Nak Armstrong, Texas designer

The jewels of Nak Armstrong, which celebrates its first 25 years of activity.

Austin, Texas: in the city that in everyone’s mind is populated by people with big Stetson hats, decorated leather boots and Caddillac, there is a jewelry designer who has won the heart, aesthetically speaking, of the First Lady. He’s called Nak Armstrong, and his jewels, have seduced Sandra Bullock and other Hollywood stars as well as as Michelle Obama.

Bracciale in oro rosa e diamanti
Bracelet in rose gold and diamonds

The Nak jewels are quite original. It’s as the earrings, rings and necklaces were passed through the images of a kaleidoscope and then reassembled. The designer makes no secret of loving tissue intricacies, shadows and the architectural volumes: these elements, like a mosaic, are combined with the help of precious stones and gold or silver. Among other things, Nak Armstrong is also known for his skill in working metals, which allows  him to create jewels that look so geometrically unusual, somewhere between aztec engravings and extraterrestrial graffiti. Nak began designing jewelry in 1990, but debuted with his collection only in 2011, after founding Anthony Nak.

Anello con spinello rosso e spinelli multicolori
Ring with red spinel and multicolored spinels
Orecchini Stem con tormaline e opale
Stem earrings with tourmalines and opals
Orecchini Bahia Banana, con tormaline verdi
Bahia Banana earrings, with green tourmalines
Anello con tormaline rosa e verdi
Ring with pink and green tourmalines
Collana rivière con pietra luna
Rivière necklace with moonstone
Anello con diamanti
Ring with diamonds

Paul Morelli, successful jewels

When a jeweler is successful, he has it for real. A while ago, Paul Morelli bought a waterfront mansion on North Bay Road, Miami Beach, just a month after he bought a house on Hibiscus Island in the Florida Sea for $ 11.5 million. The second purchase was also challenging, as it paid $ 17.5 million for 11 bedrooms, 12 full bathrooms, three half bathrooms, swimming pool, dock with boat lift, guest quarters, three garages, a gym and a balcony. Morelli is the owner of The House of Paul Morelli, which has a studio in Philadelphia and a boutique in New York City, but his jewelry is also sold at other retailers, including Neiman Marcus.

Anello in oro giallo e diamanti
Ring in yellow gold and diamonds

What kind jewels have made Paul Morelli so optimistic? It must be added, however, that the success is the result of a career of almost 40 years. Morelli developed an interest in the world of design from a very young age. His family was in the clothing business, but he studied journalism in college and after graduation he started helping a friend make jewelry. Thus starting a bright career. The first major buyer was Bergdorf Goodman. He works exclusively in 18K gold and occasionally platinum. He loves unusual combinations and the pleasure of surprising, light and elaborate shapes, alongside colored cuff bracelets, flowers and geometries.

Campanella in oro giallo e zaffiri rosa
Bell in yellow gold and pink sapphires
Orecchini in oro e diamanti
Gold and diamond earrings
Orecchini in oro, turchese, rubini
Earrings in gold, turquoise, rubies
Bracciale in oro 18 carati con diamanti, zaffiri gialli e viola, acquamarina
18k gold bracelet with diamonds, yellow and purple sapphires, aquamarine
Orecchini in oro 18 carati con diamanti, zaffiri gialli e rosa
18k gold earrings with diamonds, yellow and pink sapphires
Orecchini in oro 18 carati con diamanti su conchiglia rosa intagliata
18k gold earrings with diamonds on a carved pink shell
Orecchini in oro con diamanti taglio rosa
Gold earrings with rose-cut diamonds

The affordable luxury of Dana Rebecca

Third generation of jewelry designers, Dana Rebecca Gordon seems to have precious stones in her DNA. And in fact, she debuted with a line at just 16 and right after college (she is an American from Chicago): during the summer, she tells her, she went to India with my father and returned home with her my first collection. Immediately all sold. An encouragement to found the brand with the name Dana Rebecca.

Anello Sophia in oro bianco e diamanti
Sophia ring in white gold and diamonds

All her creations, which she defines as accessible luxury, start from the combination of gold and diamonds above all, although sometimes she loves working with different stones, for example tourmaline, moonstone, opal, aquamarine: many colors set in gold 14 carat. But these are timeless and very versatile jewels as they can be combined with the same ease with a couture dress or worn with a t-shirt and jeans. The collection for next season is also made up of many pieces, many earrings, and geometric shapes of different volumes: elegant jewels, but to be worn every day.

Pendente Sadie in oro giallo e diamanti baguette
Pendente Sadie in oro giallo e diamanti baguette

Orecchini in oro bianco e diamanti baguette
Orecchini in oro bianco e diamanti baguette

Bracciale in oro bianco e diamanti
Bracciale in oro bianco e diamanti

Pendente com diamanti taglio marquise
Pendente com diamanti taglio marquise
Orecchini in oro rosa e diamanti
Orecchini in oro rosa e diamanti
Orecchini a cerchio in oro rosa e diamanti
Orecchini a cerchio in oro rosa e diamanti
Anello eternity con topazio
Anello eternity con topazio

The Parisian style of Lise Vanrycke

Lise Ferreira Vanrycke is a young designer born in Paris, “in the heart of the 9 arrondissement”, she explains. But she has Portuguese blood in her veins: she is the daughter of a father from the Algarve, while her mother is from Aveiro, a city on the west coast of Portugal. Vanrycke is instead the name of her husband. Lise It has a very pleasant, linear, clean, modern style. But at the same time hot. Graduated in applied arts in the French capital, she had the ambition to become a painter or photographer. She instead she created the Vanrycke brand in 2000 after having participated in some shows, while she was taking her first steps in the world of jewelry.

Anello in oro rosa 18 carati e diamanti
Anello in oro rosa 18 carati e diamanti

After exhibiting the jewelry in a salon, she almost simultaneously received an order from Japan and she realized that her professional life would be in jewelry design. The designer feels very Parisian and so is her style: refined, cultured, rich. But also accessible. If you like them, her jewels, which are sold all over the world (in Paris, in particular, also at Bon Marché and Galeries Lafayette, but also at Harrods, in London), can also be found online.

