Carrera y Carrera’s sculpture jewels are back

Origen, that is, return to the origins. It is the name of one of the new collections of Carrera y Carrera, the largest Spanish jewelery brand that has returned to full-scale play after a brief interlude. The name of the collection is significant. The collection follows the style of the house: very rich, with the intention of competing with the world of sculpture, including exotic animals, interpreted with realism, together with ornamental and architectural elements. The use of bas-relief and the combination of glossy and matte is also among the distinctive features of Carrera y Carrera. Many of Carrera y Carrera’s jewels, in fact, are small works of naturalistic goldsmithing, with statuettes, animals and plants that seem to have come out of a laboratory from the Baroque period. Like another of the novelties, the My Angel collection: follows the same direction, with a mini sculpture of a golden angel combined with the letters of the alphabet.

Orecchini della collezione Origen in oro giallo, diamanti e diopsiti
Boucles d’oreilles de la collection Origen en or jaune, diamants et diopsites

On the other hand, the goldsmith tradition of eighteenth-century Spain is still alive. Of course, Saturio Esteban Carrera, a young emigrant to Madrid at the end of the nineteenth century, where he opened a small jewelery company called Barrio de las Letras, would never have imagined it. Instead, the jewels of the Maison of the Spanish capital have been worn by royalty (the tiara for the Queen of Belgium, in 1960) or exhibited in museums, such as the Dream of Icarus, chosen by the Kremlin museum.

Mistral Mini Ring in oro bianco, diamanti e tanzanite
Mistral Mini Ring in white gold, diamonds and tanzanite
Collezione My Angel, pendente in oro bianco e giallo, diamanti
My Angel collection, pendant in white and yellow gold, diamonds
Secret ring, chiuso. In oro bianco e giallo, diamanti
Secret ring, closed. In white and yellow gold, diamonds. Copyright:
Secret ring, aperto. All'interno si scorgono le figure ispirate all'amore segreto di Romeo e Giulietta
Secret ring, open. Inside you can see the figures inspired by the secret love of Romeo and Juliet. Copyright:
Bracciale Shanghai in oro giallo e diamanti.  Copyright:
Shanghai bracelet in yellow gold and diamonds. Copyright:

What is a bezel?

Do you really know what a bezel means and what it is? And how is a ring with a stone set made? Here are the things you need to know about bezel rings.

Things to know if you like jewelry and you are not a jeweler. Do you know what a bezel is? What is a set with stone? Do you have a ring with a stone set in a bezel? If you are curious about what a jewels setting is, read here.

Anello Taglio Smeraldo, con berillo taglio smeraldo da 14,04 ct e pavé di cristallo di rocca, incastonato in oro giallo
Boucheron, ring, with 14.04 ct emerald-cut beryl and rock crystal pavé, set in yellow gold

Hold the stones. The bezel, or casing, is a mount that serves to hold a stone in place, especially if it has a cabochon cut, that is, with a faceless cut, often hemispherical. The bezel consists of a metal protection that fixes the circumference of the stone. It can be formed by a cavity around which turns a thin metal border that folds over the contour of the gem or, in open frames, from small jaws, which hold the stone in several places. The bezel is positioned in the visible, upper part of the ring and frames the stone which, in this way, remains still. There are different techniques of setting, but all have in common the metal fixing, in silver or gold, which is welded and surrounds the stone. The gem may be more or less positioned in the hollow of the metal. Jewelers today tend to adjust the metal to the size of the stone to be set, following the external shape.

Anello in oro giallo con zircone verde
Yellow gold ring with green zircon set

The height of the edge. The setting can vary in the size of the metal belt that wraps the stone, which can be more or less enveloping, usually about 0.5 millimeters. In the case of diamonds, for example, we tend to keep the metal as thin as possible. The advantage of a setting like a bezel rather than a claw one is that the stone is more protected in this way and is less likely to be damaged. Once the stone is placed in the hollow and surrounded with the metal band, the bezel can be welded to the ring band. The base, in some cases, is eliminated to leave room for the only band that stops the stone.

Clip Panache MystОrieux. Serti MystОrieux Vitrail zaffiri colorati, diamanti
Van Cleef & Arpels, Panache Mysterieux clip. Serti Mysterieux Vitrail colored sapphires, diamonds

When the setting is not seen. There is also an invisible setting. It is a particular technique used to fix precious stones so that the metal support structures are not visible. In French this technique is called serti mystérieux (mysterious setting), and was introduced by Alfred Langlois in 1930. Later, the two French jewelers Salomon Arpels and Alfred Van Cleef, founders of Van Cleef & Arpels, elaborated with Langlois the original idea until requesting the patent of the new casing. Cartier also patented a technique for an invisible bezel, called the invisible serti, but without major developments. Van Cleef & Arpels, instead, continues to use the mystérieux serti in his jewels.

Anello Verde, con smeraldo di 14,90 carati, lacca
Green ring, with 14.90 carat emerald, lacquer
Boghossian, anello con zaffiro di Cylon incastonato in calcedonio intarsiato
Boghossian, Cylon sapphire ring set in inlaid chalcedony
Anello con smeraldo colombiano e diamanti
Grima, ring with Colombian emerald and diamonds with an unusual setting
Anello con rubino e granati, in ceramica, lacca, oro giallo
Ring with ruby and garnets, in ceramic, lacquer, yellow gold
Anello in argento placcato oro con ametista
Gold plated silver ring with amethyst
Anello in oro,giallo e giada
Ring in yellow gold and jade

How to choose the rings to stack

Do you want to wear rings to stack? Different rings on the same finger? Here’s how to choose and what to watch out for ♦ ︎

Do you like to abound? In this case the multiple rings are the ones that do for you. Rings that double, triple, even multiply by four: in reality there is no limit to the number of circles that can be added on a finger. This is why some designers have been studying stacking rings for a long time. They can have an irregular shape that fits like a puzzle piece, or a clip that locks them together, or they can simply be added next to each other. And there are also those who combine rings of different styles, brands, even from different eras. In short, there is no rule: the secret lies in finding the right mix, in the choice of colors if it is rings with stones, in matching shapes, volumes, dimensions and, of course, the materials. Here are some tips.

Anelli con diamanti impilati
Michelle Fantaci, stacked diamond rings

Dimensions. Multiple rings increase the volume of metal and stones on your fingers. For this reason, the size of the individual pieces must be carefully evaluated. It is the whole that must be appreciated, so it is better that there is not one link that prevails over the others. Additionally, a large ring may become uncomfortable to wear due to contact with other rings. It is better to favor rings that have similar dimensions and are not at risk of being ruined by mutual contact.

Anelli di Roberto Coin
Rings by Roberto Coin

Colors. Mixing gold rings with different colors is possible. But pay attention to the nuances: pink gold is not always the same, and the same goes for yellow. A ring in 22 carat gold, intense yellow, will be too prevalent if combined with a metal with only 14 carats, paler. And a rose gold that tends to red because it has a higher percentage of copper can suffocate a ring with a softer color.

