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Campanella con coralli e diamanti

High jewelry with Chantecler Première47 bells

In Capri (island opposite Naples, Italy), in 1945, at the very end of the Second World War, the jeweler Pietro Capuano, aka Chantecler, donated a bronze bell to the American […]

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Campanella Luna Caprese

Homage to Capri by Chantecler

Capri, Mediterranean island in front of Naples, destination of dreams, loves and jewels. Those of Chantecler, for example. The Maison founded in 1947 and led by the Aprea family is […]

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Pendenti portafortuna a forma di corno di Angela Puttini

From Capri the lucky charm horn

Let’s face it: in times of coronavirus, who hasn’t thought, at least once, that it takes a little luck not to get into trouble? It is certainly a thought that […]

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Collana Firework in oro bianco, diamanti, rubini, zaffiri rosa

Chantecler’s high jewelery

Yes, okay, the bells: Chantecler is famous (also) for the jewels that clink. And also for collections such as Bon Bon, Cherie, Enchanté … Etcetera. But it is unfair to […]

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Bracciale Flower con diamanti e zaffiri

The new frontiers of Piero Milano

Piero Milano and Luigi Benzi are the founders of one of the best known also abroad jewels company in Valenza (Piedmont). Piero Milano is a well-established and appreciated brand, which […]

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Bracciale della collezione Paillettes

Chantecler renews the Paillettes collection

Paillettes is the name of one of Chantecler’s most successful collections, and also one of the most fun. In 2014, the Capri jeweler thought of this collection as something that […]

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Desiderio Gioielleria, interno

Tamara Comolli dives to Capri

Tamara Comolli’s fourth sales outlet in Italy: it is in Capri in partnership with Desiderio Gioielli ♦ ︎ Tamara Comolli plays poker: she has the fourth point of sale. After […]

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Anello della collezione Goccia in oro rosa e diamanti. Prezzo: 4.580 euro

At the sea with Al Coro

The Drops collection by Al Coro, inspired by the sea of ​​Capri and its sprays ♦ ︎ The drops are a prerogative of the rain, but also of the waves […]

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Chantecler, sautoir con corallo bianco e diamanti

Chantecler renews Chérie

The new jewels from the Chérie collection signed by the Maison Chantecler in Capri ♦ ︎ Rings and sautoir that use the refined have the classic colours of Capri. The Chérie […]

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Chantecler, anello della collezione Paillettes

New Sequins for Chantecler

The renewed Paillettes collection by Chantecler. Rings, necklaces and bracelets that move like the waves of the sea of Capri ♦ ︎ Once the paillettes, used in tailoring, were small […]

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Il corallo cucito da Chantecler

Chantecler gets engaged with Antonio Riva

Chantecler decorates a dress by Antonio Riva with red and orange coral ♦ ︎ For once we give a news that concerns the jewels in half. Because the other half […]

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Ciondoli Campanella di due misure

Chantecler expand the Amour

Chantecler expands the Voilà l’Amour collection for Valentine’s Day ♦ ︎ Love is celebrated in Capri too. And it’s obvious: the island that rises in the sea in front of […]

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Ciondolo campanella grande in oro rosa e rubini, galletto in corallo rosa

Chantecler’s bell resounds

By Chantecler 22 new jewels that make the famous little bell collection again ♦︎ Birthdays are celebrated in the family. If, then, there are important anniversaries, such as those for […]

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Anello di Sevan Bicakci

Angela Puttini marries Bicakci

Angela Puttini hosts in Capri the jewels of Turkish artist Sevan Bicakci ♦ ︎ Many centuries ago, the island of Capri was tormented by the incursions of Saracen pirates, crews […]

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Chantecler, orecchini in oro rosa, con cinque elementi in corallo rosso e diamanti bianchi

Chantecler more Enchanté

In Las Vegas, Chantecler also brings the renewed Enchanté collection ♦ In the year of her 70th birthday, Chantecler was sailed from Capri to land in Las Vegas, although there are […]

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Collezione Angelo e Diavolo, pendenti per collana

Chantecler between heaven and hell

Some diabolical bells, some angelic bells: the new line of pendants signed Chantecler. Angels and devils can go hand in hand? In the world of the spirit maybe not, but […]

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Bracciali Anima 70

The Soul of Chantecler

Chantecler celebrates 70 years with the Anima 70 collection, which contains the symbols of the House. The 70 years are usually a time of reflection. But can also become an […]

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Camabnella gufo, in oro, ametista e diamanti

Animals play for Chantecler

The little bells of Chantecler are renewed with animals and colored enamels. For whom does the little bell: If Ernest Hemingway don’t would been in Spain and had stayed in […]

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Passavinti, anello Capri. Prezzo: 54 euro

Passavinti arrives in Capri

How many jewels were inspired to Capri? The island in front of Naples has fascinated writers, poets, painters and, of course, also jewelers. This is the case of Passavinti 1970 […]

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Anello Newport con un grande smeraldo, diamanti e il nero dell'onice

Traveling with Louis Vuitton

It’s called Acte V / The Escape, and is the sixth collection of fine jewelry signed Louis Vuitton. It consists of 50 unique pieces, widely uses the stone of the […]

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