Bracciale elastico in oro rosa 18 carati
Elastic bracelet in 18k rose gold
Bracciale Styloide elastico in oro rosa 18 carati
Elastic Styloide bracelet in 18k rose gold
Orecchino in oro rosa e diamanti
Rose gold and diamond earring
Bracciale con medaglietta in oro 18 carati su cordoncino di cotne
Bracelet with 18k gold medal on cotton cord
Orecchino Massaï in oro rosa e diamanti
Massaï earring in rose gold and diamonds
Bracciale Marrakech in oro rosa 18 carati
Marrakech bracelet in 18k rose gold
Anello Marguerite in oro rosa 18 carati
Marguerite ring in 18k rose gold
Anello in oro rosa 18 carati e tsavorite
18k rose gold and tsavorite ring

Cristiana Perali, the spirit of Rome

A small goldsmith shop set in Old Rome, between a bend in the Tiber and Campo dei Fiori, between the Vatican and Piazza Navona: Cristiana Perali‘s jewels are the legacy of a century spent working with metal and stone. In fact, that of Cristiana Perali is a small goldsmith company with a great tradition: it dates back to 1907 when Carlo, the grandfather of the current owner, started the business by opening a jewelery shop with attached precision watchmaking laboratory and goldsmith’s workshop.

Anello Ciottoli della collezione Roma in oro giallo, diamanti brown
Ciottoli ring from the Roma collection in yellow gold, brown diamonds

In 1945 Carlo Perali was joined by his son Paolo, who in turn passed on his passion for jewelry to his daughter Cristiana, a third generation jewelry designer and stylist. It is inevitable that the spirit of the Eternal City is part of the inspiration of the shop’s goldsmith production, but without it manifesting itself in jewels that can be associated with a tourist appeal. Cristiana Perali’s city is simply introjected, as in the Roma collection, which incorporates the design of the ancient stone road pavements. Also for this reason, her jewels have been exhibited in museums and high jewelery exhibitions and have paraded on high fashion catwalks in Rome, Beijing, Shanghai, Chicago, New York, St. Petersburg and Mexico City.

Anello in oro rosa com diamanti di taglio e colori differenti
Rose gold ring with diamonds of different cuts and colors
Anelli in oro bianco e giallo
Rings in white and yellow gold
Anello Dea Roma in bronzo
Dea Roma ring in bronze
Bracciale Lastricato Romano in bronzo
Bronze Roman Paved Bracelet
Anello Ciottoli in argento e oro
Pebbles ring in silver and gold
Orecchini Ghiacci in argento rodiato nero, zaffiri bianchi e diamanti milky
Ghiacci earrings in black rhodium-plated silver, white sapphires and milky diamonds
Orecchini con zaffiri rossi, diamanti, tsavoriti e argento rodiato nero
Earrings with red sapphires, diamonds, tsavorites and black rhodium-plated silver

Carlo Barberis, style & tradition

The Carlo Barberis company holds the oldest brand of manufacturing active in the area of ​​Valenza, one of the historical places of Italian jewelry. With that pedigree behind him, the young company’s CEO, Francesco Barberis, has a great responsibility. After the sudden death of his father, Gianni Barberis, the entrepreneur has taken the reins of the Maison with his brothers, Maria, Alessandro and Lorenzo. For the brand, born in 1929 in an open laboratory by Carlo Barberis, it is cominiciata so a second phase.

Spilla colibrì, con diamanti, peridoto, tormalina, rubino, tanzanite, topazio  azzurro con pietre tagliate ad hoc. Copyright: gioiellis.com
Hummingbird brooch, with diamonds, peridot, tourmaline, ruby, tanzanite, blue topaz with ad hoc cut stones. Copyright: gioiellis.com
Without, however, that it would upset the stylistic imprint and, above all, the quality of collections, which continue to be full of virtuoso mix of colored stones, diamonds simple, sumptuous frames, precious metals. In short, a concentrate of what is the goldsmith tradition that was born and thrives around Alexandria. No coincidence that Francesco Barberis also became president of the goldsmiths of Valenza. Judging by the creativity that continues to fuel the Maison of Piedmont, its role is right.

carlo barberis anello con rubellite 11 ct e diamanti copyright gioiellis
Ring with 11 carat rubellite and diamonds. Copyright: gioiellis.com
Anello con zaffiro birmano di 16 carati non scaldato e diamanti. Copyright: gioiellis.com
Ring with 16 carat unheated Burmese sapphire and diamonds. Copyright: gioiellis.com
Anello con zircone naturale e zaffiri rosa taglio baguette. Copyright: gioiellis.com
Ring with natural zircon and baguette-cut pink sapphires. Copyright: gioiellis.com
Collana a motivi esagonali con rubini non scaldati e diamanti. Copyright: gioiellis.com
Hexagonal motif necklace with unheated rubies and diamonds. Copyright: gioiellis.com

Elena Braccini, jewels and so be it

Religious devotion, tradition, a pinch of the Middle Ages: these are the elements of Elena Braccini’s jewelery ♦ ︎

From architecture to jewelry: it seems that this is one of the most popular streets by designers. And there is a link: architecture takes care of volumes and shapes, communicates aesthetics, also loves functionality. All elements that are found in the proposals of Elena Braccini, a Florentine specialist in Interior Design and with a master’s degree in jewelery at the Sacred Art School of Florence. Take note: the course of study is a clue to the creative world of Elena Braccini.

As shown by the The Real Madonnas and Deep Soul collections.

Anello basculante con immagine della Madonna
Tilting ring with image of the Madonna

The English name of the collections conceals, in reality, the very Italian passion of jewelry linked to tradition, even the religious one that has its roots in the medieval arts. Sacred art and zoomorphic interpretations, symbols: these are the areas that the designer’s jewelery attends.
The jewels are made entirely by hand by Florentine artisans in the historic shops of Ponte Vecchio (the bridge that crosses the river Arno). Gold and silver are characterized by micro-incisions, with stones that become micro-architectures. In addition to the aforementioned The Real Madonnas and Deep Soul collections, Elena Braccini also offers wedding rings and jewels made to order and customizable.

