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The magic of Chopard

By a magic in the setting technique, it’s born a high-jewelry collection Magical Setting by Chopard ♦

Inventing something new is difficult, but good designers often succeed. Even more difficult, however, is to innovate the technique, especially if the one in use has been tested for decades or even centuries. It seems, however, that Chopard was able to invent something new in the goldsmith’s technique. A spell defines her as Caroline Scheufele, Chopard’s co-president and artistic director. In fact, the innovative embedding technique, developed thanks to the work of Chopard master craftsmen, has been called Magical Setting.

Caroline Scheufele wanted to make the light of the gems more intense, enhancing the presence and personality of the jewel by making the embedding disappear.

Anelli della collezione Magical Setting di Chopard
Anelli della collezione Magical Setting di Chopard

It was not easy, it seems, because the technique of setting stones is an immutable tradition. Until now. At the end of many efforts, however, here is Magical Setting, which immediately turns into a collection of fine jewelry. In fact the stones seem to be free from the bond of the metal, which is just mentioned. The effect is remarkable. The jewels use diamonds, or diamonds with blue sapphires from Sri Lanka, rubies from Mozambique or emeralds from Colombia. The cluster revolves around a single important stone completely surrounded by gems of unusual size, which give the classic design an unexpected touch of bold modernity. And as for gold, Chopard emphasizes the selection of stones not only for quality, but also for the socially sustainable origin. It is not a minor detail. Giulia Netrese

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