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Six things to know about diamonds blacks

Do you like blacks diamonds? You know that not all blacks diamonds are alike? Here are six things to know about diamonds blacks.
If you think about a diamond, it is likely to have in mind a white, dazzling, gleaming transparent stone, perhaps mounted on a ring. But the jewelry companies have discovered, or rather rediscovered, the colored diamonds. And if those blue, pink or yellow are the kings of the auctions, with dizzying prices, to their collections the jewelers often use diamonds also another color: black. And in many cases these diamonds do not have crazy prices, indeed. So the question arises: are really cheap the blacks diamonds? Where they come from? They are the same as transparent? Here are six things to know about diamonds blacks.
1 What is the origin of blacks diamonds?
Not all blacks diamonds have the same origin. There are diamonds that have become blacks without being one, and there are natural fancy diamonds blacks. Both are diamonds, but have different stories. Most of the diamonds blacks, ones that do not cost too much, are originally diamonds of a different color, considered not of value, which are heated to very high temperatures. In essence, they are cooked. In contrast, natural blacks diamonds are very rare. The black color is produced from graphite inclusion in the crystal structure during the formation of the diamond, millions of years ago, before that deposits of kimberlite (where the stones are found) had reached the earth’s surface. In a few words, the only difference between the white diamonds or, more correctly, colorless, and those blacks is that the latter have the inclusion of graphite and clear ones dont have. The crystalline structure is instead the same. Natural state these stones are found in very few places, especially in Brazil and Central Africa.
2 What is the right price of blacks diamonds?
Obviously natural blacks diamonds cost more than those heated. The ratio is at least ten times or more. If, for example, a black diamond heated costs 100 Euros or dollars, it will cost about 1,000 if it is natural, with the same carats. On eBay there are blacks diamonds (treated) from 1 carat to just over $ 100-200. A natural 1 carat black diamond oscillates about $ 2,500-3,000.
3 How do I recognize a black diamond?
The treated blacks diamonds are opaque and have the color of a single intensity. Natural ones have a clearer structure and come in different quality. The blacks diamonds are often difficult to polish and cut. Another weakness is the surface, which may be porous.
4 How do I know what kind of diamonds I’m buying ?
The diamonds artificially treated will not have an official certificate, such as the one issuing the GIA, the Gemological Institute of American, because the opacity does not allow for a full examination. The Natural Fancy Black Diamond instead will enjoy official recognition, you can ask your jeweler: given the price difference worth it.
5 Why they are cool?
For some years the blacks diamonds are considered as special stones, a little unconventionals. In an episode of Sex and the City, Mr. Big gave Carrie Bradshaw a ring with a crown of diamonds blacks, because “because you are not anyone else.” Also blacks diamonds were worn by Katherine Heigl, Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett, Evan Rachel Wood, Jennifer Lawrence, Lauren Conrad and Sarah Jessica Parker.
6 I have a black diamond. Can I wash it, or it will fades?
You can clean a black diamond just like other diamonds. Also read How to clean diamonds.

Diamante nero naturale taglio cuscino
Diamante nero naturale taglio cuscino
Anello della collezione Contrasti con pavé di diamanti neri
Giovanni Ferraris, anello della collezione Contrasti con pavé di diamanti neri
Anello in oro bianco e diamanti neri
Mattioli, anello in oro bianco e diamanti neri
Anello in oro bianco e diamanti neri
Garavelli, anello in oro bianco e diamanti neri
Anello Fuseau in oro bianco e diamanti bianchi e neri
Vhernier, anello Fuseau in oro bianco e diamanti bianchi e neri


  1. Paolo Demartini

    Buongiorno. Ho comprato su un’asta online due diamanti neri (Fancy Grayish Black da 0,75 carati e Fancy Black da 3,07 carati), con certificato e blisterati, con l’intenzione di rivenderli. Ho chiesto a molti commercianti della mia zona ma nessuno sembra interessato.
    Potete, per favore, darmi qualche consiglio?

    • Caro Paolo, purtroppo è difficile giudicare. I diamanti sono una forma di investimento atipica,tanto che perfino la Banca d’Italia è intervenuta a mettere in guardia banche e investitori (vedi: https://is.gd/ubfjew). Mentre le azioni e i titoli di Stato hanno un mercato ufficiale e controllato, i diamanti sono difficilmente commerciabili. Non resta che allargare il raggio d’azione e provare con chi produce gioielli che utilizzano questo tipo di diamanti oppure a una casa d’aste, come Bolaffi o Faraone. Non sarà facile, però: in bocca al lupo!

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