Collana con pietre colorate e croce
Necklace with colored stones and cross

Orecchini con Madonnine e croci
Earrings with Madonnas and crosses

Escapulario, collana scapolare della Vergine del Carmine
Scapular necklace of the Virgin of Carmine
Collana con la Madonna miracolosa di Rue du Bac
Necklace with the miraculous Madonna of Rue du Bac/caption]

[caption id="attachment_98502" align="aligncenter" width="709"]Bracciale con cinque Madonnine i Bracelet with five Madonnas

Anello in oro rosa
Rose gold plated silver ring
Anelli in argento con immagine della Madonna
Silver rings with the image of the Madonna

Roberto Coin’s Love in Verona is renewed

Love is eternal perhaps only in the cinema, but a diamond is forever. And, more generally, love comes and goes, but the jewels remain. There is, however, a love that has endured for four centuries: that of Romeo and Juliet. The Love in Verona collection by Roberto Coin is dedicated to them or, more precisely, to the city of Verona that hosts the memory of the play written by William Shakespeare. The jewelry line was launched last year, but the pandemic year has certainly not contributed to its spread, at least in terms of press presentations.

Rainbow design necklace in rose gold with mother of pearl, sapphires, green garnet and diamonds
Rainbow design necklace in rose gold with mother of pearl, sapphires, green garnet and diamonds

Now, however, the fairs dedicated to jewelry are back in attendance and in the meantime the collection has been enriched with new pieces, such as rings or earrings composed of a disc with concentric circles of pink gold and semi-precious stones, such as malachite and lapis lazuli, in a slightly art deco geometric style. There is also a multi-gem version, which in addition to diamonds has lines composed of sapphires with different colors surrounding a round of mother-of-pearl. A pendant necklace also features a circle with the symbols of the zodiac signs. Who knows what sign Juletta and Romeo were.

Yellow and white gold full pave and demi pave bangles
Yellow and white gold full pave and demi pave bangles

Rose gold bangles with black and white diamonds
Rose gold bangles with black and white diamonds

Rose gold earrings with black and white diamonds
Rose gold earrings with black and white diamonds
Rose gold ring with black and white diamonds, rose gold ring with diamonds, rose gold ring with diamonds pavé
Rose gold ring with black and white diamonds, rose gold ring with diamonds, rose gold ring with diamonds pavé
Zodiac design rose gold necklace with lapis lazuli and diamonds
Zodiac design rose gold necklace with lapis lazuli and diamonds
Round design earrings in rose gold with lapis lazuli and diamonds
Round design earrings in rose gold with lapis lazuli and diamonds
Round design earrings in rose gold with malachite, black jade and diamonds
Round design earrings in rose gold with malachite, black jade and diamonds
Round design earrings in yellow gold with diamonds
Round design earrings in yellow gold with diamonds
Round design earrings in rose gold with mother of pearl, sapphires, green garnet and diamonds
Round design earrings in rose gold with mother of pearl, sapphires, green garnet and diamonds

Ilenia Corti between dream and reality

Ilenia Corti: jewelry, fashion, fantasy, made in Italy, eclecticism, tradition, accessories, dream… ♦︎

In some old photos circulating on the web, she resembles a very bad movie character: Bellatrix Lestrange from the Harry Potter series. In reality Ilenia Corti is not bad, but creative. You are among the designers in the fluid area of fashion which is also most appreciated internationally, as well as by prestigious brands with which you have worked. Names like Dolce & Gabbana, Casadei, Cacharel, Acne Studios, Marimekko, Emilio Pucci, Moschino. But, even if her work is difficult to classify, jewelry is her starting point: she grew up in a family of jewelers, Santagostino di Valenza, active since 1969. And it is Santagostino who creates the collections designed by Ileana.

Collezione Microcosm,anello in oro giallo con decorazioni a forma di rana, funghi
Microcosm collection, yellow gold ring with frog and mushroom decorations

With a family of jewelers behind her and the atmosphere of Valenza, the Italian capital of high jewellery, the designer adores the Scandinavian atmospheres, the chromatic notes of her uncontaminated landscapes. Her style? Between childhood memories, tropical suggestions, with orchids, poisonous frogs, Amazonian foliage, climbing monkeys, carnivorous plants. The mix of materials used is also eclectic: from diamonds to Swarovski crystals, from silver to simple golden brass. Each creation is modeled and finely carved by hand, right down to the cuts and settings of the stones.

Con alle spalle una famiglia di gioiellieri e l’atmosfera di Valenza, capitale italiana adell’alta gioielleria, la designer adora le atmosfere scandinave, le note cromatiche dei suoi paesaggi incontaminati.  Il suo stile?Tra ricordi di infanzia, suggestioni tropicali,  con orchidee, rane velenose, foliage amazzonico, scimmie rampicanti, piante carnivore. È eclettico anche il mix di materiali utilizzato: dai diamanti ai cristalli Swarovski, dall’argento al semplice ottone dorato. Ogni creazione è modellata e finemente intagliata a mano, fino ai tagli e alle incastonature delle pietre.

Anello in oro giallo con decorazioni di rana e funghi
Yellow gold ring with frog and mushroom decorations
Anello falena in argento dorato e smalto
Moth ring in gilded silver and enamel/caption]

[caption id="attachment_119211" align="aligncenter" width="709"]Anello fungo velenoso in oro 18 carati e diamanti per 4,56 carati Toadstool ring in 18k gold and diamonds for 4.56 carats

Orecchini uovo in oro 18 carati
Egg earrings in 18k gold
Orecchini in ottone
Brass earrings

Palmiero, an explorer in high jewelery

High jewelery signed Palmiero, an explorer in the world of precious design. To which are added equally valuable watches ♦ ︎
It seems that the surname Palmiero has an ancient origin. He designated Christian pilgrims who had gone to Palestine in the Middle Ages, a land of palm trees. Palmiero became the name of a palm bearer. Perhaps the origins of family names are of little importance, but in the case of Carlo Palmiero, founder of the Palmiero Jewelery Design brand, there is some connection. In fact, 30 years ago, Carlo Palmiero went on a pilgrimage on a difficult journey, that of high jewelery. But without limiting himself to a courtesy visit: in Valenza, in the company that bears his name, he infused the taste of discovery, of adventure. As a true courageous pilgrim in search of the sacred Grail of design.

