Attenzione: anche troppo calore del sole in spiaggia può rovinare pietre e metalli
Attenzione: anche troppo calore del sole in spiaggia può rovinare pietre e metalli

Dangerous sea for jewelry

Be careful to sea water and swimming pools: ruin your jewelry. Here’s what you must do.
Summer is the time of year when there the most danger for your jewelry. The enemy is called water: that of the sea or the pool. In both cases your jewelry risks a lot. The salt content of sea water is a corrosive substance which can cause serious damage to rings, earrings or necklaces. Even the precious metals, like gold and platinum may be ruined. First, the gold in your jewelry is often an alloy with other metals: for example, what to 18K contains 25% materials such as nickel, or copper or silver. These metals in contact with the sea water is easily to spoil. Even platinum, although more resistant gold, suffers in prolonged contact with salt water.

Vietato fare il bagno con anelli e bracciali, specie se sono bijoux
It is forbidden to swim with rings and bracelets, especially if they are bijoux

Welds danger. One weakness of the jewels are the welds. If a jewel is well done they will not see with your eyes, but there are. The salt can corrode precisely the most delicate parts of the junction between the different parts of a jewel. Another danger is given by the waves or the impact of the jewel caused by swimming. A stroke while swimming due to a collision with the water has a certain relief in a delicate structure such as, for example, a ring. For this are not uncommon in cases of rings in which the jaws which stop the stone will soften and end up leaving free the diamond, or any other gemstone. Even more ruinous is the effect of water of sea on bijoux, that are made with less resistant metals and are usually lighter.

Se per errore si fa il bagno in piscina o in mare con i gioielli, meglio lavarli subito dopo con acqua corrente
If by mistake you bathe in the pool or in the sea with your jewels, it is better to wash them immediately afterwards with running water

Mist up the stones. Another negative effect is that of salt on precious or semi-precious stones. Not only do you risk losing them for ever, but swimming in the sea will make them less bright because of the salt that is deposited on the surface. A bathroom between the waves of the sea is also not recommended for the pearls. The jewels have the same dangers in the swimming pool: it is better to take them off, and then you can take a bath.

Anche l'acqua di una piscina può essere nociva per i gioielli
Even swimming pool water can be harmful to jewelry due to chemicals dissolved in the water

How to fix it. And if you forget to take them off before you dive? The best thing to do is wash the jewels in cold or lukewarm water with a drop or two of mild detergent. After holding them to soak for about ten minutes the jewelry should be cleaned with a toothbrush with very soft bristles. The gems are polished with a cloth.

Un bracciale d'oro: può essere indossato in spiaggia, ma lontano dalla salsedine
A gold bracelet: it can be worn on the beach, but away from the salt

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