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Orecchini della collezione Silk Road

The ancient but new jewels by Chris Davies

The unique pieces by Chris Davies, a New York designer who uses ancient techniques for his jewelery ♦ ︎ In New York there is a jewel artist who loves to […]

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Gioielli Swarovski visti da Milena Mazza

Click: the jewels seen by Milena Mazza

The jewels seen by a top photographer: Milena Mazza ♦ It is not enough to produce jewels, we must also know how to show them. Let’s face it: 99 percent […]

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Anello con diamanti e smeraldi

Doyle & Doyle, vintage jewels in New York

Doyle & Doyle: jewelery in New York specializing in vintage and charming pieces ♦ If you are in New York and go in search of vintage jewelry, straight bets on Doyle […]

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Collana Celestial in argento sterling, bronzo oppure oro 14 carati

These gold rings are made in 3D

Gold or silver jewelery created with a 3D printer and with the design you prefer. By Spring and Wonder, a service of Shapeways ♦ 3D Jewelry made in gold 14 […]

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orecchini in oro bianco 18 carati con 2 diamanti fancy yellow (4.66 carati ciascuno) e due diamanti bianchi triangolo

Some nice triangles

Do you like the shape of the triangle? Do you think which number 3 is perfect? Do you want a different shape of jewelry? Here are the triangles, which give […]

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Anello in oro con ametista

By Anastazio a mythical collection

The ancient myth of Meander in the jewelery collection of the Greek designer Anastazio ♦ ︎ Greece, in addition to being a popular tourist destination, is the country where western […]

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Anello con ametista

The exclamation point of Spreng

From Germany, the super flashy jewelry of Georg Spreng ♦ Have you ever walked with a leopard on a leash? A bit flashy, right? (And the leopard would create some anxiety […]

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Maxìma d’Olanda con la tiara e gli orecchini della parure di zaffiri

The crown jewels of Holland

Even the royals of Holland can boast a good number of important jewels. Here are what are ♦ Maxìma di Olanda was included by Time magazine among the 100 most […]

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Bracciale in oro con Anello con pietre a grappolo

Ippolita returns to Ippolita

Ippolita buy Ippolita. In New York Ippolita Rostagno returns to the brand guide she founded in 1999. Here are the autumn-winter jewelry ♦ ︎ Ippolita is back to being Ippolita. […]

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African Queen, Anello serpente in oro rosa

5 rules for selling your gold jewelry

Is it a good idea to sell your jewelry? How do you sell a ring, a necklace or earrings? Here are the things to know before selling your precious jewels: […]

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Anello in oro bianco con ametista, pietra luna e diamanti

The flower of Barcelona Ramon

In Barcelona sparkles the centuries-old tradition of Ramon, who has also dedicated a collection to the Catalan city ♦ The family is now in the fifth generation: from the debut […]

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Collezione Cherry Blossim, bracciale in vermeil oro rosa, diamanti e perle

Elaborate Shaun

Light jewels, with a curious contrast between art nouveau and minimalism, in full London: here is the work of Shaun Leane ♦ London, a short walk from Bond Street: if […]

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Anello in oro giallo, argento, diamanti, rubini, pietra luna intagliata

Naturally Sylvie Corbelin

The wild nature in fine jewelery collections by Sylvie Corbelin ♦ About the alpine landscape near Bourg-en-Bresse, where she was born, Sylvie Corbelin recalls the exuberant nature. And the nostalgia of […]

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Orecchini con diamanti taglio Old Mine

How to discover the cut of the stones on your old jewels

Quick guide to the three cuts of the most used stones in the past and mounted on old jewels ♦ ︎ Do you have a jewel inherited from your grandmother […]

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Ciondolo (Marangga), XIX-inizi-XX-secolo. Indonesia, Sumba Island.Oro. Metropolitan-Museum of Art, New York. In memoria di Kathleen H. Newton e Rogers Fund, 1988

At the Met in New York the history of jewels

An exhibition at the Met in New York tells the history and art of jewelry ♦ ︎ Are you planning a trip to New York or, if you are lucky, […]

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Orecchini Petite Arc in oro giallo

A K/ller at the neck

While in the US there are episodes of violence in schools and offices, the jewels with the K / ller brand, created in New York, are booming ♦ The name […]

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Orecchini con diamanti, rubini, zaffiri, smeraldi, corallo rosa,  perle coltivate, pietre semi preziose intagliate a mano

Santagostino, the art of nature

Flowers and fruit in large, rich, colorful compositions: they are transformed into jewels with the collections of Santagostino ♦ You imagine a cup of strawberries, with colored butterflies, flowers and a […]

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Orecchini a clip iridescenti

Designer by chance: Annelise Michelson

Annelise Michelson, designer by chance: here are her jewels and the Broken chain summer collection ♦ Some are born with the “virus” of the jewelry and since of when they […]

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Letizia con la tiara chatones

The jewels of Letizia of Spain

The jewels, and especially the tiaras, of the Queen of Spain Letizia ♦ ︎ Like all the queens, letizia Ortiz Rocasolano, wife of Philip VI of Spain, loves jewelry. As […]

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Meghan Markle indossa gli orecchini Snowflake di Birks, oro bianco e diamanti

Meghan Markle, boomerang effect for Birks

The other side of the Meghan Markle effect on the Canadian Birks ♦ ︎ Meghan Markle is in the spotlight. The people love the casual way of moving, the smile, […]

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