Anelli impilati con zaffiri di diversi colori
Rings stacked with sapphires of different colors from Gumuchian

Mix of styles. If you want to stack different rings, remember to follow a precise idea. In short, juxtaposing rings at random is not a good idea. If you have the chance it is better to wear rings with the same idea of ​​departure, a common style.
Weight. It seems strange to say, but adding too many rings to the fingers can work. Even a few grams, after many hours, feel: better focus on lightness.
Hazards. Stacking rings is fun, but be careful not to ruin them. Rings with stones or with a particularly elaborate design can scratch the neighboring ones.

Spinelli Kilcollin, anello Mercury in oro giallo, rosa e argento
Spinelli Kilcollin, Mercury ring in yellow, rose and silver gold
Anelli impilabili: in argento, oro giallo e diamanti, oro rosa e diamanti
Birks, stackable rings: in silver, yellow gold and diamonds, rose gold and diamonds
Alessa Jewelry, anelli della Amara Collection
Alessa Jewelry, rings from the Amara Collection
Cinque anelli in argento placcati oro 18 carati
Iosselliani, five 18k gold-plated silver rings
Set Angelina composto da tre anelli in oro con diamanti
Jean Dousset, Angelina set composed of three gold rings with diamonds

Everything about tourmaline

Everything you need to know about tourmaline, increasingly fashionable in jewelry ♦

You may have noticed it: for some years now tourmaline, and in particular the Paraiba variety has become the star of jewelry. Few, however, really know this stone, which can take on different colors and which is often confused with other gems. Tourmaline began its rise in the late 1980s, when the brightly colored variety was discovered in the mines of Paraíba, Brazil. These tourmalines, in blue and green shades, were immediately successful. Prices for this stone have risen rapidly to over $ 10,000 per carat. But, be careful: the red stones that are presented with the name of rubellite are also tourmalines.

Anello in oro bianco con tormalina
White gold ring with tourmaline, Vianna Lux collection

Composition. According to the chemistry, tourmalines are a crystalline composition of boron mineral silicate, with elements of aluminum, iron, magnesium, sodium, lithium, or potassium. It is a semi-precious stone. Before the name tourmaline became common, this gem was also called the Sri Lankan Ceylonese magnet. This stone, in fact, has pyroelectric properties: it forms a temporary accumulation of electric charges of different sign on opposite ends in response to a change in temperature. But don’t worry: the wearer doesn’t get shocked. In the past, however, thanks to this property, tourmalines have been used by chemists to polarize light.

Anello con tormalina Paraiba di 24,75 carati
Ring with 24.75 carat Paraiba tourmaline and diamonds

The name. Tourmaline is a word that derives from the Tamil and Sinhalese language Turmali, used for various precious stones found in Sri Lanka. In recent centuries, large quantities of tourmalines have been exported to Europe from the Dutch East India Company from this country to southern India.

Anello con tormalina rosa di 58,18 carati
Ring with pink tourmaline of 58.18 carats

Colors. Tourmaline takes on a great variety of colors. However, the stone discovered in the Brazilian states of Minas Gerais and Bahia is a unique variety with bright colors, blue and green. The largest in the world weighs 191.87 carats and has been included in the Guinness Book of Records. But there are also red, pink, blue tourmalines, and even a variety called watermelon, that is watermelon, with shades that fade from intense pink to olive green. There is also the bright green tourmaline from Tanzania, which contains chromium (the same mineral that colors the emerald). On the market there are also yellow tourmalines, sometimes known as canary tourmaline. Zambia is rich in red and yellow tourmalines, which are relatively inexpensive. By a strange coincidence, the rarest variety, the colorless achroite, is not appreciated and is inexpensive. Tourmalines are also found in Afghanistan and the United States. The deposits in Maine tend to produce mint-green or pink-raspberry red crystals. California deposits are known for a bright pink color, but also two-tone. The most common tourmaline, however, is called schorl, black colored sodium iron.

Anello Vuoi una mentina? Di Suzanne Syz, con tormalina Paraiba, oro, smalto, diamanti
Ring Do you want a mint? By Suzanne Syz, with Paraiba tourmaline, gold, enamel, diamonds

Beauty treatment. There are many tourmalines that are subjected to special treatments to improve their color. In particular, the pink and red colored buds are often heated at high temperatures to make the color more pleasant. For example, stones with a very dark red color can be made brighter with heat treatment. The pink color, on the other hand, can be significantly increased by irradiation with gamma rays or electron beams. But radioactivity does not remain in the stone, rest assured. Among other things, you will never know: the irradiation process is almost impossible to detect in tourmalines and currently does not affect its value. Tourmaline varieties such as rubellite and Paraiba are also sometimes improved to make them clearer and brighter. But a tourmaline that undergoes this treatment is worth less than a natural gem of the same type.

Anello Thalessa, in oro rosa 18 carati, tormalina, zaffiri, tormalina bicolore
Daniela Villegas, Thalessa ring, in 18k rose gold, tourmaline, sapphires, two-tone tourmaline

Where is it. There is not only Brazil. In the late 1990s tourmaline containing copper was found in Nigeria. Tourmaline has also recently been discovered in Mozambique, very similar to that of Paraiba. For this reason, tourmaline from the African country is often called paraiba, but it is a mistake (sometimes desired): in reality the colors of the Mozambican stone are often a little less bright than the Brazilian one. In addition, African tourmaline also costs much less.

Una tormalina watermelon africana
An African watermelon tourmaline
Orecchini con al centro due tormaline watermelon dell'Himalaya
Earrings with two Himalayan watermelon tourmalines in the center
Van Cleef & Arpels, anello Pierres de Caractère Lotus d'Orient in oro bianco, tormalina ovale del Mozambico tipo Paraiba di 24.44 carati, diamanti taglio brillante e a pera, zaffiri tondi e chrysoprase scanalati
Van Cleef & Arpels, Pierres de Caractère Lotus d’Orient ring in white gold, 24.44 carats oval Paraiba-type Mozambique tourmaline, brilliant-cut and pear-cut diamonds, round sapphires and grooved chrysoprase
Anello di Stephen Webster con tormalina rosa all'asta online di Christie's. Stima: 7 mila euro
Stephen Webster ring with pink tourmaline
Anello con tormalina Paraiba di 48.27 carati
Ring with Paraiba tourmaline of 48.27 carats
Anello Pom Pom in oro rosa, con tormaline rosa di varie dimensioni, gradazioni e tagli e diamanti
Pom Pom ring in rose gold, with pink tourmalines of various sizes, gradations and cuts and diamonds
Jar, spilla appartenuta a Lily Safra con tormaline verdi e rosa a forma di papavero collegate da uno stelo di tormaline verdi taglio baguette attorcigliate su un diamante bianco taglio pera di 37 carati. Prezzo realizzato: 1 milione di euro circa
Jar, brooch belonging to Lily Safra with green and pink poppy-shaped tourmalines connected by a stem of baguette-cut green tourmalines twisted onto a 37-carat pear-cut white diamond

Furrer Jacot, rings guaranteed for life

Swiss precision, with very Latin variations. Or, at least, far from tradition: Furrer Jacot is a brand specialized in rings born in 1858 which is located in Schaffhausen, a town near the border with Germany. As evidence of the precision with which Furrer Jacot works, the company not only provides a legal guarantee for errors in material and workmanship, but also an eternal guarantee. Using the certificate stamped and correctly filled in at an authorized jewelry store, just enter the relevant information on the company website to get the permanent guarantee. The only request, obviously apart from scratches or damage caused by the wearer of the jewel, is the request to have the ring checked every ten years by the company’s goldsmiths.

