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Anello chevalier indossato

How to wear jewels, the new rules of etiquette

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How many jewels to wear? Does the watch go well with an evening dress? And the rose gold … Six rules to break, but be careful ♦ ︎

Don’t wear a watch in the evening. Diamonds are only allowed after 6pm. Rose gold is of poor quality … These are some of the rules that have been respected by generations of women for many years. Those, at least, of a certain social class. Even today there are those who follow these unwritten precepts. But do they still make sense? Here are six rules that are all or in part outdated and which, therefore, you can safely break. But, be careful: as long as you don’t bury the aesthetic sense.

Rule number 1
Rose gold is not of bad quality

At the beginning of the 19th century, rose gold was very popular in Russia and for this reason it was also known as Russian gold. Pink gold is obtained by adding copper to pure yellow gold. Of course too much copper makes the alloy less valuable (because it contains less yellow gold), but it also gives it a too bright hue. Today, however, this is no longer the case. Rose gold is back in fashion and jewelers carefully dose the amount of copper in order not to obtain an excessively charged color. Therefore, it is better to choose jewelry made with a metal that is not too redish.

Anello chevalier indossato
Anello chevalier in oro rosa indossato

Rule number 2
Pearls are worn even before the age of 40

The classic string of pearls around the neck has been the jewel worn by mature women for decades, especially when paired with classic dresses: a cashmere sweater or blouse under a full dress. These have been the uniforms of entire generations. Today, however, pearls are also used by many jewelers in a very creative way, both for very expensive and affordable jewels. And today a pearl necklace can also be worn very well on jeans. So, wear pearls even if you are under 30.

Collana con perle barocche
Collana con perle barocche

Rule number 3
When to wear diamonds before 6pm

Know that, according to some, this rule is still in effect. But only a few are required to respect it, for example members of the British royal family. Yes, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle (who probably does not think about it after their farewell in London) cannot wear diamond jewelry before evening, that is by convention before 6pm. With one exception, however: rings are allowed. engagement or diamond jewelry in some particular ceremonies. What about the rest of the world? He certainly doesn’t pay attention to rules like these. Apart from engagement rings, which are always allowed, earrings, necklaces and bracelets can be worn. But only as long as the context is adequate: on the occasion of important shows, elegant parties, ceremonies. In short, diamonds yes, but not to go to the office or go shopping: in this case they are really excessive.

Kate Middleton al Bafta con collana e orecchini di diamanti e smeraldi
Kate Middleton al Bafta con collana e orecchini di diamanti e smeraldi

Rule number 4
When to wear the watch in the evening

Once leaving the house in the evening meant a special occasion. The watch was worn by her husband or boyfriend, so it was not necessary for a woman to wear it. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. But the watch should be considered, however, as an accessory to coordinate with the rest of the dress. A sporty brown leather strap does not go well with an elegant black evening dress. Better, if anything, a watch with a white or yellow gold mesh strap with a small case. In short, in the era of smartphones, the watch has increasingly an ornamental function: no one leaves their mobile phone at home, while a timepiece can be done without. So if you want to wear it in the evening, consider it as a jewel to coordinate with the occasion.

Paris Hilton sfida le convenzioni indossando un orologio di de Grisogono in oro bianco e diamanti assieme all'abito da sera
Paris Hilton sfida le convenzioni indossando un orologio di de Grisogono in oro bianco e diamanti assieme all’abito da sera

Rule number 5
How to mix gold and silver

This rule is definitely out of date. There are even jewelers who offer earrings, rings or bracelets made simultaneously in gold and silver. Rather, it is the quality of the jewel that counts. Silver that is passed off as white gold is certainly not a great idea. A design jewel that uses both gold and silver together can be very precious. And different jewels? Also in this case what matters is the combination, the mix of styles that must be pleasant and homogeneous.

Anello in argento, con oro rosa e giallo di Spinelli Kilcollin
Anello in argento, con oro rosa e giallo di Spinelli Kilcollin

Rule number 6
How to wear more than five jewels together

Be careful: turning into a Christmas tree is not advisable even today. But it can be fun to wear lots of different bracelets, or to stack thin rings. This way you can easily cross the roof of five jewels together, but that’s fine. The real problem, if anything, is choosing the right jewelry. Increasing the number is no guarantee of a pleasant effect. For this reason, some jewelers offer jewels that are specially designed to be combined.

Anelli impilati con zaffiri di diversi colori
Anelli impilati con zaffiri di diversi colori di Gumuchian

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