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Collezione Moon Landing, collana in ottone e cristalli Svarowski

Sharra Pagano, life is a theater

Sharra Pagano, over half a century of one of the historical Italian jewelery brands and still capable of innovating ♦ Fashion & Jewelry. Or, more correctly, Fashion & Bijoux: the […]

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Orecchino in argento placcato oro con perla di acqua dolce

Maria Black for the Millenials

Simple, clean design, with some original touches here and there. Simple materials, affordable. And a simple, easy-to-remember name: Maria Black. The Copenhagen brand, together with those born under the sign […]

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Anello Petals in oro 18 carati e diamante taglio brillante, impeccabile certificato Gia

Geometrical Cadar

The geometries by Cadar: here is the Maison who won the Couture Design ♦ ︎ In 2016, Fashion Group International had named Cadar as the Rising Star of jewelery. And […]

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Bracciale in ottone placcato oro

Federica Tosi queen of Rome

The jewels of the Roman designer Federica Tosi: Nina Zilli, Illary Blasi and … like them ♦ ︎ “Jewelry is the natural completion of the clothing collection,” explains Federica Tosi. […]

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Orecchini cubici in oro 18 carati e diamanti

Baiyang on the fancy wire

The intricate draws of jewelry designed by Baiyang Qiu, a goldsmith of Chinese origin who works in the United States ♦ The roads of design run more and more globally: […]

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Collana con cuore ex voto in oro 9 carati

The embroideries of Laurent Gandini

In Milan, a designer who follows the popular tradition of ex votos and interprets it in a refined way: Laurent Gandini ♦ The popular tradition, like that of ex-votos (precious […]

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Anello a forma di toro in oro e gemme

The playful fantasy of Zorab

Rings inspired by animals, precious stones, jewels rich in colors: these are the high jewelery creations of Zorab, a Maison in Bangkok ♦ There are many Maison with high-sounding names […]

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Orecchino in oro e diamanti di Nikos Koulis

How to disinfect earrings

Is it necessary to disinfect the earrings? And, if so, what is the best way to disinfect earrings? Many women (but also many men) wonder if a quick refresh is […]

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Anello in oro bianco e rosa 18 carati, diamanti bianchi e neri, granati verdi, zaffiri rosa, gialli e blu

Flora and fauna by Mio Harutaka

Mother jewelry designer, daughter jewelry designer and owner of two brands: Bijude M (which she considers prêt-à-porter) and Mio Harutaka, which is also her name. Japanese, with an international soul […]

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Collane della collezione Cubica

Rosato with cube colors

Founded in 2004 by Simona Rosato, the eponymous brand has always focused on pendants to add to bracelets and necklaces. With the purchase by the Bros Manifatture group in 2011, […]

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Anello con acquamarina taglio antico di 3,75 carati su oro bianco e diamanti

Comets of aquamarine

Summer and the sea are a de facto couple. And the aquamarine goes perfectly with this season, even if it certainly doesn’t clash at other times of the year. In […]

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Collana Cyprea Bianca con zaffiri, quarzo citrino, ametrino, quarzi lemon, ametiste, perle,  australiane e giapponesi, oro bianco e diamanti

The little works of Gabriella Rivalta

Handcrafted bijoux, hand-painted pendants, fairy tale book fantasies: Gabriella Rivalta’s new jewels ♦ In Cascina Centofinestre, an old renovated rural building in the heart of Piedmont, in Monferrato, Gabriella Rivalta […]

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Orecchini in oro rosa e lapislazzuli o madreperla

From Vhernier earrings for Aladdin

Aladdin is a character who is part of the folk tales in the East. The best known is the one contained in the Thousand and One Nights, although not everyone […]

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Gioielli per il piercing di PdPaola

PdPaola extends the fine jewelry collection

One year after its debut in the fine jewelry category, the Spanish brand PdPaola is expanding its collection, which uses 95% of the jewels in the collection of recycled gold. […]

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Orecchini con perle e rubini

Little H’s sandwich pearls

Pearls that hide rubies or emeralds: the jewels of Little H are really different from the others ♦ ︎ The cult of pearls originated in Japan, but not all Japanese […]

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The jewels of Bali 1987

The jewels of Bali 1987

Bali1987: the brand name can evoke a past of travel, exotic beaches, oriental charm. But, in reality, Bali1987 has nothing to do with all this: the small jewelry Maison is […]

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Anello Phiro con ottone placcato oro 24 carati, perle di vetro, resina

The rounded world of Susana Vega

She was born in Venezuela but lives and works in Houston, Texas. If Susana Vega started creating jewelry, however, it is because she observed the work of her father, an […]

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Bracciale Ginko in ottone placcato oro e cristalli verdi

Lalique, the name still counts

Lalique collections are again ready for fans of one of the great names of the jewelery history  ♥ Death and resurrection. Or, if you like it more: a good revival. The […]

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Anello in opale andean intagliato, oro rosa e diamanti

The multiculture of Nana Fink

The new jewelry collection by Nana Fink, from Switzerland to Los Angeles, via London and Beirut ♦ ︎ From old Europe a stone’s throw from Hollywood, Los Angeles. But the […]

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Bracciale Bow in ottone e smalto

A bow for Emporio Armani

Giorgio Armani, an icon of the fashion world, reached the age of 88 without seeing his fame and creative ability tarnished, today entrusted to a solid group of designers. One […]

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