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How to avoid allergies to nickel

Have you ever found signs on the leather where you wore rings, necklaces or earrings? They may have been caused by nickel allergy. Here’s what you need to do to avoid a nickel allergy ♦

Receive as a gift a beautiful ring and not being able to wear: is the fault of allergy. It often happens that a jewel, perhaps the favorite, proves to be an enemy of the skin. The most common cause is the nickel dermatitis, also known as contact dermatitis or allergy to nickel. The problem can arise at any time and at any age. Even jewelry that hitherto have never caused irritation, they can suddenly turn out to be harmful. Every single human body reacts differently depending on nickel tolerance and sensitivity level. Among other things, there are rare cases where the allergy manifests itself even when wearing jewelry made ​​of gold or silver, but the main cause is once again the content of nickel present in the jewelry. Pure gold and silver metals are too soft to be made into the frames. So the nickel is added, such as zinc and copper, gold and silver to make more durable and allow to give the desired shape. In addition, the nickel gives an effect of brilliance. Zinc and copper do not damage the skin, which is, however, always sensitive to nickel.

L'attrice e modella Kendall Jenner su Instagram con un enrome anello al naso
L’attrice e modella Kendall Jenner su Instagram con un enrome anello al naso

The hazardous metals. Keep in mind that the 14K or 18K gold contains a higher amount of  other metals than gold 24 carats. In short, more gold is pure, less allergies causes. Nickel is also used in jewelry for platinum and white gold. But the jewelry in platinum and white gold are quite expensive and, statistically, are detected fewer cases of allergies, since they are more rare. Furthermore, platinum and white gold are often reinforced with palladium, a metal that does not cause allergies. It is however more expensive.

Often the allergy is caused by the contact of the metal with the layer more sensitive skin, as for the hole in the nose or ear. The nickel penetrates through the skin to the body’s blood stream. At this point the cells react to nickel. Another cause that can arise ‘s allergy is sweat. When it’s hot and the jewelry is worn for a long time, the skin sweats. The perspiration comes in contact with the metal of the jewelry, melts the nickel, and nickel get salts form. The salt reacts in contact with the skin and causes the allergy. It is widely accepted that women suffer more than men, but the number of men wearing jewelry is much lower.

The symptoms. The allergy to nickel may cause a loss of blood, or a bulge and produce pus. In most cases, however, it feels a constant itching or burning around the area where the skin has been in direct contact with the jewel. More often those who are allergic to them is a blue color after removing a ring finger, or rashes or red spots on the skin. Those who suffer from nickel allergy ends up wearing only jewelry in stainless steel. In fact, this metal contains nickel, but it also leaves as it is kept tightly, rarely comes into direct contact with the skin.

Another enemy are traces of water and soap under the jewelry. Detergents break down the protective shield of the skin and allow the nickel to come into direct contact with the deeper layers. Earrings and rings are more likely to retain water droplets after a bath. Remove jewelry before washing is a useful precaution, especially when you do housework and hands are washed countless times. Detergent or other cleaning products that end up in a loop can cause allergy. Unfortunately, there are no cures: dermatologists offer some medical treatments, but they are usually effective only for the short term. After some time, regardless of treatment the allergy reappears.

How to avoid the allergy. If you really do not want to, or you forget to remove your rings, pass within a layer of transparent nail polish: it can be used to prevent direct contact of the metal. Another precaution to avoid allergies can apply talcum powder before wearing the jewelry in this way you avoid moisture. In addition, those who fear an allergic reaction must be careful not to wear earrings narrow rings or chains if the air passes through the jewel is less likely that the contact with the skin causes a reaction. Rotate jewels more often reduces the risk. Finally, remember to keep your jewelry clean and dry. Who is very sensitive to nickel can choose jewelry lacquered or plated with palladium.

Do you want to know what nickel is?
It seems the original name of this metal, Nickel, derives from the Swedish word Nickel, diminutive of a proper name, Nicolaus. And in the tradition of the Nordic country, Nicolaus was a name given to people of little value, but also to the elves. But metal has nothing to do with the magical world of Henry Potter. Nickel, or nickel, is a metal that was already used in the Bronze Age, over 3,500 years ago, in the Middle East and in China.
In the West, nickel became commonplace in the mid-eighteenth century, when baron Axel Frederik Cronstedt, trying to extract copper from a mineral, niccolite, obtained a white metal called nickel, a name derived from the German Kupfernickel, that is false copper, or nickel (elf, devil, in German).
Why do you use it?
Nickel is a white, silvery metal. It belongs to the iron group and is therefore hard, but also malleable, easy to work with. Also in jewelery it is appreciated for the properties it confers when it is alloyed with gold, platinum or silver, mainly because it gives strength and is resistant to corrosion.

Saranno gioielli a prova di dermatite?
Saranno gioielli a prova di dermatite?
E se questo anello contiene nichel?
E se questo anello contiene nichel?
Dermatite da anello
Dermatite da anello


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