Anello della collezione Rise of Sun in oro e diamanti
Ring from the Rise of Sun collection in gold and diamonds

The jewels of Palmiero, thanks to the drive towards the discovery of new horizons, are exceptional pieces, as evidenced by the latest creations of the Maison. For example,Dancing Soul Collection, a necklace with a flexible core recorded in white gold with diamonds and rubies. Or Melting Colors, earrings in white diamonds and degradé pink sapphires on white gold, earrings in white, colored diamonds and semiprecious stones on white gold: wearing the jewel the parts move alternately. Or the Rise of Sun collection, where the sun’s rays are interpreted by folds of the gold surface, illuminated by cascades of diamonds.
Palmiero, anello della collezione Rise of Sun indossato
Palmiero, ring from the Rise of Sun collection. Copyright: gioiellis.com

Anello Rise of Sun in oro, diamanti, smalto rosso
Rise of Sun ring in gold, diamonds, red enamel

Orecchini Rise of Sun in oro, diamanti
Rise of Sun earrings in gold, diamonds
Collana e anello Rise of Sun
Rise of Sun necklace and ring. Copyright: gioiellis.com
Carlo Palmiero
Carlo Palmiero. Copyright: gioiellis.com

Emerald success for Crieri

Green is in fashion: it is synonymous with environment, nature, hope. But also of emeralds which, in truth, have never gone out of fashion. As the story of Crieri can testify, a jewelry brand made in Valenza (Italy) which, among its finest collections, has one dedicated to the green stone par excellence. The Bogotà collection, as its name indicates, is dedicated to Colombian emeralds. Stones that, according to the company, were at the center of the first trip to the Colombian capital of the company founder, Alessandro Saracino, in 1996. And in the historic district, where Colombian emerald dealers meet every day to buy and sell gemme, in 2005 by Alessandro Saracino he opened the first office.

Anello con smeraldo di 6,5 carati e diamanti per 2,5 carati. Copyright: gioiellis.com
Ring with 6.5 carats of emerald and 2.5 carats of diamonds. Copyright: gioiellis.com

The result is, in fact, the Bogotà collection, which turns on the lights on the transparencies, reflections and mysteries of the emerald (all the stones are certified by the gemmolgo Pio Visconti and the Swiss C. Dunaigre), mounted on white gold and surrounded by diamonds. A classic line, which brings together a series of classic high-end jewels, offered in a price range ranging from 5,000 to 300,000 euros.

Anello com smeraldo e diamanti taglio trilliant
Ring with emerald and trilliant cut diamonds. Copyright: gioiellis.com
Anello in oro bianco, diamanti, smeraldo
Ring in white gold, diamonds, emerald
Anello in oro bianco, diamanti, smeraldo colombiano
Ring in white gold, diamonds, Colombian emerald
Anello in oro bianco, diamanti, smeraldo della collezione Bogotà
Ring in white gold, diamonds, emerald from the Bogotà collection
Collana in oro bianco, diamanti, smeraldo
Necklace in white gold, diamonds, emerald
Collier in oro bianco, diamanti, smeraldo
Necklace in white gold, diamonds, emerald
Orecchini in oro bianco, diamanti, smeraldo
Earrings in white gold, diamonds, emerald

Carrera y Carrera’s sculpture jewels are back

Origen, that is, return to the origins. It is the name of one of the new collections of Carrera y Carrera, the largest Spanish jewelery brand that has returned to full-scale play after a brief interlude. The name of the collection is significant. The collection follows the style of the house: very rich, with the intention of competing with the world of sculpture, including exotic animals, interpreted with realism, together with ornamental and architectural elements. The use of bas-relief and the combination of glossy and matte is also among the distinctive features of Carrera y Carrera. Many of Carrera y Carrera’s jewels, in fact, are small works of naturalistic goldsmithing, with statuettes, animals and plants that seem to have come out of a laboratory from the Baroque period. Like another of the novelties, the My Angel collection: follows the same direction, with a mini sculpture of a golden angel combined with the letters of the alphabet.

Orecchini della collezione Origen in oro giallo, diamanti e diopsiti
Boucles d’oreilles de la collection Origen en or jaune, diamants et diopsites

On the other hand, the goldsmith tradition of eighteenth-century Spain is still alive. Of course, Saturio Esteban Carrera, a young emigrant to Madrid at the end of the nineteenth century, where he opened a small jewelery company called Barrio de las Letras, would never have imagined it. Instead, the jewels of the Maison of the Spanish capital have been worn by royalty (the tiara for the Queen of Belgium, in 1960) or exhibited in museums, such as the Dream of Icarus, chosen by the Kremlin museum.

Mistral Mini Ring in oro bianco, diamanti e tanzanite
Mistral Mini Ring in white gold, diamonds and tanzanite
Collezione My Angel, pendente in oro bianco e giallo, diamanti
My Angel collection, pendant in white and yellow gold, diamonds
Secret ring, chiuso. In oro bianco e giallo, diamanti
Secret ring, closed. In white and yellow gold, diamonds. Copyright: gioiellis.com
Secret ring, aperto. All'interno si scorgono le figure ispirate all'amore segreto di Romeo e Giulietta
Secret ring, open. Inside you can see the figures inspired by the secret love of Romeo and Juliet. Copyright: gioiellis.com
Bracciale Shanghai in oro giallo e diamanti.  Copyright: gioiellis.com
Shanghai bracelet in yellow gold and diamonds. Copyright: gioiellis.com

The simple success of Maman et Sophie

It’s called Maman et Sophie but, despite the French name, it is an Italian jewelery brand, Florentine to be precise. And it is also a phenomenon: in a few years it has become one of the most popular brands in Italy, thanks to the formula adopted. The jewels have very affordable prices (from 50 to 300 euros on average), the style is very simple and immediate, the wearability is guaranteed. The jewels are also sold online and having immediately focused on e-commerce was one of the keys to the success of the brand.

