Diamond Twig Ring
Diamond Twig Ring

Kalevala, the jewels from the big chili

The Finnish brand Kalevala Jewelry presents, among others, the Kosmos collection designed by the Italian Antonio Mazzamauro ♦

The big chill jewelry. Or, if you prefer, the favorite jewelry by the Finns. Kalevala Jewelry is one of the most popular brands ever in the Scandinavian country. The company has a long history: it was founded by a writer, Elsa Heporauta, in 1930, in a fairly random fashion. In fact, her goal was to raise funds to erect a statue in honor of the Finnish woman.

Elsa Heporauta
Elsa Heporauta

Elsa and other women have decided to make and sell jewelry inspired by those from the Viking era. They started with the selection of 40 models from the historical collections of the National Museum of Finland. The first collection was in 1937 and debuted at a tea party with the First Lady of Finland, Kaisa Kallio. But the Second World War interrupted the project. The company, however, was reborn in 1947 and the brand has focused on new designers. The business took off. This is not a small craft brand: is a company that produces jewelry with Nordic design, but mass. With some differences, it is a kind of Ikea of jewels. Everything, however, is produced in Finland, bronze, silver or gold. With the success the dream of Elsa Heporauta finally came true and the statue of the Finnish woman resides in the premises of Kalevala jewelry factory in Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki. If you like, the jewelry are also sold online.

Kalevala Jotos Bracelet
Jotos Bracelet, gold
Summer Night Rose Hairband silver
Summer Night Rose Hairband silver
Orecchini Kosmos. Prezzo: 112 euro
Kosmos earrings
Collana Fiore della neve
Snow Flower Necklace
Orecchini Fairwind
Fairwind earrings
Orecchini Polaris in oro
Polaris earrings in gold

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