Anello in oro rosa, platino e palladio, con diamante bianco
Rose gold, platinum and palladium ring with white diamond

In addition, starting from the second year of purchase, Furrer Jacot offers its registered customers a free resizing of the ring, as well as an additional free resizing (excluding material costs) if you pass the jewel to a direct heir. If the ring has a personal handwriting engraving, it will be kept with the altered ring. If a diamond is lost from a registered Furrer Jacot customer’s ring, it will replace it free of charge up to 0.05 carats, provided the loss was not due to negligence or unsatisfactory care. In short, a certainty. That said, the company offers a wide variety of wedding or engagement rings, or simply single rings. The jewels are in gold and platinum and in some cases with carbon fiber inserts. For those who do not want the usual wedding ring.

Anello in oro giallo
Yellow gold ring
Anello in oro rosa con inserti in carbonio
Rose gold ring with carbon inserts
Anelli in oro giallo e diamante
Yellow gold and diamond rings
Anelli in oro rosa e platino
Rose gold and platinum rings
Anelli in oro giallo inciso
Engraved yellow gold rings
Anello in oro rosa e bianco
Rose and white gold ring

How to clean a Pandora bracelet?

How to clean Pandora jewelry? Here are the tips for keeping Pandora jewelry bright

Pandora jewelry is among the most popular. Proposed years ago only in the silver version, especially the famous bracelets with charms, they are now also available in the Pandora Rose version, which consists of an alloy of silver and copper, with a plating used to prevent oxidation, or in Pandora Shine: silver with an 18-carat gold plating. On the jewels, moreover, there are also crystals and cubic zirconia, synthetic gems that resemble the diamond. Pandora jewelry also has another characteristic: they are usually worn often, even every day. They are, in fact, the classic jewels for everyday life: bracelets, earrings and necklaces that you choose without thinking too much, also because their price is quite affordable and you are less afraid of losing them.

Gioielli della linea Pandora Me indossati
Worn jewels from the Pandora Me line

Precisely for this reason, however, Pandora jewels can mist up earlier due to prolonged contact with the skin, or due to dust, or the wear of the plating. It is therefore important to regularly clean Pandora jewelry. For example, how to clean Pandora jewelry with pink alloy (but the method also applies to others)? Here’s how to do it: the tips are from Pandora itself. The shine of the metal can be maintained by regularly polishing the jewels with a soft cloth: just rub gently, paying attention to the surfaces where crystals or cubic zirconia are set. Too vigorous cleaning could ruin the subtle plating of Pandora Shine jewelry.

Elemento in Pandora Shine Simba
Pandora Shine Simba

Often Pandora jewels, which are finished by hand in the laboratories that the Danish company has made in Thailand, also have details in colored enamel. Enamel is a very resistant material, but over time, perhaps because the jewel is subjected to contact with other objects, it could be damaged. Precisely for this reason it is better to avoid rubbing the jewel with too rough materials, which can make the situation worse.

Gracie Abrams in Pandora
Gracie Abrams in Pandora

The jewels can also be washed gently in warm soapy water to remove any traces of grease left by the skin. When still wet, jewelry can be cleaned better with the use of a soft bristle toothbrush. But, attention: it is better to avoid the use of liquids used for silver polishing and ultrasonic cleaning. Handle clean jewelry with care: it is better to store them separately to avoid scratches.

Anello in argento e cubic zirconia
Ring in silver and cubic zirconia
Pandora, collezione Zodiaco
Pandora Rose necklace
Collana Pandora Rose
Necklace Pandora Rose
Bracciale Reflexions, in Pandora Shine
Reflexions bracelet, in Pandora Shine

The reborn silver of Maria and Luisa

The name has nothing special: Maria e Luisa. The surname, however, is known to jewelry lovers: Pianegonda. The Pianegonda brand, however, due to troubled corporate events, can no longer be used by Maria Luisa Pianegonda and not even by her brother Franco, founder of the Maison specializing in silver jewelry. The Pianegonda brand is now owned by the Bros Manifatture group. But the creativity of the two brothers, who each went down a different path, was not sold. After 16 years as a marketing manager in the original Pianegonda, and after a break marked by travel, Maria Luisa got back on track with a new brand, with a name that curiously doubles her own: Maria and Luisa.

Anello Shri in argento e 8 pietre di rodolite
Shri ring in silver and 8 rhodolite stones

Also for Maria and Luisa the basic material is silver. But it is a super-worked silver, which highlights a craftsmanship of yesteryear. The jewels are worked with a burin, with scrolls, curls, folds, inlays and in some cases with the addition of large semi-precious stones, such as citrine, amethyst, smoky quartz, pink, cognac, and prasiolite, onyx, topaz. Some jewels also have small 9-karat gold inserts. Maria and Luisa’s boutique is located in Milan. Vicenza is long gone.

Orecchini in argento con elemento a rosone inciso a mano con la tecnica del bulino e catene groumette
Silver earrings with rosette element hand engraved with the burin technique and groumette chainse
Bracciale Groumette in argento e cristallo di rocca
Groumette bracelet in silver and rock crystal
Anello in argento brunito con quarzo fumé
Burnished silver ring with smoky quartz
Anello in argento brunito con ametista
Burnished silver ring with amethyst
Bracciale rolò in argento brunito
Bracelet in burnished silver
Orecchini in argento con citrino madeira
Silver earrings with madeira citrine
Collana groumette girocollo
Choker groumette necklace
Orecchini in argento intarsiato
Inlaid silver earrings

The A.Link’s diamonds

The American Maison A. Link, specialized in the most loved stone by women: diamonds ♦

Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds: some people love jewels only if they revolve around the most popular gemstone. And this is the story of A.Link, a New York company that specializes in diamond jewelry. Does just that since 1904. It was founded by Adolph Link, jeweler from Vienna who emigrated to the US, which has brought the taste loved by the wealthy Europeans of the Belle Epoque in a nation that was growing rapidly. More than a century later, the company is still family owned, managed by Jeffrey Link and Douglas Sills in New York.

Collana di diamanti di A.Link
Diamond Necklace by A.Link

Passed the mark of 110 years, celebrated in 2014 with a Jck prize to a ring, You and Me, continues to propose his recipe that seems to have an eternal success: diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds, but with certificates of origin and sustainable production. Adolph Link, it seems, was the first to study and sample the diamonds to get uniform quality of the stones. In this way the jewels have created a homogeneity and, of course, a more certain value. The company also boasts a special ability in the choice of the cut. In short, if you like diamonds, by A.Link you find to the full.

