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Pendente della collezione Caramelle con ametista e zaffiri

Vanessa Martinelli’s candies

The Caramelle (candies) collection by Swiss designer Vanessa Martinelli. But beware: are not for eat ♦ ︎ The gluttony is a sin? Are you on a diet and can’t eat […]

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Collezione Amor Coração Africano, orecchini con rubini del Mozambico

The new jewelry by Vania Leles

The new jewels by Vania Leles, with the most precious African gems ♦ The legacy of Africa seen through the eyes of a former model of the great jewelery brands […]

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Bracciale Swarovski autunno inverno 2019-2020

The spells of Swarovski for the winter 2019

Bracelets, ring, earrings and Swarovski necklaces with spells and lucky charms: here are some of the novelties for autumn winter 2019 ♦ ︎ Brrr, how hot. Yes, because in summer […]

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Orecchini con perle e diamanti di Moksh

Moksh’s pearl fabrics

Jewels with surfaces made with hundreds of small keshi pearls: it’s the technique of the Indian Maison Moksh ♦ ︎ Jewels that are a patient, incredible, virtuous composition made with […]

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Orecchini Diamonds Rain, a frange in oro bianco 18 carati e diamanti indossati

Jewelery with fringes and tassels.

They became fashionable thanks to the women who fought (having fun) for their freedom in the 1920s ♦ First the feathers appeared, then the fringes and tassels. The decorations that […]

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Bracciale in argento brunito, oro e diamante

Volcanic Emanuela

The unique volcanic jewels of Roman design based in New York Emanuela Duca, including burnished silver, gold and diamonds ♦ European culture and artistic formation contaminated by an essential style, […]

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How to wear the stud earrings

How to wear the stud earrings

Stud earrings: they are back in fashion. Here is how and when to wear the ear studs ♦ ︎ Stud earrings, mon amour. Years pass and the little jewels to […]

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Orecchini Totem Nomoli in oro 18 carati, diamanti taglio rose da 1,61 ct e cabochon in rubellite

Satta Matturi, precious Africa

Satta Matturi, between Great Britain and Africa the jewels that unite two cultures ♦ ︎ She is British and from Sierra Leone, where she was born. And she is one […]

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Orecchini di giada e opale

Corrado Giuspino, the island of jewels

The unique pieces of Corrado Giuspino created in a gem of nature, Smeralda Coast ♦ It is said that the Costa Smeralda, in Sardinia, is a jewel of nature. No coincidence […]

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Anello della collezione Tricot

The lightness of Oro Soffiato

The Oro Soffiato jewels, soft shapes and a special production technique ♦ Those who believe that jewels are made one by one by old artisans armed with worn tools are […]

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collana CALLA in oro bianco, diamanti, zaffiri grigi e kogolong

Vhernier extends Calla

A new necklace in kogolong and sapphires is added to the Calla collection by Vhernier ♦ Do you know which flower never fade? The calla. Or, better, the Calla with […]

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White and yellow gold earrings. White gold fancy yellow diamond (19.92 ct) and diamond (4.48 ct) earrings set in white and yellow gold

Other delicious Picchiotti Classics

New pieces of fine jewelry signed Picchiotti. At the center there are always stones out of the ordinary ♦ ︎ Among the Italian Maison that are located in the Olympus […]

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Anello in oro 18 carati, zaffiri, tsavoriti

Neha Dani, rhodium, titanium and fireworks

The precious jewels with flowers and leaves of the Indian designer Neha Dani. Also with Titanium Collection ♦ From her office in New Delhi to the boutiques of Europe and […]

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Orecchini Asmodea

The alchemy by Antonello Malfa

Small sculptures made with unusual technique: those of Opposite Jewels by Antonello Malfa ♦ The name, Orite, might suggest a stone. Instead, it is the soul of Opposite Jewels, the […]

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Sicis, orecchini della collezione Daisy

The Sicis daisy

Bracelets, jewel watches, ring and earrings by Sicis inspired by the most cheerful flower: the daisy ♦ ︎ Browse the daisy to see if she or he loves you. A habit […]

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Anello cervo in argento

Elena Braccini’s rings with animals

Elena Braccini, Florentine bijoux designer, proposes a series of rings and earrings with the shape of animals ♦ In Italy Elena Braccini is known above all for being the former […]

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NIessing Cube

From the Bauhaus to the Niessing Cube

The Niessing Cube, the new jewel of the German Maison inspired by the design of the Bauhaus ♦ ︎ The Staatliches Bauhaus was a German art school operating from 1919 […]

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Anelli di Jennifer Mayer

Jennifer Mayer, turquoises for tan skin

The turquoises from California by Jennifer Mayer, perfect for tanned skin ♦ The turquoise sea of ​​California inspires Jennifer Mayer’s turquoise jewels. They are easy jewels, perfect for the tan […]

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Orecchini in argento Mystic

Infinite Lotus

Silver earrings, necklace and bracelet for the Mystic mini collection by Lotus ♦ ︎ To infinity and beyond. In the end, it’s not only the dream of Buzz Lightyear, but […]

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Chiaroscuro Gold Ribbons. Orecchini a forma di un nastro d'oro che si avvolge intorno all'orecchio, interamente rivestito di diamanti bianchi, con diamanti neri sul retro. Sull'orecchio opposto i diamanti neri prendono il sopravvento. Con diamanti pendenti taglio pera. Questi orecchini presentano una parte staccabile. La clip superiore, indipendente, può essere indossata con la parte inferiore per creare un earcuff

The Modern Beauties by de Grisogono

The high jewelry of Modern Beauties collection by de Grisogono, presented with the Haute Couture in Paris ♦ ︎ The summer Haute Couture week in Paris, from Sunday 30 June […]

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