Anello Mon Coeur in oro rosa 18 carati e rubini
Mon Coeur ring in 18K rose gold and rubies

The idea of ​​Maman et Sophie is by the Florentine designer Elisabetta Carletti, who founded the jewelry company with the help of her husband and partner of the Maison, Federico Lastrucci, who passed away in 2019. The adventure of Maman and Sophie began in 2008, when Elisabetta Carletti decided to leave the profession of lawyer started in a large Florence firm. The birth of her first daughter, Sofia, left her time to reflect: she started designing jewelry, her passion, and making the first prototypes in silver rose gold plated. The name of the company, Maman et Sophie, is the photograph of that period. And the formula chosen, simple jewels, at a reduced price, with light and minimal style, was successful.

Bracciale Etoile in oro rosa, zaffiri, smeraldi, rubini
Etoile bracelet in pink gold, sapphires, emeralds, rubies
Bracciale in oro giallo, granato rosso
Yellow gold bracelet, red garnet
Girocollo in oro rosa 18 carati
Necklace in 18-karat rose gold
Orecchino in oro giallo 18 carati con topazio azzurro
18K yellow gold earring with blue topaz
Orecchino Angel in oro giallo 18 carati e topazio azzurro
Angel earring in 18K yellow gold and blue topaz

The treasures by Como Gioielli

Salvatore Como Gioielli, the virtuosity of the Valencia school.

Salvatore Como Gioielli is an artisan jewelery company created by Salvatore Scibetta. Goldsmith, jeweler, designer, after having worked for companies such as Santagostino, Crova and Cantamessa, Scibetta decided to set up on his own in 2007. Even if it is called with the name of a Lombard city, Salvatore Como Gioielli is based in Valenza, in the Italian luxury jewelry. Scibetta immediately put the accumulated experience to good use to design and produce unique pieces of the highest quality. But most of the production is towards other brands, which require the ability and experience of Como Gioielli.

Como Gioielli, aneli polpo e orecchini palla, in oro e zaffiri
Como Gioielli, octopus rings and ball earrings, in gold and sapphires

For example, the company is capable of producing pieces such as the emerald necklace in 18-karat white gold, with natural stones for 43 carats, emerald earrings in 18-karat white gold, the Margherita collection, with an adaptable multi-size ring in 18-karat white gold , diamonds, emeralds, rubies and natural sapphires. Finally, an 18-karat red gold slave bracelet with 22-carat natural white diamonds. Or the series of jewels inspired by the marine world, with octopuses and stars in gold, diamonds and sapphires: a work that only the most skilful Maisons can produce.

Anello Fucsia
Fuchsia ring
Orecchini Palla
Ball earrings
Anello a forma di polipo in oro rosa, diamanti e zaffiri rosa
Octopus-shaped ring in pink gold, diamonds and pink sapphires
Collana in oro e diamanti
Gold and diamond necklace
Bracciale in oro 750 e diamanti interamente eseguito a mano
Bracelet in 750 gold and diamonds entirely handmade
Bracciale in oro 750 e diamanti interamente eseguito a mano. Sottobracciale intercambiabile in pelle di galuchat
Bracelet in 750 gold and diamonds entirely handmade. Interchangeable under bracelet in galuchat leather

How to avoid allergies to nickel

Have you ever found marks on the skin where you have worn rings, necklaces or earrings? They could have been caused by nickel allergy. Here’s what you need to do to avoid nickel allergy ♦

Receiving a beautiful ring as a gift and not being able to wear it: the fault lies with the allergy. It often happens that a jewel, perhaps a favorite, turns out to be an enemy of the skin. The most common cause is nickel dermatitis, also called contact dermatitis, nickel allergy. The problem can arise at any time and at any age. Even jewelry that up to that moment has never caused irritation, can suddenly turn out to be harmful. Each individual human body reacts differently to nickel depending on tolerance and sensitivity level. Among other things, there are rare cases in which the allergy is also manifested by wearing gold or silver jewelry: but the most frequent cause is, also in this case, the nickel content present in bijoux. Pure gold and silver are metals too soft to be transformed into frames. Nickel has often been added, like zinc and copper, to make gold and silver more resistant and allow it to give the desired shape. In addition, the nickel gives a shiny effect. Zinc and copper do not damage the skin, which is instead more and more nickel.

Saranno gioielli a prova di dermatite?
Will it be dermatitis-proof jewels?

The dangerous metals. Keep in mind that 14-karat or 18-karat gold contains a greater amount of different metals than 24-karat gold, the only one that is completely pure. In short, the purer the gold, the less allergies it causes. Nickel is also used in jewelry in alloys with platinum and white gold. But platinum jewelry is quite expensive and, statistically, there are fewer cases of allergies, as it is rarer. In addition, platinum and white gold are also often reinforced with palladium, a metal that does not cause allergies. However, it is more expensive.

Bancarella di bijoux
Jewelery stall

Often the allergy is caused by the contact of the metal with the most sensitive layer of the skin, such as the hole in the nose or ear. Nickel penetrates through the skin into the bloodstream of the body. At this point the cells react to the nickel. Another cause that can give rise to allergies is sweat. When it is hot and the jewelry is worn for a long time, the skin sweats. Perspiration comes into contact with the metal of the jewelry, dissolves the nickel, and forms nickel salts. The salt reacts on contact with the skin and causes the allergy. It is commonly believed that women suffer more than men, but the number of men wearing jewelry is far less.