Bracciale tennis in oro rosa e diamanti
Tennis bracelet in rose gold and diamonds
Orecchini a bottone in oro bianco e diamanti
White gold and diamond stud earrings
Pendente Eclipse
Eclipse pendant
Set con diamanti baguette, montatura in platino. Questo anello ha vinto il premio del 2014 JCK Jewelers nella categoria Platinum per vendita al dettaglio meno di 10.000 dollari nei Jck Awards 2014
Set with baguette diamonds, platinum setting. This ring won the 2014 JCK Jewelers award in the Platinum category for retailing under $10,000 in the 2014 Jck Awards
Bracciale di diamanti e platino, per un totale di 10 carati
Diamond and platinum bracelet, totaling 10 carats
Collana per Forevermark, diamanti e oro bianco
Necklace for Forevermark, diamonds and white gold
Bracciale Bubble con fermaglio, oro bianco e diamanti
Bubble bracelet with clasp, white gold and diamonds
Orecchini a forma di goccia, diamanti e oro bianco
Drop-shaped earrings, diamonds and white gold

How to avoid allergies to nickel

Have you ever found marks on the skin where you have worn rings, necklaces or earrings? They could have been caused by nickel allergy. Here’s what you need to do to avoid nickel allergy ♦

Receiving a beautiful ring as a gift and not being able to wear it: the fault lies with the allergy. It often happens that a jewel, perhaps a favorite, turns out to be an enemy of the skin. The most common cause is nickel dermatitis, also called contact dermatitis, nickel allergy. The problem can arise at any time and at any age. Even jewelry that up to that moment has never caused irritation, can suddenly turn out to be harmful. Each individual human body reacts differently to nickel depending on tolerance and sensitivity level. Among other things, there are rare cases in which the allergy is also manifested by wearing gold or silver jewelry: but the most frequent cause is, also in this case, the nickel content present in bijoux. Pure gold and silver are metals too soft to be transformed into frames. Nickel has often been added, like zinc and copper, to make gold and silver more resistant and allow it to give the desired shape. In addition, the nickel gives a shiny effect. Zinc and copper do not damage the skin, which is instead more and more nickel.

Saranno gioielli a prova di dermatite?
Will it be dermatitis-proof jewels?

The dangerous metals. Keep in mind that 14-karat or 18-karat gold contains a greater amount of different metals than 24-karat gold, the only one that is completely pure. In short, the purer the gold, the less allergies it causes. Nickel is also used in jewelry in alloys with platinum and white gold. But platinum jewelry is quite expensive and, statistically, there are fewer cases of allergies, as it is rarer. In addition, platinum and white gold are also often reinforced with palladium, a metal that does not cause allergies. However, it is more expensive.

Bancarella di bijoux
Jewelery stall

Often the allergy is caused by the contact of the metal with the most sensitive layer of the skin, such as the hole in the nose or ear. Nickel penetrates through the skin into the bloodstream of the body. At this point the cells react to the nickel. Another cause that can give rise to allergies is sweat. When it is hot and the jewelry is worn for a long time, the skin sweats. Perspiration comes into contact with the metal of the jewelry, dissolves the nickel, and forms nickel salts. The salt reacts on contact with the skin and causes the allergy. It is commonly believed that women suffer more than men, but the number of men wearing jewelry is far less.

L'attrice e modella Kendall Jenner su Instagram con un enorme anello al naso
Actress and model Kendall Jenner on Instagram with a huge nose ring

Symptoms. Nickel allergy can cause blood loss, or swelling and the production of pus. In most cases, however, there is a constant itching or burning around the area where the skin has been in direct contact with the jewel. More rarely, allergic people find a blue tint on their finger after removing a ring, or a rash or red spots on the skin. Nickel allergy sufferers end up wearing only stainless steel jewelry. In fact, this metal also contains nickel, but it also does not leave it as it is hermetically held, it rarely comes in direct contact with the skin.

Orecchini di metallo con lega di nickel indossati
Worn nickel alloy metal earrings

Another enemy are the traces of soap and water under the jewels. The cleansers break the protective shield of the skin and allow the nickel to come into direct contact with the deeper layers. Earrings and rings are more likely to retain water droplets after a bath. Taking off your jewelry before washing is a useful precaution, especially when doing housework and hands being washed countless times. Detergents or other cleaning products that get under a ring can cause allergy. Unfortunately, there are no cures: dermatologists offer some medical treatments, but they are usually only effective for the short term. After some time, regardless of the treatment, the allergy reappears.

Dermatite da anello
Ring dermatitis

How to avoid allergy. If you really don’t want to do it, or if you forget to remove the rings, pass a layer of transparent nail polish inside the jewel: it can help avoid direct contact with the metal. Another precaution to avoid allergies can be to apply talcum powder before wearing the jewelry: in this way, humidity is avoided. Furthermore, those who fear an allergic reaction must be careful not to wear tight earrings, rings or chains: if the air passes through the jewel it is less likely that contact with the skin causes a reaction. Alternating jewelry more often reduces the risk. Finally, remember to keep the jewelry clean and dry. Those who are very sensitive to nickel can choose lacquered or palladium-plated jewelry.

Do you want to know what nickel is?
It seems the original name of this metal, nickel, derives from the Swedish word Nickel, diminutive of a proper name, Nicolaus. And in the tradition of the Nordic country Nicolaus was a name given to people of little value, but also to goblins. But metal has nothing to do with Henry Potter’s wizarding world. Nickel, or nickel, is a metal that was already used in the Bronze Age, over 3500 years ago, in the Middle East and China. In the West, nickel came into common use in the mid-eighteenth century, when Baron Axel Frederik Cronstedt, attempting to extract copper from a mineral, niccolite, obtained a white metal which he called nickel, a name that derives from the German Kupfernickel, that is, false copper, or from nickel (elf, little devil in German).

La moneta di nickel da 5 centesimi di dollaro con Thomas Jefferson
The 5 cent nickel (25%) coin featuring Thomas Jefferson

Why is it used?
Nickel is a white, silvery metal. It belongs to the iron group and is therefore hard, but also malleable, easy to work with. It is also appreciated in jewelery for the properties it gives when alloyed with gold, platinum or silver, especially because it gives strength and is resistant to corrosion.

Una moneta da 5 centesimi: contiene nickel
A 5 cent euro coin: contains nickel

Nickel, in addition to being present in many jewelry alloys together with gold, is used in a wide range of products. So if you have signs of allergy on your hands, maybe it’s not your earrings, but cutlery, watches, scissors, lighters, cell phones, doorknobs and even coins. And if you have marks on your neck, it is not certain that the cause is the necklace, but perhaps glasses, food and pots…

The first thing to do, in short, is to check with which metals you come in contact often.

