, collana in oro 18 carati e diamanti

The ways of Di Modolo

Di Modolo Milano, Italian name for a New York jeweler who offers an original fine jewelry ♦ It’s name is Di Modolo Milano and produces jewels. What will be the […]

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Anello in oro e topazi

All About topaz

All about topaz, one of the most mysterious stones. It is also the stone of the month of November ♦ It is the stone of the month of November (with […]

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Spilla Butterfly dal Blue Book 2019, con zaffiri per 21 carati e diamanti per 6 carati

Tiffany’s 12 super gifts for Christmas

Tiffany offers a selection of 12 proposals for Christmas. But there are not only jewels. For example, there is a motorcycle and … ♦ ︎ For years Tiffany has been […]

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Anello Bouquet in oro giallo e diamanti

Round dance with Orlando Orlandini

The hypnotic circles in gold and diamonds by Orlando Orlandini, pure Florentine creativity ♦ Where Florence gives way to the Tuscan countryside there is the jewelery company Orlando Orlandini. The […]

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Bliss, #Mywords, elementi a forma di teschio

Jewels for Halloween

Some examples of perfect jewels for Halloween: all in shades of black ♦ ︎ From Rome to New York, from London to Berlin: once a year Halloween heats a whole […]

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Bracciale in oro 18 carati della New Skin collection

The Mediterranean Diet of Jrs

With Jrs all the nuances of Mediterranean cultures in the jewels of Julien Riad Sahyoun ♦ ︎ The mix of relationships, friendships, cultures is often a winning weapon. It opens […]

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Bird Fligh, in oro, smeraldo, rubini e diamanti

Sotheby’s sells the Cologni collection

The Cologni collection of watches and jewelery goes to auction in Milan by Sotheby’s. An opportunity for Cartier enthusiasts ♦ ︎ Precious jewels for a good purpose. The collection of […]

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