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Sposa con tiara

What jewelry to wear at the wedding

What jewelry to wear on your wedding day? If you are thinking about what to choose besides the wedding ring, read this article. The first rule is … ♦ You […]

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Anello ispirato alle fioriture eterne e alle farfalle danzanti del poetico Giardino Inglese. Lavorato a mano in oro bianco 18k Fairtrade, con 184 diamanti da laboratorio Diamond Foundry, per 6,84 carati

Anabela Chan, masterpieces with synthetic diamonds

Three masterpiece jewels created by Anabela Chan with the synthetic stones of Diamond Foundry ♦ ︎ If you still think that the diamonds created in the laboratory, synthetic, are a […]

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Anelli All Tired Up, titanio e diamanti

The journey of Suzanne Syz

The new jewels of the artist-designer Suzanne Syz: fantasy, irony and a bit of nostalgia ♦ ︎ A journey through time with the art of a Swiss designer who is […]

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Crivelli, collier di diamanti

Crivelli Outstanding

Jewels of pure diamonds by Crivelli: they are the Outstanding collection ♦ ︎ Things happen that sometimes push to get up when you are sitting down. Amazement, enthusiasm, surprise: these […]

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Magerit, anello in oro giallo, diamanti, onice

The feline shadows of Magerit

The Shadow collection by Magerit: a ferocious puma of gold and diamonds turning in rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings ♦ ︎ If you go to the parts of Madrid, be […]

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Sutra, Butterfly collection

The colorful Sutra butterflies

Butterflies with diamonds and colored stones by Sutra, symbol, memory, nature ♦ ︎ According to historians, the first butterflies depicted by man date back to the frescoes of 3,500 years […]

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Bracciale con onice

The Bronzallure Alba

The Alba collection by Bronzallure for spring summer 2019: jewelery with gold plating and semi-precious stones ♦ ︎ Like every spring, new collections of jewelry bloom. Among the novelties are […]

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Orecchini in argento brunito

Skulls for Valentine’s Day with Skullsh * t

Skulls for Valentine’s Day with the silver collection of Skullsh * t: an idea without doubt original ♦ ︎ Let’s face it now: more than rebel the name of this […]

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Anelli Dn, in oro e diamanti

Wedding with a Dna ring

Rings inspired by the shape of DNA, the double helix that is the basis of life: it is the idea of the Japanese artist Takayas Mizuno ♦ A jeweler who […]

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Collana in argento, opali, cristallo di rocca della collezione Nautilus

Giovanni Raspini at the sea with the Nautilus

The sea seen through the Giovanni Raspini Nautilus collection: silver, opal and rock crystal ♦ ︎ You do not have to be Sherlock Holmes to guess what is the leitmotif […]

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Chantecler, anello della collezione Paillettes

New Sequins for Chantecler

The renewed Paillettes collection by Chantecler. Rings, necklaces and bracelets that move like the waves of the sea of Capri ♦ ︎ Once the paillettes, used in tailoring, were small […]

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Orecchini in acciaio e cristalli

2Jewels takes flight

2jewels with steel-shaped bijoux with feather shape and crystals. Images and prices ♦ ︎ Bijoux to take flight. In fact, bracelets, earrings and necklaces come with wings: the Milanese company […]

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Indossato di Dancing in the Rain Élite

A new dance for Nanis

The brilliant intuitions of Nanis: the Dancing Élite collection in gold and diamonds ♦ ︎ Sometimes dancing in the rain brings brilliant encounters. For example, one knows someone who is […]

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Ciondolo Koala con pavé di diamanti e diamante marquise

Maria Kovadi, jewels without borders

The jewels of Maria Kondakova-Kaltsidis and her Maison, Maria Kovadi ♦ ︎ Her history is rich, as her name indicates: Maria Kondakova-Kaltsidis. She is a designer with Russian and Greek […]

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Erin Wasson, orecchini in oro giallo

The second life of Erin Wasson

From supermodel to designer jewelry (she is not the only): the second life of Erin Wasson ♦ Erin Wasson is one of the supermodels (and actress) who decided to convert their […]

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Giulia Barela, gioielli della collezione Metafore

The Metafore by Giulia Barela

Giulia Barela’s Metafore collection inspired by the great twentieth century sculptors ♦ ︎ The metaphor is a rhetorical figure that implies a shift in meaning. Calm, it’s a very simple […]

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Antonini, anello in oro giallo della collezione Cento100

Antonini, birthday Cento100

Antonini’s secular birthday celebrated with the Cento100 collection in gold and diamonds ♦ ︎ To have a hundred years and not to feel them. The recipe for longevity is simple: […]

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Mattioli, orecchino della collezione Life

New Life for Mattioli

Life, the new collection of Mattioli inspired by the myth of the tree of life presented at VicenzaOro ♦ ︎ Proposing new products is a matter of life for a […]

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Brosway, collane con pendente

Hearts to sight for Brosway

Hearts multiplied in the Sight collection by Brosway, just in time for Valentine’s Day ♦ ︎ Valentine’s Day, the party of lovers and, if you want to joke a little […]

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Anello contrarié di Recarlo

Recarlo in Love for Valentine’s Day

The Anniversary Love collection by Recarlo is multiplied with the feast of lovers ♦ ︎ If Valentine’s Day is a party, it means that it is also an anniversary, that […]

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