But, be careful: maybe you do not know that nickel can also be hidden in cosmetics, personal hygiene products (such as hair dyes, toothpastes, shampoos, nail polishes). In this case hunting nickel is easier. Read the label well: the presence of nickel must be declared by the manufacturer, even if you may find it written in small letters. Finished? No: who is really very allergic also risks at the table. In fact, some foods naturally contain nickel, even if in very small quantities. In any case, if your allergy does not disappear, eliminate these foods.


Here are the forbidden foods:

blueberries, oats, buckwheat, walnuts and hazelnuts, broccoli, potatoes, baking powder, apricots, cabbage, spinach, peanuts, carrots, tomatoes, oysters, figs, onions, asparagus, lentils, whole wheat flour, beans, liquorice, cooked and raw pears, mushrooms, corn, lettuce, peas, almonds, tea, lobster, margarine, cocoa and chocolate, avocado.

Blueberries: good, but…

Fortunately, according to experts, only less than 20% of nickel allergies are caused or worsened by food. But if this is the case you have to eliminate these foods altogether for at least a month or a month and a half before you see a difference. In any case, do not worry, you do not risk starving.

Here are some foods without nickel:

radicchio, endive, fennel, aubergines, courgettes, peppers, cucumbers, beets, watermelon, melon, citrus fruits, peaches, bananas, strawberries, grapes, milk and dairy products, 00 flour, rice, meat, fish (but not mussels, clams, sea urchins and crustaceans), brewer’s yeast.

Ottimi peperoni
Great peppers

Last advices if you suffer from nickel allergy:

    • When you open the tap, run the water for a few minutes to remove any traces of nickel released from the pipes.
      If you are cooking a cake, use baking soda instead of baking powder to rise.
      Choose pyrex pots, glass, aluminum, unglazed pottery, silargan, teflon. This type of crockery prevents the release of nickel from cutlery or other utensils you use.

The 10 etiquette rules for the engagement ring

The 10 rules of etiquette on the engagement ring in the era of Instagram and Facebook. What are the good manners to respect ♦ ︎

There are 10 rules to know about the engagement ring. Indeed, new rules. Because compared to the past, the engagement ring can now take on a different, more social role. So, be careful: it is good to know these rules when you give or have received your engagement ring.

1 When do you give an engagement ring as a gift?
2 The 10 etiquette rules for the engagement ring
3 How to choose the engagement ring
4 Engagement ring: 5 things to know
5 Women dissatisfied with the engagement ring
6 Women willing to pay for their engagement ring
7 Colored Engagement Rings

Beware of social media. Let’s start with social networks: Instagram, Facebook or similar have become part of the life of millions of people. And it often happens that even the most intimate aspects end up being shared over the internet. It is your choice. But be careful when it comes to the engagement ring. The jewel, in this case, is equivalent to a commitment for marriage. Therefore, it is not the simple gift of a precious thing, but something more. Posting a photo of your engagement ring means you are getting married. All right: but before publishing the photo on Instagram or Facebook, warn your parents, relatives or close friends: they will be happy not to learn the good news through a post.

Dichiarazione e anello di fidanzamento, pubblicato su Facebbok
Statement and engagement ring, posted on Facebook

When to show the ring? You will certainly be proud of the engagement ring he gave you. But don’t go overboard in showing it as a trophy. Do you want to publish the photo of the ring on Instagram or Facebook? Ok. In that case, perhaps, don’t forget to include your boyfriend in the image, who is after all the one who asked you to marry him. If it is a particularly expensive ring, avoid underlining it in an internet post: in addition to being a not very delicate boast, it is also dangerous: it can arouse the interest of thieves.

Anello di fidanzamento trilogy
Trilogy engagement ring

Pick the right time. Advice for him: Do you want to give a ring to ask your girlfriend if she wants to get married with you? Very good. But choose the right time. It is not certain that she is happy that the request and the gift of the ring take place in a public place, nor that the moment becomes a video to be published on the web. Of course, on Instagram or Tik Tok there are many videos in which he kneels and shows her the ring. But it is not certain that all women enjoy sharing such an intimate moment. So, before organizing such a thing (there must be someone making the video), get his opinion on the subject. By the way: it seems that about 40% of wedding requests coincide with a holiday period or on Valentine’s Day. It’s not a casuality.

Anello di fidanzamento indossato
Engagement ring worn

Can I ask him how much it cost? The answer is no. The ring is a symbol, not a dowry. Of course you are curious to know, but keep your tongue in check. If you really want to know how much your boyfriend has spent, you can ask to describe the jewel to you. If the ring is gold and has a diamond, it will be enough to know how many carats (or, more likely, how many tenths of a carat) the stone is to get a quick idea of ​​the cost of the ring. Then, check the price on the internet. But is it so important to know?

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Vetrina di una gioielleria
Showcase of a jewelry store


What if it’s not a diamond? If the fiancé does not have great financial means, it is likely that instead of a diamond ring, she purchases a piece of jewelry with a synthetic stone, such as cubic zirconia, which looks like a diamond, but she is not. Or a moissanite ring, just as synthetic. Are you disappointed? Of course, a natural stone is more rewarding, but as long as you don’t weigh too much on your bank account. You would be less happy, in fact, if your fiancé went into debt to buy your ring, since you are about to marry him.

L'anello con diamante di Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez’s diamond ring

Can the ring be chosen by the woman? In the United States and Great Britain, the custom of choosing the engagement ring as a couple is increasingly widespread. He and she (or he and he or she and she) go to the jeweler together for the purchase. Of course, the surprise no longer exists or, rather, the moment of the marriage request does not coincide with the gift of the ring. But it’s up to you to decide if you like this idea. Talk about it first, on the general side.

Anello in oro bianco e diamanti della linea Eden
Recarlo, ring in white gold and diamonds from the Eden line

The choice of times. The gift of the engagement ring, as mentioned, coincides with the marriage request. How much time must pass from the moment you receive the ring before you let the rest of the world know? Answer: about 1 second. You can immediately inform humanity that you are about to get married. But remember: tell parents and close friends first.

Should the engagement ring be worn immediately? Sure why not? If your boyfriend has done things right, she will also have chosen the right ring size. So, put it on right away.

Emily Ratajkowski con l'anello di fidanzamento: ha due diamanti taglio princess da 2 carati e un diamante a forma di pera a 3 carati su una fascia d'oro
Emily Ratajkowski with her engagement ring: it has two 2-carat princess-cut diamonds and a 3-carat pear-shaped diamond on a gold band

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Does the ring necessarily have a diamond (or similar)? Absolutely not. Of course, the diamond is the most used stone for engagement rings. But it is not mandatory. Princess Diana’s engagement ring had a (large) blue sapphire in the center.

La principessa Diana con l'anello di fidanzamento
Princess Diana with the engagement ring

Do I have to wear the engagement ring on the wedding day? It is a choice that is up to you. But do not complicate things: do not wear the ring on the same finger that is about to receive the wedding band. Subsequently, after putting the wedding ring on your finger, you can move the engagement ring and wear both rings on the same finger.

