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Anello in oro rosa e diamanti

Where flies Anapsara

The Anapsara gold and diamond jewelry with mystical background. You imagine if you enter into a jewelry store and listen to these words: “The larval stage of dragonflies lasts up […]

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Paris Hilton sfida le convenzioni indossando un orologio di de Grisogono in oro bianco e diamanti assieme all'abito da sera

Jewels, six rules to break

How many jewels to wear? Is the watch okay with an evening dress? And the rose gold … Six rules to break, but you be attention ♦ ︎ Do not […]

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Tiara della collezione Ballarino Cavour

Power & Jewels, an exhibition discovers the intertwining

The symbols of power: tiaras and crowns in an exhibition at the Museo del Gioiello in Vicenza ♦ ︎ Not only do jewels serve to emphasize the wearer’s body, they […]

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Spilla a cuore in oro e rubini

Paul Flato, the memory of Hollywood

Jewellery by Paul Flato, brilliant and discussed jeweler of Hollywood stars. Time ago his brooch was one of the best pieces of jewelry in auction among that belonged American actress […]

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Giovane millenial sbarazzina

The jewels of the Millenials

A survey on Millenials reveals the jewels preferred by young people. The most worn type is … ♦ ︎ There are jewelry company giants that are in alarm: the Millenials, […]

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Choker della collezione Seduçao

Thais Bernardes, the Brazil studied Italy

Thais Bernardes, the jewels of Brazil that have a little bit of Italy ♦ ︎ There are many Brazilian citizens of Italian origin. But there are also designers who simply […]

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Orecchini a goccia in titanio e diamanti

The colors of titanium

A titanium collection with many shades comes from India: it’s by DiaColor ♦ Those who still think of India as the country where you move on the back of an […]

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Modello con collana alla sfilata Gucci autunno-inverno 2018

It’s a boom for men’s jewelry

Increases the business of men’s jewelry. And many jewelers do not lose the opportunity ♦ ︎ There are men who do not want to hear about it. There are women […]

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Orecchini Ciuffo: tessuti di antichi kimono giapponesi, argento galvanizzato oro e pietre naturali

Lebole Jewels with legend (Japanese)

A Japanese legend inspires the Tanabata collection by Lebole Gioielli ♦ ︎ That Japan is the beacon that illuminates the creativity of Barbara Lebole is known. The kimono fabrics used […]

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Bracciale in argento con ametista e iniziali RL

Ralph Lauren’s jewels

Ralph Lauren turns 50 years of business and studies to focus more on jewelry ♦ ︎ The 50th anniversary of Ralph Lauren was celebrated in Central Park with a big […]

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Violante Placido, collana di Pasquale Bruni

The jewels at the Venice Film Festival

Jewels and bejeweled on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival. Here are the choices of the stars ♦ ︎ Let’s face it: not everyone at the Venice Film […]

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Il pendente Karma

Burato’s Karma

The new jewels and the particular pendants by Burato, the historical mark of the Veneto ♦ ︎ Burato Gioielli is a historic brand in Veneto. In Vicenzaoro September, in the […]

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Kim Poor, bracciale con acquamarina

The diaphanous jewelry Kim Poor

Kim Poor, a Brazilian woman who works in Rio and London, is an artist who does not neglect any field, including jewelery ♦ From Brazil to New York, London and […]

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Anello Samba, oro rosa e bianco, zaffiri

Tango with A.Odenwald

The mobile jewelery made in Germany by A.Odenwald: gold, sapphires, diamonds, many colors ♦ The jewelry in German version by A.Odenwald (the A stands for Andreas) differs from that of […]

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Vhernier, spilla Lucertola in oro bianco, diamanti, turchese, cristallo di rocca

Jewels, bestial passion

Do you like animals? Do you have a dog or a cat? It’s one more reason to keep an eye on animalier jewelry, inspired by the world of animals ♦ […]

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Collezione Staple, orecchino in oro annerito e diamanti

Repossi unisex

The basic collection Staple designed by Gaia Repossi and intended for both women and men ♦ ︎ Unisex. It’s very simple or, better, Staple. This is the name of the […]

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Orecchini di tormalina blu-verde

Ingo Henn, luxury and surprises

Stones, volumes, romanticism and rationality: the jewelry of Ingo Henn with his Henn of London ♦ Ingo Henn belongs to the category of those who wanted to design jewelry since […]

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Orecchini Pavo con diamanti taglio Asscher

The secret of Asscher house

The diamond jewels of the Asscher dynasty, which gaves its name to one of the most famous types of cut of the most precious stones ♦ Many know Asscher because […]

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Sicis, ciondolo in oro e  micromosaico

These jewels work wonders

Jewels that are amulets: for those who believe in luck, in bad luck, in the magic power of a pendant … ♦ Beneficial, propitiatory and therapeutic: amulets and talismans were […]

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Davanti a uno store Tiffany

51% of women buy jewelry for herself

Over half of the women buy the jewels for herself. And loves white metal ♦ ︎ Are women in New York different from those in Boston, London, Paris or Milan? […]

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