L'attrice e modella Kendall Jenner su Instagram con un enorme anello al naso
Actress and model Kendall Jenner on Instagram with a huge nose ring

Symptoms. Nickel allergy can cause blood loss, or swelling and the production of pus. In most cases, however, there is a constant itching or burning around the area where the skin has been in direct contact with the jewel. More rarely, allergic people find a blue tint on their finger after removing a ring, or a rash or red spots on the skin. Nickel allergy sufferers end up wearing only stainless steel jewelry. In fact, this metal also contains nickel, but it also does not leave it as it is hermetically held, it rarely comes in direct contact with the skin.

Orecchini di metallo con lega di nickel indossati
Worn nickel alloy metal earrings

Another enemy are the traces of soap and water under the jewels. The cleansers break the protective shield of the skin and allow the nickel to come into direct contact with the deeper layers. Earrings and rings are more likely to retain water droplets after a bath. Taking off your jewelry before washing is a useful precaution, especially when doing housework and hands being washed countless times. Detergents or other cleaning products that get under a ring can cause allergy. Unfortunately, there are no cures: dermatologists offer some medical treatments, but they are usually only effective for the short term. After some time, regardless of the treatment, the allergy reappears.

Dermatite da anello
Ring dermatitis

How to avoid allergy. If you really don’t want to do it, or if you forget to remove the rings, pass a layer of transparent nail polish inside the jewel: it can help avoid direct contact with the metal. Another precaution to avoid allergies can be to apply talcum powder before wearing the jewelry: in this way, humidity is avoided. Furthermore, those who fear an allergic reaction must be careful not to wear tight earrings, rings or chains: if the air passes through the jewel it is less likely that contact with the skin causes a reaction. Alternating jewelry more often reduces the risk. Finally, remember to keep the jewelry clean and dry. Those who are very sensitive to nickel can choose lacquered or palladium-plated jewelry.

Do you want to know what nickel is?
It seems the original name of this metal, nickel, derives from the Swedish word Nickel, diminutive of a proper name, Nicolaus. And in the tradition of the Nordic country Nicolaus was a name given to people of little value, but also to goblins. But metal has nothing to do with Henry Potter’s wizarding world. Nickel, or nickel, is a metal that was already used in the Bronze Age, over 3500 years ago, in the Middle East and China. In the West, nickel came into common use in the mid-eighteenth century, when Baron Axel Frederik Cronstedt, attempting to extract copper from a mineral, niccolite, obtained a white metal which he called nickel, a name that derives from the German Kupfernickel, that is, false copper, or from nickel (elf, little devil in German).

La moneta di nickel da 5 centesimi di dollaro con Thomas Jefferson
The 5 cent nickel (25%) coin featuring Thomas Jefferson

Why is it used?
Nickel is a white, silvery metal. It belongs to the iron group and is therefore hard, but also malleable, easy to work with. It is also appreciated in jewelery for the properties it gives when alloyed with gold, platinum or silver, especially because it gives strength and is resistant to corrosion.

Una moneta da 5 centesimi: contiene nickel
A 5 cent euro coin: contains nickel

Nickel, in addition to being present in many jewelry alloys together with gold, is used in a wide range of products. So if you have signs of allergy on your hands, maybe it’s not your earrings, but cutlery, watches, scissors, lighters, cell phones, doorknobs and even coins. And if you have marks on your neck, it is not certain that the cause is the necklace, but perhaps glasses, food and pots…

The first thing to do, in short, is to check with which metals you come in contact often.

But, be careful: maybe you do not know that nickel can also be hidden in cosmetics, personal hygiene products (such as hair dyes, toothpastes, shampoos, nail polishes). In this case hunting nickel is easier. Read the label well: the presence of nickel must be declared by the manufacturer, even if you may find it written in small letters. Finished? No: who is really very allergic also risks at the table. In fact, some foods naturally contain nickel, even if in very small quantities. In any case, if your allergy does not disappear, eliminate these foods.


Here are the forbidden foods:

blueberries, oats, buckwheat, walnuts and hazelnuts, broccoli, potatoes, baking powder, apricots, cabbage, spinach, peanuts, carrots, tomatoes, oysters, figs, onions, asparagus, lentils, whole wheat flour, beans, liquorice, cooked and raw pears, mushrooms, corn, lettuce, peas, almonds, tea, lobster, margarine, cocoa and chocolate, avocado.

Blueberries: good, but…

Fortunately, according to experts, only less than 20% of nickel allergies are caused or worsened by food. But if this is the case you have to eliminate these foods altogether for at least a month or a month and a half before you see a difference. In any case, do not worry, you do not risk starving.

Here are some foods without nickel:

radicchio, endive, fennel, aubergines, courgettes, peppers, cucumbers, beets, watermelon, melon, citrus fruits, peaches, bananas, strawberries, grapes, milk and dairy products, 00 flour, rice, meat, fish (but not mussels, clams, sea urchins and crustaceans), brewer’s yeast.

Ottimi peperoni
Great peppers

Last advices if you suffer from nickel allergy:

    • When you open the tap, run the water for a few minutes to remove any traces of nickel released from the pipes.
      If you are cooking a cake, use baking soda instead of baking powder to rise.
      Choose pyrex pots, glass, aluminum, unglazed pottery, silargan, teflon. This type of crockery prevents the release of nickel from cutlery or other utensils you use.

What to do if the earrings cause allergy

It happened again: those earrings you like so much caused an allergic reaction. Unfortunately, you are not alone: ​​about 20% of women suffer from allergies to certain metals and earrings are one of the worst enemies. The earlobe, in fact, is a very delicate part of the body. Allergic reaction to nickel, contact dermatitis, is the body’s immune response to something it believes is harmful, just like fighting a bacterium or virus.