Fede nuziale e solitario
Wedding ring and solitaire

Cannabis and jewelry, the odd couple

Marijuana leaves also inspire fine jewelry, from Bulgari to Daniela Villegas and … ♦︎

The New York Times has also written about this: the world of jewelery and high jewelery has discovered the new leaves and flowers for its inspiration. After the lotus flower, the roses, the daisies and the innocent calla, the new vegetable to arouse interest is cannabis. Yes, the plant that, when properly pruned and dried turns into marijuana.

Bulgari, collier ispirato alla marijuana in oro bianco, diamanti, smeraldi
Bulgari, collier ispirato alla marijuana in oro bianco, diamanti, smeraldi

Bijoux at low prices that reproduce cannabis leaves have been on sale for years. They are sold to an alternative youth audience and are quite simple. Now, however, even the world of high jewelry has decided that marijuana leaves are a subject to be transformed into jewelry. Even following the decision by some countries, such as Canada or California, to liberalize cannabis use. Bulgari, for example, has recently presented a collection, Wild Pop, which also features pieces that reproduce marijuana leaves, like a necklace with diamonds and emeralds. A provocation? Maybe. But it’s calculated. In California Daniela Villegas has proposed a series of necklaces with pendants in the shape of pipes for smoking grass, made in gold, tourmaline, prehnite and topaz.

Daniela Villegas, collana con pendente vaporizzatore di cannabis, oro, diamanti, tormalina, lapislazzuli
Daniela Villegas, collana con pendente vaporizzatore di cannabis, oro, diamanti, tormalina, lapislazzuli

Also in California lives another designer who added marijuana leaves to her Sweet Leaf collection, Jacquie Aiche. A little more related to the alternative, but luxury world, is the Sapphire Collective in Los Angeles, which created the Stoned collection with necklaces and pendants in 18k gold with sapphires that they have the shape of joint, worn by a model who smokes visibly.

Brent Neale Winston ha deciso di portare al Couture di Las Vegas le sue creazioni in oro, diamanti e malachite
Brent Neale Winston ha deciso di portare al Couture di Las Vegas le sue creazioni in oro, diamanti e malachite

Nikki Erwin of the Established brand has instead created a pair of diamond earrings and a bracelet coordinated with a series of cannabis leaves, which are often mistaken for innocent stars. And Brent Neale Winston decided to bring his gold, diamond and malachite creations to Las Vegas Couture. A stone that is perfect for her jewelry with the shape of marijuana leaves.

Orecchino di Jacquie Aiche in oro e diamanti
Orecchino di Jacquie Aiche in oro e diamanti
Un braccialetto d'oro con foglie di cannabis, spesso scambiato per stelle, di Established
Un braccialetto d’oro con foglie di cannabis, spesso scambiato per stelle, di Established
Le collane della collezioen Stoned di Sapphire Collective
Stoned collection by Sapphire Collective
Orecchini di Brent Neale Winston in oro, malachite, diamanti
Orecchini di Brent Neale Winston in oro, malachite, diamanti
Orecchini di Brent Neale Winston in oro, malachite, zaffiri, tormalina
Orecchini di Brent Neale Winston in oro, malachite, zaffiri, tormalina

Ana Khouri, imagination to power

Brazilian fantasy, American concreteness: that’s why they like Ana Khouri jewels ♦

Ana Khouri, born in San Paolo, based in New York, the city design. Brazil is for decades been a hotbed from which come jewelers global quality. And Ana Khouri, the daughter of an engineer and a pianist, has successfully combined the grace of music with mathematical rigor. The result is a mixture of fantasy and simplicity, yet luxurious. Her jewels have been worn by Emma Stone, Lupita Nyong’o, Liberty Ross, Rihanna, Isabeli Fontana, Emma Watson, Alicia Vikander, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Michelle Obama, Glenn Close, Sara Paulson, Karlie Kloss, Claire Foy, Emily Blunt and Jennifer Lawrence.

Phillipa Diamond ring
Phillipa Diamond ring

Given also that the designer studied sculpture at the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado in his hometown, it’s simplest to say that its jewels are extremely three-dimensional shapes. Never flat shapes, despite the search for essential forms. In New York, the enterprising young Brazilian has also studied at the Gemological Institute of America then moved to London to graduate from Central Saint Martins. In short, she pocketed the better curriculum for a jeweler. The result, her jewels, are appreciated by a large number of celebrity. You see why in these pictures: earcuff large diamond-studded rings that twist as bent by the wind, earrings from the elusive form of small cones. To mark as a favorite.

Ana Khouri
Ana Khouri
Gold Maia diamond & 18kt yellow and white gold ring
Gold Maia diamond & 18kt yellow and white gold ring
Row ring, con pavé di smeraldi
Row ring, with emerald pavé
Choker in oro 18 carati e smeraldo
Choker in 18K gold and emerald
Row earrings, con pavé di smeraldi
Row earrings, with emerald pavé
Orecchino con pavé di diamanti e smeraldo
Earring with pavé diamonds and emerald

The links of Salima Thakker

Salima Thakker, perfect example of cultures that meet: the designer was born and works in Antwerp, an Indian father and a Belgian mother. Antwerp is the European capital of diamonds and jewels were an irresistible temptation for Salima Thakker, moreover to join with the world of art: she studied at the Royal Academy in Antwerp and earned her Master’s degree at the Royal College of Art in London, where she consolidated his profession and passion for design. So much so that she later became a teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts, with which she still collaborates. But her jewelry house came after a collaboration with Damiani, in Milan, about twenty years ago.

Orecchini in oro bianco, diamanti navette e tormalina Paraiba
Earrings in white gold, navette diamonds and Paraiba tourmaline

An experience that helped her to open her workshop and shop in Antwerp, making the jewels herself. The designer describes her work as the result of an intertwining, a shared culture between different ethnic origins, which are a fusion of world culture. She uses only ethically traceable stones, gems and diamonds, and her jewelry is now sold worldwide, including New York, Hong Kong and Antwerp.

Collana in oro 18 carati e argento
Necklace in 18 carat gold and silver
Anello Labyrinth con peridoto
Labyrinth ring with peridot
Anello eternity in oro giallo e diamanti
Eternity ring in yellow gold and diamonds
Anello in oro rosa con tormaline
Rose gold ring with tourmalines
Bracciale in oro giallo 18 carati
18K yellow gold bracelet
Bracciale in oro giallo 18 carati e citrini
Bracelet in 18K yellow gold and citrines
Bracciale in oro giallo 18 carati e argento sterling
Bracelet in 18K yellow gold and sterling silver
Orecchini in oro bianco e rosa, con morganite e acquamarina
Earrings in white and pink gold, with morganite and aquamarine

Millefiori silver with Giovanni Raspini

Millefiori collection by Giovanni Raspini.

Flower necklaces were, arguably, the first jewel-like female accessory in the dawn of humanity. And today’s jewelry often does not deviate too much from that ancient typology, even if the collections of earrings, rings or necklaces are made with noble metals, instead of simple flowers collected in the meadows and intertwined. An example is the Millefiori collection by Giovanni Raspini. Of course, the flowers are the inspiration, while the jewels idealize the concept with the proposal of silver jewels in the usual style of the Tuscan company.

