Ancello Xpandable con smeraldo taglio smeraldo di 5 carati e diamanti. Copyright:
Ancello Xpandable con smeraldo taglio smeraldo di 5 carati e diamanti. Copyright:

Soft Picchiotti rings, but is high jewelry

Soft, flexible, comfortable: but above all high jewellery. Picchiotti presents new pieces from its Xpandable collection, a patented system that allows rings and bracelets to adapt to the shape of the body. An appreciated quality, but hardly available to those who purchase high jewellery. For example, a ring with a pear-cut emerald surrounded by baguette diamonds, while other emeralds embrace the stem of the jewel. Or another ring, also with an emerald, but in this case with the classic emerald cut, framed by other diamonds.

Anello con smeraldo taglio pera e diamanti baguette. Copyright:
Ring with pear-cut emerald and baguette diamonds. Copyright:

Again with Xpandable technology, but classified as cocktail rings, there are three rings, each of which, alongside the diamonds, features three side-by-side precious stones: sapphire, ruby and emerald. They are top jewels. The sapphire ring, for example, has a 6.67-carat Sri Lankan stone in the center, flanked by two other sapphires of 2.65 and 2.54 carats. Another version of this model features three diamonds for a total of 6 carats plus a frame made up of almost 3 carats of blue sapphires.

Anello e bracciale con diamanti e zaffiri della collezione Xpandable
Ring and bracelet with diamonds and sapphires from the Xpandable collection
Anello con diamante fancy yellow e due rubini
Ring with fancy yellow diamond and two rubies

Anelli cocktail con rubini, zaffiri blu, smeraldi e diamanti
Cocktail rings with rubies, blue sapphires, emeralds and diamonds

Bracciale in oro e diamanti by Picchiotti
Gold and diamond bracelet by Picchiotti. Copyright:

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