Orecchini Lolli Bijoux indossati
Lolli Bijoux earrings worn

Allergic symptoms caused by contact with metal usually appear 24 to 48 hours after wearing the earrings. The discomfort consists of itching, redness, swelling, a feeling of heat and, for those who are very sensitive, even dry skin and blisters. The bad news is that metals that are allergy-proof are very rare. Usually those with these allergies choose hypoallergenic earrings. But the truth is, it’s not always a good idea. What to do if an allergic reaction occurs? Consulting a doctor is always the best idea. Likely, a dermatologist will prescribe remedies such as oral antihistamines and cortisone to reduce inflammation. If, however, the allergy is mild, just do not wear the jewelry and, if necessary, use a soothing cream.

Che cosa fare se si scatena una reazione allergica? Consultare un medico è sempre l’idea migliore.
What to do if an allergic reaction occurs? Seeing a doctor is always the best idea

The word hypoallergenic, in fact, does not mean that they are immune from causing allergic reactions. The term hypoallergenic only means that earrings are less likely to cause an allergy, not that they are 100% guaranteed. Hypoallergenic earrings usually work for most women. But they are not suitable for everyone: there are those who are more unfortunate.

Metals that cause allergies
Nickel is the number one defendant. This metal has long been used in an alloy with gold to make the yellow metal more resistant and attenuate its original color, until it turns white, and is the main source of intolerance for those with sensitive skin. But nickel is not the only metal to cause allergies. Nickel is used in yellow gold. But even pink gold can cause allergies to those who do not tolerate copper, the metal used in alloy for the pink hue. Beware of karats: if 18-karat gold is the best, it still means that 25% of your jewel is made up of other metals, which could cause allergies. If, then, it has 14 karats, it means that almost half of the metal is not gold.

Orecchini indossati
Worn earrings

Unfortunately, even if it is always proposed as a hypoallergenic material, steel can also cause allergies (although it is usually offered with the addition of the word surgical, which should reassure those who use it). Steel, in fact, can contain traces of nickel and iron and can cause a reaction in those with hypersensitive skin. If you are allergic to copper, pay attention to brass. This alloy is in fact composed of copper and zinc. Gold-plated jewelry is often made of brass. If you wake up with green earlobes, you have probably been wearing brass compound earrings.

Also pay attention to the plated earrings. Plating usually allows you to keep the prices of the jewel low, but it is a very thin barrier, often not exceeding a few thousandths of a millimeter, in practice the thickness is equivalent to a tenth of a hair. It doesn’t take much to corrode or scratch this surface. If you have metal allergies, a plating may not be enough to prevent your earlobes from reacting.

Orecchini in titanio verde e diamanti di Jacob & Co
Jacob & Co. green titanium and diamond earrings

The good metals
There are metals that are 99% tolerated even by the most sensitive ears. A hypoallergenic metal is platinum, precious and even more robust than gold. Titanium is also low allergy risk. Another metal that does not cause allergies, but is very rarely used in jewelry, is tantalum. It is durable and extremely resistant to corrosion. There are those who propose tantalum wedding rings.

Orecchino indossato
Earring worn

How to transform allergy-causing earrings
If you have earrings that you cannot give up, the best idea is to take them to a jeweler to replace the metal part in contact with the ears with a hypoallergenic material, a good metal in short. You can also try a simpler solution: smear on the clear nail polish pins. Enamel creates a barrier between the nickel and your precious lobes. However, we must remember that this operation must be repeated after wearing the earrings.

Orecchini della collezione I Am indossati
Worn earrings from the I Am collectio

Cannabis and jewelry, the odd couple

Marijuana leaves also inspire fine jewelry, from Bulgari to Daniela Villegas and … ♦︎

The New York Times has also written about this: the world of jewelery and high jewelery has discovered the new leaves and flowers for its inspiration. After the lotus flower, the roses, the daisies and the innocent calla, the new vegetable to arouse interest is cannabis. Yes, the plant that, when properly pruned and dried turns into marijuana.

Bulgari, collier ispirato alla marijuana in oro bianco, diamanti, smeraldi
Bulgari, collier ispirato alla marijuana in oro bianco, diamanti, smeraldi

Bijoux at low prices that reproduce cannabis leaves have been on sale for years. They are sold to an alternative youth audience and are quite simple. Now, however, even the world of high jewelry has decided that marijuana leaves are a subject to be transformed into jewelry. Even following the decision by some countries, such as Canada or California, to liberalize cannabis use. Bulgari, for example, has recently presented a collection, Wild Pop, which also features pieces that reproduce marijuana leaves, like a necklace with diamonds and emeralds. A provocation? Maybe. But it’s calculated. In California Daniela Villegas has proposed a series of necklaces with pendants in the shape of pipes for smoking grass, made in gold, tourmaline, prehnite and topaz.

Daniela Villegas, collana con pendente vaporizzatore di cannabis, oro, diamanti, tormalina, lapislazzuli
Daniela Villegas, collana con pendente vaporizzatore di cannabis, oro, diamanti, tormalina, lapislazzuli

Also in California lives another designer who added marijuana leaves to her Sweet Leaf collection, Jacquie Aiche. A little more related to the alternative, but luxury world, is the Sapphire Collective in Los Angeles, which created the Stoned collection with necklaces and pendants in 18k gold with sapphires that they have the shape of joint, worn by a model who smokes visibly.

Brent Neale Winston ha deciso di portare al Couture di Las Vegas le sue creazioni in oro, diamanti e malachite
Brent Neale Winston ha deciso di portare al Couture di Las Vegas le sue creazioni in oro, diamanti e malachite

Nikki Erwin of the Established brand has instead created a pair of diamond earrings and a bracelet coordinated with a series of cannabis leaves, which are often mistaken for innocent stars. And Brent Neale Winston decided to bring his gold, diamond and malachite creations to Las Vegas Couture. A stone that is perfect for her jewelry with the shape of marijuana leaves.