Pendente Millefiori in argento
Millefiori silver pendant

The Millefiori collection is made with tiny flowers that form a texture on circular bases of burnished silver. The surface of the jewels is made more brilliant thanks to a diamond-plating process, a metal working technique that gives a shimmering effect in contrast with the shadows of the burnished base. The Millefiori collection is declined in three necklaces, two bracelets, two rings and three earrings.

Orecchini a bottone Millefiori
Millefiori stud earrings
Bracciale piccolo in argento
Small bracelet in silver
Anello a doppia banda in argento brunito
Double band ring in burnished silver
Anello a banda in argento brunito
Band ring in burnished silver
Orecchini in argento brunito
Burnished silver earrings
Orecchini a cerchio Millefiori
Millefiori hoop earrings
Collana Lunga Millefiori
Silver burnished necklace Millefiori  
Anello a doppia banda in argento brunito
Silver necklace Millefiori

Sea version sequins with Chantecler

Wear sequins at the seaside? Not exactly the ideal kind of match. But wearing Chantecler jewels, but it’s better not on the beach, is another thing. The Maison of Capri has the Paillettes line among its collections, with a version that seems suitable to be worn in an elegant seaside resort. It is a series of jewels that are part of the collection, characterized by the use of a pavé of deep blue sapphires, which are combined with 18-karat yellow gold. The jewels present the precious stones on one side and the Chantecler logo, the stylized gold rooster, on the lower surface. In some cases the jewels have a touch of sea blue enamel.

Collana in oro e zaffiri blu della collezione Paillettes
Necklace in gold and blue sapphires from the Paillettes collection

The jewels, for example the bracelets, also hide a titanium core, to preserve the flexibility and non-deformability of the metal. The design of the collection is made up of many round elements, which in the case of the bracelets are proposed in sequence. A style that recalls, in fact, the shape of the sequins.

Anello in oro, smalto e zaffiri
Ring in gold, enamel and sapphires
Bracciale flessibile in oro giallo e zaffiri blu
Flexible bracelet in yellow gold and blue sapphires
Collana con pendente fronte e retro
Necklace with front and back pendant
Orecchini a bottone in oro giallo e zaffiri
Yellow gold and sapphire stud earrings

Vintage jewelry guide

Vintage jewelry are liked more and more, but before choosing them you need to know their characteristics well. Here are the advice of the gemologist of the Catawiki online auction house ♦

What vintage ring choose? She will like it? Or: how to let him know what I like? The first rule is to go on the classic. The second, is to follow the trend. And, in this key, there’s the advice of the of Catawiki, an online auctions company. According over the company, there would be (better to use the conditional) an increase in the purchase of antique rings. Could be. But, in any case, the rings in a style of yesteryear have always had estimators and admirers.

Collana vittoriana con diamanti. Prezzo: 28.000 dollari
Collana vittoriana con diamanti. Prezzo: 28.000 dollari

The auction house, therefore, has seen fit to ask Deborah Mazza, gemologist and herald of Catawiki, a comment: “Over the past decade there has been a significant change compared to what users are looking for when choosing a engagement ring. The trends show a move away from the classic-style rings, like the solitary bought in upscale jewelers, and now you try something that does not fall in the ordinary, why the vintage rings have become very popular and in demand. But this implies having to do a search to select an object and vintage, to avoid that the future remains disappointed bride, you have to consult a gemologist, who can guarantee the quality and the ring came from. Everything else depends on personal taste.”

Spilla vittoriana in alluminio annerito e jet-Whitby
Spilla vittoriana in alluminio annerito e jet-Whitby (giaietto), un mineraloide di origine vegetale

Adds Louise Baltruschat Hollis, head of the known site for weddings Whimsical Wonderland Weddings: “For some couples, marriage is undoubtedly the most important day of their lives. For this, it’s no wonder that everything is being done to make this day memorable. Today’s brides are opting for something custom, chic festival ceremonies in the woods, and this desire to have something unique also depends on the choice of ring. ”
So here’s a brief guide to the rings in the style of the past.
Victorian. It is a ring for those who love the colors. Very often, in fact, the Victorian ring mount colored gemstones rings including garnets, emeralds and sapphires, why the rings of this time period are the ideal choice when looking for an alternative to the classic solitaire diamond. “Typically, when you opt for colored gemstones, there is a tendency to choose rings with sapphire due to its wear resistance, and it was been Kate Middleton to launch this trend” continues the gemologist. “For those looking for something unusual but colorful and durable, however, I would suggest finding a ruby. Rubies have an incredible strength, second only to diamonds and half the price, so it is no surprise that there has been a sharp increase in demand.”

Anello vittoriano in oro e diamanti
Anello vittoriano in oro e diamanti

Art Nouveau. They are the antithesis to the simplicity of a traditional solitaire. The Art Nouveau-style rings are characterized by their shape. A native of the early twentieth century, the Art Nouveau style is known for intricate designs and rich in details and curves, making a bold choice for brides. Are rich in history and romance have details. Often they possess many grafted colored stones in a delicate style but complex.

Il classico Trinity di Cartier, in oro e diamanti. È nato nel 1924 ed è ancora prodotto
Il classico Trinity di Cartier, in oro e diamanti. È nato nel 1924 ed è ancora prodotto

Art Deco. This style has gained popularity in the twenties and thirties, with designs are characterized by a sharp angles and geometric style that represent a break with the previous period style. They are back in fashion thanks to movies as The Great Gatsby.

Anello Art Deco in platino, diamanti e onice
Anello Art Deco in platino, diamanti e onice

Antique Tiffany & Co. For some women who only want excellence, the only choice is a vintage Tiffany & Co. The American house produces engagement rings since 1837, and although they tend to have a classical style by buying a vintage piece can ensure a unique touch to feel out of the ordinary and wear a piece of history.

Il classico anello in oro bianco e tre diamanti di Tiffany & co.
Il classico anello in oro bianco e tre diamanti di Tiffany & co.
Spilla a forma di farfalla con diamanti e perle, di epoca vittoriana
Spilla a forma di farfalla con diamanti e perle, di epoca vittoriana
Tiara e collana vittoriana venduta da Christie's
Tiara e collana vittoriana venduta da Christie’s
Spilla di René Lalique, con smalto e crisoprasio
Spilla di René Lalique, con smalto e crisoprasio
Anello Art Nouveau con lucertola e uccello, in oro e opale
Anello Art Nouveau con lucertola e uccello, in oro e opale
Bracciale Art Déco con diamanti e rubini di Van Cleef & Arpels, 1940
Bracciale Art Déco con diamanti e rubini di Van Cleef & Arpels, 1940
Anello art déco con diamanti
Anello art déco con diamanti
Particolare di un bracciale Art Deco di Cartier, con perle con zaffiri e diamanti
Particolare di un bracciale Art Deco di Cartier, con perle con zaffiri e diamanti

If the ring is rainbow

Jewelers offering marriage rings for people of the same sex are on the rise. And men prefer rings made in … ♦

Do you remember Tiffany’s same sex ring campaign ? It’s been all over the newspapers, often with appreciative headlines and even with a hint of cynicism: a step forward for marriage rights or a step forward for sales? In fact, the advertisment has not only expanded this market segment, but actually has identified a new trend: the engagement ring from man to man or woman to woman. Of course, this is a niche, but is growing: for example, legalising gay marriage, in England, Scotland and Wales in 2014, has increased the demand for wedding bands.

