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Bracciale in oro, diamanti e perla akoya

The nature of Parulina

x From Burma to New York, the founder of Parulina that declares devout to the ancient Kuki culture. In the dictionary you will find the following definition of kuki: “Northwest […]

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Ciondolo Spaceman in oro giallo massiccio 18 carati

Ilaria Icardi’s golden roots

x From Valenza to Milan, to London and beyond. Ilaria Icardi began her career designing women’s clothing in Milan. But it wasn’t her origin from a professional point of view. […]

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Bracciali in oro con rubini e turchesi

The exotic charm of Van Gelder Indian Jewelery

x India seen from Holland. Or, better, by three Dutch women: Bernadette van Gelder with her daughters Fleur and Noelle. In 1980 Bernadette founded Van Gelder Indian Jewelery, a company […]

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Orecchini in oro giallo, opale e diamanti

The jewelry for the today tsars

x The new creations by Mousson, great Russian Maison of high jewelery. With opalescence and gold that looks like fabric ♦ St. Petersburg, a city founded by Peter the Great, […]

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Olivia Colman

The Golden Globe jewels

x Among the victims of the covid pandemic there are also the red carpets on which actresses and models parade at festivals and galas. But at the Golden Globe Awards […]

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Sposa con tiara

What jewelry to wear at the wedding

x What jewelry to wear on your wedding day? If you are thinking about what to choose besides the wedding ring, read this article. The first rule is … ♦ […]

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Anello in oro bianco con diamanti lab grown

With Courbet the artificial diamonds in Place Vendôme

x Perhaps some jewelers experienced it as a provocation, who knows. But for a couple of years in Place Vendôme in Paris, the capital of high jewelery, there has been […]

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Anello Achillea, in oro giallo e diamanti

The sculptures by Aida Bergsen

x Sculptures, lace and animals in the unique jewelry by Aida Bergsen ♦︎ Her name is Aida Bergsen. The name could conjure Norwegian fjords, but in fact the sea girders […]

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Collana in ebano, oro e diamanti

Ebony luxury for Qayten

x Jewelry made with wood, but of luxury. Indeed, of design. The small and refined Bolognese maison Qayten has created the TT collection with a choice that is not usual […]

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Anello in oro bianco 18 carati, con topazio azzurro e peridoto

Stanoppi’s Stones

x In Italy there are not only Vicenza, Valenza, Arezzo, Naples: jewelers with a story behind it are a bit ‘everywhere, as Stanoppi, which is located in Ferno, a town […]

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Anello in oro rosa, ceramica, diamante bianco

The royal flowers of Meissen

Meissen is not only one of the most famous brands in the world for ceramics. For some time the German house has been offering a good production of jewelry. Of […]

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Spilla in oro bianco e giallo, con diamanti bianchi, corallo, occhio di falco (quarzo) e rubino

The jewels of the mythical Ofir

Valenza-Paris and back. The story of Alberto Vaccari and his company, Ofir, began in the 1950s on the road that leads to the French capital and the jewelery district in […]

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Anello a fascia in oro bianco 18 carati, pavé di diamanti e zaffiro ovale

The jewels by Marco Mancin

It is not easy to find the most authentic jewelry, the one that follows the traditions and rites of the past. Marco Mancini is a jeweler who follows this road […]

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Phoebe Dynevor interpreta Daphne Bridgerton

Netflix relaunches Regency jewels

History returns, fashions change and then repeat themselves and, sometimes, it also happens to jewels. The latest return of jewelry styles concerns the Regency period (1811-1820). This is the name […]

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Bracciale in ottone martellato a mano e dorato 24 carati

New Hervé Van der Straeten’s design

The new golden brass jewelry of one of the most quoted and versatile designers in Paris: Hervé Van der Straeten ♦ Artist and designer Hervé Van der Straeten, in jewelery […]

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Orecchini a forma di pizza in oro e diamanti

Graziela between cats and jewels

Jewelry and cats (but also dogs and much more) are the two precious loves of Brazilian designer Graziela Kaufman. You may love the jewelry and animals alike? Maybe. Graziela Kaufman, […]

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Diamante battuto all'asta a New York

How to invest in jewelry

Invest in jewelry? Allocate your savings to rings, necklaces and bracelets? It is a question that repeats itself. The reason is: the stock markets go up, go up, go up. […]

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Anello in oro con opale

Careful to Max Danger

The dangerous ideas of Max Danger: bees and robots become jewels inspired by comics. And they have appeal ♦ What’s more dangerous than ideas? So, perhaps it is not surprising […]

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Anello bufalo di Lauren Khoo in oro rosa 18 carati

The jewels of the year of the buffalo

For those who believe in it, astrology is a point of reference. For those who don’t believe it, it’s a game. And for jewelers it is a source of inspiration. […]

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Anello con motivo pelle di pitone in oro e bordi in rodio nero, topazi

The freedoms of Diane Kordas

The traditions and geometries of the jewels designed by Diane Kordas, of Greek origin and Anglo-Saxon culture ♦ Diane Kordas explains that she wants to create jewelry with simple designs, […]

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