Orecchino di Jacquie Aiche in oro e diamanti
Orecchino di Jacquie Aiche in oro e diamanti
Un braccialetto d'oro con foglie di cannabis, spesso scambiato per stelle, di Established
Un braccialetto d’oro con foglie di cannabis, spesso scambiato per stelle, di Established
Le collane della collezioen Stoned di Sapphire Collective
Stoned collection by Sapphire Collective
Orecchini di Brent Neale Winston in oro, malachite, diamanti
Orecchini di Brent Neale Winston in oro, malachite, diamanti
Orecchini di Brent Neale Winston in oro, malachite, zaffiri, tormalina
Orecchini di Brent Neale Winston in oro, malachite, zaffiri, tormalina

Ana Khouri, imagination to power

Brazilian fantasy, American concreteness: that’s why they like Ana Khouri jewels ♦

Ana Khouri, born in San Paolo, based in New York, the city design. Brazil is for decades been a hotbed from which come jewelers global quality. And Ana Khouri, the daughter of an engineer and a pianist, has successfully combined the grace of music with mathematical rigor. The result is a mixture of fantasy and simplicity, yet luxurious. Her jewels have been worn by Emma Stone, Lupita Nyong’o, Liberty Ross, Rihanna, Isabeli Fontana, Emma Watson, Alicia Vikander, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Michelle Obama, Glenn Close, Sara Paulson, Karlie Kloss, Claire Foy, Emily Blunt and Jennifer Lawrence.

Phillipa Diamond ring
Phillipa Diamond ring

Given also that the designer studied sculpture at the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado in his hometown, it’s simplest to say that its jewels are extremely three-dimensional shapes. Never flat shapes, despite the search for essential forms. In New York, the enterprising young Brazilian has also studied at the Gemological Institute of America then moved to London to graduate from Central Saint Martins. In short, she pocketed the better curriculum for a jeweler. The result, her jewels, are appreciated by a large number of celebrity. You see why in these pictures: earcuff large diamond-studded rings that twist as bent by the wind, earrings from the elusive form of small cones. To mark as a favorite.

Ana Khouri
Ana Khouri
Gold Maia diamond & 18kt yellow and white gold ring
Gold Maia diamond & 18kt yellow and white gold ring
Row ring, con pavé di smeraldi
Row ring, with emerald pavé
Choker in oro 18 carati e smeraldo
Choker in 18K gold and emerald
Row earrings, con pavé di smeraldi
Row earrings, with emerald pavé
Orecchino con pavé di diamanti e smeraldo
Earring with pavé diamonds and emerald

Alarm for the very big earrings

Beware of earrings that are too big

They can cause damage, especially if worn frequently. Here’s what you need to know about maxi earrings.

According to Dana Oliver, Executive Fashion and Beauty Editor, of the online magazine The Huffington Post, giant earrings are dangerous for the wearer. An article in the American edition of the web newspaper published some time ago, reported the opinion of the plastic surgeon Edward Miranda, according to which there are three main risks caused by earrings that are too heavy:

Mild infection that can occur, usually shortly after the initial piercing.
Since earrings worn add weight to the earlobe through a thin strip of skin, the wear and tear from gravity will stretch the earlobe from round to oval. In the long run, the lobe can even break and split in two.
Large earrings, especially hoop earrings, can easily get caught on clothes or be torn off by a child, resulting in laceration of the lobe.

Attenzione agli orecchini giganti
Attenzione agli orecchini giganti

Surgical interventions

“Our earlobes are a very delicate and soft area in our ears, wearing big earrings every day increases the chances of earlobe stretching at an ever increasing rate. This can cause the skin to stretch and the earlobe to crack,” warns Deepak Dugar, a cosmetic surgeon based in Beverly Hills, California. Of course, everything also depends on the weight of the jewel. Some earrings can be very large, but also very light. That’s not always the case, however. In less serious cases, maxi earrings can still cause headaches.

Orecchini di Messika in oro rosa e diamanti
Orecchini di Messika in oro rosa e diamanti

The danger is so real that there are doctors who specialize in lobe reconstruction. An ear lift, to rebuild the lower part damaged by too heavy earrings is common. The procedure includes two options: one for a lobe where the piercing has stretched the lobe, and the second is for thickening ears that have simply gotten thinner with age. The cost of the intervention varies, in the USA, between 1,500 and 3,000 dollars. In any case, the earlobe never goes back to the way it was. So, be careful not to go overboard with ultra heavy earrings.

Orecchini firmati Marni
Orecchini firmati Marni
Orecchini di Prada
Orecchini di Prada
Saskia Diez Orecchini in argento Barbelle
Saskia Diez Orecchini in argento Barbelle
Eden Diodati, Bracciale Kalifa e orecchini Edo Pendulum
Eden Diodati, Kalifa bracelet and Edo Pendulum earrings
Orecchini-collana di Cosh
Orecchini-collana di Cosh

Millefiori silver with Giovanni Raspini

Millefiori collection by Giovanni Raspini.

Flower necklaces were, arguably, the first jewel-like female accessory in the dawn of humanity. And today’s jewelry often does not deviate too much from that ancient typology, even if the collections of earrings, rings or necklaces are made with noble metals, instead of simple flowers collected in the meadows and intertwined. An example is the Millefiori collection by Giovanni Raspini. Of course, the flowers are the inspiration, while the jewels idealize the concept with the proposal of silver jewels in the usual style of the Tuscan company.

Pendente Millefiori in argento
Millefiori silver pendant

The Millefiori collection is made with tiny flowers that form a texture on circular bases of burnished silver. The surface of the jewels is made more brilliant thanks to a diamond-plating process, a metal working technique that gives a shimmering effect in contrast with the shadows of the burnished base. The Millefiori collection is declined in three necklaces, two bracelets, two rings and three earrings.

Orecchini a bottone Millefiori
Millefiori stud earrings
Bracciale piccolo in argento
Small bracelet in silver
Anello a doppia banda in argento brunito
Double band ring in burnished silver
Anello a banda in argento brunito
Band ring in burnished silver
Orecchini in argento brunito
Burnished silver earrings
Orecchini a cerchio Millefiori
Millefiori hoop earrings
Collana Lunga Millefiori
Silver burnished necklace Millefiori  
Anello a doppia banda in argento brunito
Silver necklace Millefiori
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