Deformed ring
Deformed ring

What to do if the ring bends

What to do if a ring is warped? There are easy remedies, but not always. Here are the solutions.

It can happen after lifting a suitcase or a bag of heavy spending. Or when you suddenly grabs a solid element, maybe a handle in a car or bus during a curve. The result is often the same: the worn ring is deformed, sometimes with an oval shape, in other cases with a well visible fold. What to do in these cases?

Anello deformato
Deformed ring

What to do with a warped ring
It depends. Before working on a folded ring, it’s better to observe how it is constructed. The easier to straighten are those simple rings, made with a band, like wedding rings. If they are composed only of metal, it is possible to get them back to their original shape in two ways. The first way is to lay the ring on a rigid surface, for example, stone or metal, cover the ring with a cloth, put over a book and over a weigh. It may take a bit of time before the metal comes back stright. This system works if the ring has lost its uniform thickness and has no stones.

Porre sopra l'anello da raddrizzare un panno, un libro e un peso
Place a cloth, a book and a weight over the ring to be straightened

What to do if the ring has become oval
More complicated to return perfectly round a ring that has become oval or has an irregularity due, for example, for a blow. And even more risky it is to intervene if the ring has a stone: ti’s possible loosen the jaws that hold it firm. But the worst case is that of a ring with pavé: move the metal can damage the surface with small stones embedded or glued. If, instead, the ring is a simple metal band, the best thing is to use a mandrel, that is a mechanical device which allows to tighten and hold any piece of circular shape, and act with a small hammer from jeweler.

Rettifica di un anello
Rectification of a ring

If the metal is soft, for example a gold ring 18 or 24 carat (white gold and platinum are much more resistant), a simple metal cone or of very hard material can be used to bring back the perfectly circular ring : just slip it from above, perhaps after having warmed it in water, and try to push it down.
But the surest way to right a ring is this: bring it to a jeweler, he will know what is best to do.

Anello deformato
Deformed ring
Spingere l'anello tiepido su un cono metallico per rimetterlo in forma
Push the warm ring onto a metal cone to bring it back into shape
Un misuratore di larghezza per gli anelli
A width gauge for the rings


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