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Anello in oro rosa 18 carati, oro giallo, opale, diamanti bianchi, zaffiri blu, tsavoriti, perla di Tahiti

The galaxies of Bibi van der Velden

According to quantum mechanics, the incredibly small things (the elementary particles that make up everyday reality) have some analogies with the incredibly large, such as the behavior of black holes […]

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Antonini, anello della linea extraordinaire in oro rodiato nero, zaffiro di 7,8 carati e pavé di diamanti

Antonini’s Extraordinaire novelty for Voice

The preview of a piece of high jewelery that Antonini will present at Voice (12-14 September), the event that replaces Vicenzaoro with a format adapted to the circumstances. It is […]

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Anello in oro giallo e nefrite

Jordan Askill multitasking

Sharks, panthers, but also flowers: Jordan Askill, a New York-based designer, has brought some of the wild spirit of his Australia to the American city. But, in reality, it is […]

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Anello Tabi in versione dorata

The boot-shaped rings of Maison Margiela

There are many fashion brands that occasionally extend their proposal to jewelry. Usually these are fashion jewelry, that is, undemanding jewelery, as in the case of the Maison Margiela. The […]

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Pendente in oro bianco con acquamarina, citrini e diamanti

Gucci roars with Lion Head collection

With Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director, the jewelery collections of the Italian brand have also been renewed. The latest work is called Lion Head and takes up the motif of […]

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Spilla Moro con smeraldi e rubini

Codognato, the art of be in Venice

From Pop Art to the art of ancient Venice: myths and jewels of Attilio Codognato ♦ He was friends with Andy Warhol, which he attended for a long time in […]

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Anello in oro bianco, diamanti e alessandrite

Mark Henry, the alexandrite jewelry

The jewels with the rare alexandrite stone by Mark Henry: the stones change color from day to evening ♦ About the enigmatic stone called Alexandrite we talked about here. It […]

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Anello con un diamante fancy yellow al centro e  244 diamanti bianchi

Leonori high jewelry with Victoria

When a jewel remembers a person, it offers something more. When an entire collection is a tribute to a small human being, the value still increases. This is the case […]

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Gioielli d'epoca a GenGèneve

5 questions before buying a vintage jewel 

Buying a ring, but also a necklace or a pair of earrings created many years ago, can be a bargain, and at the same time a pleasant research. There are […]

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Bracciale Colosseum

Patrizia Corvaglia, homage to ancient Rome

Patrizia Corvaglia is a Roman jewelry designer and Roman artist. And like many Romans (and many non-Romans too) she loves the Eternal City. This is confirmed by the new jewelry […]

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Set di tre anelli in oro rosa, giallo e bianco, con zaffiro blu, rosa e diamanti

Imogen Belfield on a rock stage

The rock jewels of Imogen Belfield, among gold, silver and the lunar design ♦ She’s like a rock band, and he also happened (he won the first prize in the […]

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Nimb indossato

Nimb, anti-aggression ring

Nimb is a ring which sounds an alarm in case of danger ♦ There is a jewel that is most precious of all: safety. Nimb is not the first jewel […]

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Bracciale Orchard in oro 18 carati, zaffiro e diamanti

The world different for Alex Sepkus

Between precision design and medieval art: the world different of jewelry by Alex Sepkus ♦ ︎ Says Alex Sepkus about his colleague, Stephen Webster: “He’s a fanatic; the intelligences he […]

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Anelli in oro bianco con pavé di diamanti

Salvatore Arzani, hearts, flowers and fantasy

Pavé diamonds, gold, sapphires … These are the classic materials used to make Salvatore Arzani jewels ♦ One of the many luxury craft workshops that are found in Valenza is […]

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Anello Bismuto in ottone

K/ller, jewels that challenges America

While in the US there are episodes of violence in schools and offices, the jewels with the K / ller brand, shock New York ♦ The name K / ller […]

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Il modo corretto di afferrare un anello

Ring with diamond: 10 rules to keep it well

The 10 rules to keep your diamond ring sparkling and perfect ♦ ︎ The diamond ring is the classic jewel that gives itself for engagement or some other important occasion. […]

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Spilla con farfalla, smeraldo e zaffiri

Nature in Sylvie Corbelin’s jewels

The wild nature in fine jewelery collections by Sylvie Corbelin ♦ About the alpine landscape near Bourg-en-Bresse, where she was born, Sylvie Corbelin recalls the exuberant nature. And the nostalgia of […]

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Anello con zaffiro blu e diamanti

Daring Sarkisyan

The irresistible career in the jewelry store of Arman Sarkisyan ♦ If you have a few thousand dollars (or euro, does the same) and you want break free of desire […]

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Hidden,  anello in oro rosa lucido con diamante

Diamond hunt with Dipoi

A line of rings with hidden diamonds: the minimal idea of ​​Korean brand Dipoi ♦ ︎ Lord Brummel, the British nobleman who invented the character of the dandy, fashionable, but […]

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Collana con cristalli di opale

Giulia Colussi, magical jewels

The magical world of Giulia Colussi, designer from Milan (Italy), between myths and the East ♦ ︎ The world is divided between those who see things that others do not […]

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