Matrimonio gay
Rainbow wedding

And, in fact, if once sales are focused on informal rings as a symbol of a private commitment, now there is a shift to something more institutional, a choice more considered and custom made. Men are looking for something less flashy, but not necessarily less precious: diamonds, pink gold palladium and titanium are at the top of the charts. Customization is the key to win the English customers, who are also interested in the finish, which is polished, matt or brushed finish is not important, but they want to contribute to the design ring. Which brings greater creativity, although jewelers facing so much talent always give the same advice: because it’s supposed to last several years the band should follow personal taste rather than the latest trend.

La firma del registro
The signature on the marriage register

In a female marriage, for now, a trend closer to faith seems to prevail, to the classic wedding ring, a gold circle that symbolizes the union between two people. Even with small variations, for example, with a small diamond set inside the metal band. But, essentially, women seem to prefer more sobriety. It is also an aesthetic question: men have on average larger hands and, therefore, even the rings are larger and are more visible.

Cerimonia di matrimonio gay al femminile
Female wedding ceremony

Although same-sex marriages are now permitted in a large number of countries, it does not seem that a common formula has been codified regarding the jewels to wear, starting with rings. At the moment, in short, a simple transposition of the characteristics for wedding rings used by heterosexual couples prevails. It’s the tradition. But it is said that in the near future the rings may take on a different appearance: it is a universe that is still unexplored.

Matrimonio gay
Scenes from a wedding

Les Bonbons for leBebé

New collection by leBebé, the jewelery brand that has always been characterized by the unmistakable silhouettes of boys and girls applied to rings, earrings or pendants. On the occasion of the summer, leBebé jewels broaden the proposal with the introduction of color. The collection is called Les Bonbons, i.e. candies in French, which adds a playful reference that fits well with jewels intended above all for new mothers. The 9-karat white and yellow gold are combined with baguette-cut blue topaz, aquamarine, purple navette-cut amethyst and pink tourmalines.

Collana con sagoma bimbo in oro bianco 9kt con diamante, topazi azzurri taglio baguette e acquamarine
Necklace with baby silhouette in 9kt white gold with diamond, baguette-cut blue topaz and aquamarine

Not only that: the leBebè boy and girl silhouettes are embellished in the center with a small diamond. another novelty concerns the use of the two-finger ring for the first time. The jewels of the Les Bonbons collection are intended for young and dynamic mothers, as can be understood from the new shot of the Play! in which mother and daughter have fun on board the skate.

Anello con sagoma bimba in oro giallo 9kt con diamante, ametista viola taglio navette e tormalina rosa
Ring with girl silhouette in 9kt yellow gold with diamond, navette-cut purple amethyst and pink tourmaline
Anello due dita con sagoma bimba in oro giallo 9kt con diamante, ametista viola taglio navette e tormalina rosa
Two fingers ring with girl shape in 9kt yellow gold with diamond, navette cut violet amethyst and pink tourmaline
Anello due dita con sagoma bimbo in oro bianco 9kt con diamante, topazio azzurro taglio baguette e acquamarina
Two-finger ring with baby silhouette in 9kt white gold with diamond, baguette-cut blue topaz and aquamarine
Anello con sagoma bimbo in oro bianco 9kt con diamante, topazio azzurro taglio baguette e acquamarina
9kt white gold baby silhouette ring with diamond, baguette cut blue topaz and aquamarine

The Gringoire jewels

The jewels of the French Maison Gringoire, a Parisian with a century and a half of history ♦ ︎
“I wrote silences, nights, I noticed the inexpressible, I stared dizzy.” While Arthur Rimbaud, one of the great French poets of the late nineteenth century, wrote these words, in Paris at number 79 of rue de Turbigo, in Paris, a new brand of jewelry was born. It was founded in 1880 by Achille Hourdequin. After the founder’s sudden death in 1942, Gérard Gringoire, the son-in-law, took over the company, along with his wife, Edith Hourdequin. The company has been successful.

Anello in oro bianco e topazio blu
Ring in white gold and blue topaz

Today around 500 jewelers in France distribute the H. Gringoire brand. Not only that: the Maison’s jewels are also distributed in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and the United States. After almost a century and a half, in short, Gringoire Joaillier is still a Maison that focuses on high quality jewelry, often with large colored stones, such as amethysts, topazes and citrines, surrounded by diamonds.

Anello con ametista rosa e diamanti, oro 18 carati
Ring with pink amethyst and diamonds, 18K gold
Anello con zaffiri rosa e diamanti, oro 18 carati
Ring with pink sapphires and diamonds, 18K gold
Anello con rubino e diamanti, oro 18 carati
Ruby and diamond ring, 18K gold
Anello con topazio blu e diamanti, collezione Intemporelle
Ring with blue topaz and diamonds, Intemporelle collection
pendente con topazio blu e diamanti, collezione Intemporelle
Pendant with blue topaz and diamonds, Intemporelle collection

The refined design of Paola Brussino

There are those who limit themselves to re-proposing small variations of the same subject. And who, like Paola Brussino, sets out on unexplored roads. Choice of materials and extraordinarily effective design constitute the map of the Turin architect and designer, who in her long career has collaborated with international jewelery brands and the most prestigious niche maisons. Her bio states that her work has been exhibited in various European countries, Qatar, Japan, Russia and the United States. After having lived for a long time in Geneva, she returned to Italy in 2012 and began a path of pure research.

Orecchino in zirconio con tsavorite e diamanti. Copyright:
Zircon earring with tsavorite and diamonds. Copyright:

One of the aspects that characterize Paola Brussino’s jewels is the choice to work with elements such as carbon, titanium, zirconium and corian in high jewellery. Zirconium, for example, is a metal with an appearance reminiscent of titanium. It is mostly made from zircon and is very resistant to corrosion. It is used in nuclear plants and, now, also in the designer’s rings and earrings.

Orecchini con zaffiri rosa La Rose de Edith
La Rose de Edith pink sapphire earrings

Furthermore, the roots that sink into design and architecture have directed Paola Brussino’s jewelery towards jewels that express rigor and fantasy at the same time, lightness and luxury, but with defined and pleasant, natural and elegant geometries.

Anello con zpinello blu cobalto e diamanti. Copyright:
Cobalt blue spinel and diamond ring. Copyright:
Anello con due diamanti. Copyright:
Ring with two diamonds. Copyright:
Paola Brussino. Copyright:
Paola Brussino. Copyright:
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