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Orecchino singolo Hanabi in oro giallo e diamanti

From New York to Tokyo with Milamore

Milamore was founded in 2019 by the CEO and creative director George Root. The brand, Milamore, is a tribute to Root’s grandmother, Milagros, word which in Spanish means miracle. But […]

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Bracciale in oro rosa 18 carati

In Vienna the 3D jewels of Boltenstern

Is 3D printing really the future of jewelry? There are those who, like the historic Viennese Maison Boltenstern, think so. And it is not a new jewelry start-up: the company […]

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Anello in oro, diamanti di diverso taglio e smeraldo

The fairtrade jewelry by Hattie Rickards

The fantasies of Hattie Rickards, a British jewelery brand specializing in bespoke jewels ♦ ︎ The look on British design of the jewelry is inevitably posed on the ethical aspect […]

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Forse un po' troppi gioielli assieme

Ten mistakes with your jewelry

The ten mistakes to avoid with your jewelry. Do not wash too much jewelry, be careful with your engagement ring and … ♦ There are things to not do. For […]

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Anello Duo Trama in oro 18 carati e tormaline

The gems of Kika Alvarenga

News is scarce, but there is a lot to observe and, perhaps, wear in Kika Alvarenga’s work. She is one of the few designers who handcraft the prototype of the […]

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Anello in oro con opale e spinelli

Elhanati’s jewels

The combination of a style of jewelry between Israel and Denmark is quite rare. But this is what sums up Orit Elhanati, designer who inaugurated his business with her own […]

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Orecchini in argento brunito e topazi

Coomi’s eclectic shapes

From Mumbai to the States. There are many Indian jewelers who have chosen to work in America. Among them is Coomi Bhasin, who in 2022 celebrates her special birthday: she […]

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Anello in oro bianco e rodio nero, diamanti

Palwer, precision in Venice

Among the beautiful things in Venice there are also the jewels of the designer Alessandro Palwer. Here are some examples ♦ Gold, diamonds and rope in the bracelets and necklaces […]

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Orecchini Serprente in oro giallo 18 carati e diamanti

Borgioni, jewels to hard rock

America with Italian roots: the Borgioni brand between rock and star system for jewels with a resolute style ♦ A bit ‘rock, a little’ traditional, but very American: the brand […]

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Terry Castro

Farewell to Terry Castro’s shaman jewelry

The New York jeweler Terry Castro is suddenly pass away. American designer Terry Castro, 50, died of a heart attack in Istanbul, where he had bought a house a few years […]

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Orecchini cubici in oro 18 carati e diamanti

Baiyang on the fancy wire

The intricate draws of jewelry designed by Baiyang Qiu, a goldsmith of Chinese origin who works in the United States ♦ The roads of design run more and more globally: […]

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In aeroporto

10 rules for jewelry on trip

Can you go for holidays with jewels? Can you leave the jewels in the hotel? What dangers do you run with jewels on a trip? Here are ten useful tips […]

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How to clean gold and precious stones

How to clean gold and precious stones

How to clean gold, diamonds and other precious stones? Here is a quick guide with what you need to know about how to clean your jewelry ♦ Of course, a […]

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La regina Elisabetta indossa la tiara The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland

The jewels of Queen Elizabeth seen up close

Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee, which has reigned since February 6, 1952, is celebrated in many ways. One of the scheduled events concerns the exhibition of her majesty her jewels. The […]

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Orecchini in oro bianco con rubini e diamanti

Aenea, symphony in Salzburg

The Austrian Aenea Maison in Salzburg offers a mix of innovative design and luxury ♦︎ Aeneas was the Trojan prince who in the Iliad flees with his father Anchises and […]

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Collana con cuore ex voto in oro 9 carati

The embroideries of Laurent Gandini

In Milan, a designer who follows the popular tradition of ex votos and interprets it in a refined way: Laurent Gandini ♦ The popular tradition, like that of ex-votos (precious […]

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Boucheron, earcuff Nuri indossato. Titanio, oro giallo, acquamarina,  berillo,  tsavoriti, onice, lacca nera, zaffiri, diamanti, gialli e bianchi

Titanium jewelry: should you buy them?

Titanium jewelry: they are the last frontier of jewelry. Beautiful, but also difficult to make. Should you buy them? ♦ Long live titanium, which has become synonymous with creative audacity […]

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XX Ring, in oro rosa e diamanti

Eva Fehren, luxury and simplicity

The jewels in black and white (with a pink and yellow) by Eva Zuckerman, designer of Eva Fehren, who won a Couture Awards: essence of New York ♦ ︎ The […]

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Bracciale per aromaterapia indossato

The jewels that smell

The essential oils of aromatherapy combined with bracelets, necklaces and rings from the Californian company Anavia ♦ ︎ Aromatherapy is a practice of the category of alternative medicine that has […]

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Anello oro bianco 18 carati con diamanti rotondi taglio brillante colore G purezza VVS

The precious carats by Luca Carati

The collections by Luca Carati, Maison di Valenza, which continues the tradition of great craftsmanship jewelery ♦ In Valenza and around the jewelry is the queen: the area is teeming […]

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