Il PalaExpo che ospita GenGenève
Il PalaExpo che ospita GenGenève

Here is the news of GemGenève

GemGenève is back (November 4-7, Geneva) with many expectations. In this interview, available via media manager Christine Urfer, the two organizers Thomas Faerber and Ronny Totah explain the news of the event dedicated to precious stones and jewelry.

Gioielli a GemGèneve 2019. Copyright:
Gioielli a GemGèneve 2019. Copyright:

What is GemGenève’s DNA and what sets it apart from other salons?
Thomas Faerber: “GemGenève’s DNA is to adjust as closely as possible to the needs of exhibitors and visitors, whether in the timing of the show, the products offered, the stands, the reception. ”
Ronny Totah: “Each time we try to improve ourselves, to add value, to bring new things and a fresh look at our profession.
What sets it apart from other shows is undoubtedly the fact that we focus first on the need and demand for shows and only then do we produce the show. This upstream approach allows us to move forward in the organization with the certainty that the exhibitors will participate. What we mean by that is that we are not “salon producers” who then hope to fill them. This is definitely what sets us apart from others and is an integral part of our approach! ”

Thomas Faerber
Thomas Faerber

What are the major novelties of GemGenève 2021?
Ronny Totah: “The incorporation of new schools around our profession by provoking real exchanges. We had already involved young Designers, emerging talents and HEAD in our show. This year, for the first time, other schools, such as ISG Luxury Management, schools training for the Federal Certificate of Capacity (CFC) and CREA, will also have their booth in the 2021 edition and will also be able, alongside of HEAD, present their program.
What are the prospects for the fine jewelry market and how can or should the sector develop?
Thomas Faerber and Ronny Totah: “Looking at things in the long term, the future of the fine jewelry market remains bright. In terms of digitization, the market will certainly incorporate more digital, which can bring real added value when preparing for a sale. But in our branch, our “H to H” vision – human to human – remains the essence and the heart of our development. ”
Ronny Totah: “Our market is of course in the jewelry industry, but also in the field of experience in a broader sense. The future lies in pursuing and strengthening partnerships with creative people from all walks of life. For example, partnerships with schools of communication, such as CREA, of design, such as HEAD or with schools preparing for the various CFCs in the branch. These exchanges with young creators, designers and apprentices allow us to follow developments, to be aware of new trends. Our show presents precisely these new trends. We are trendsetters! In return, we offer young designers the opportunity to test their ideas in terms of business and technical requirements.
It is also in this spirit that we have invited Vivienne Becker, who returns for the third time with her Designer Vivarium, avant-garde of contemporary creation. ”
Do you use the digital channel for sales at GemGenève?
Thomas Faerber: “I’ll give the floor to Ronny on this subject, since he has developed with his team a new concept which he will present to you better than me”.
Ronny Totah: “This is the first time we are implementing a digital experimental solution, allowing visitors who cannot travel to participate in the show in real time and during the opening hours of the show. Visitors will be able to contact an exhibitor of their choice via a platform – with a host at the end – who will direct them to the desired stand. Via the digital platform, visitors will be greeted by the exhibitor in a private room, as if they were there. In addition, all GemGenève conferences will be accessible online, in streaming and deferred ”.
Tormaline a GemGèneve 2019. Copyright:
Tormaline a GemGèneve 2019. Copyright:

What are you expecting from this new edition?
Ronny Totah: “We look forward to a physical reunion with exhibitors and visitors after more than two years of absence. The resumption of this human adventure enchants us and delights us at the highest point. We are all going to be so happy to see each other again, to meet again and to chat. There will be a lot of emotion, for sure. ”
Thomas Faerber: “This health crisis makes us realize how important a trade fair like GemGenève is for the entire industry. Our exhibitors and visitors are delighted and eager to meet again for the November 2021 edition. ”
When will the next edition of GemGenève take place?
Ronny Totah: “We do not yet know with certainty the date of the next 2022 edition. We are waiting to be able to take stock of this year before deciding definitively. We are the second or third show in the world to be organized after the pandemic (after JCK Las Vegas in August 2021 and VincenzaOro last September), and the fallout from this year will allow us to plan for the next edition. Again, we will include our exhibitors in the decision process ”.

Thomas Faerber: “Personally, I wish it could take place next May with the arrival of spring, but I completely share Ronny’s opinion and we will fix the date of the new edition in agreement with all of the exhibitors. ”
What is your greatest pride?
Ronny Totah: “We were able to demonstrate to GemGenève exhibitors that our show is everyone’s.
On August 30 and September 20, we hosted two Zoom sessions attended by over 80 potential exhibitors. For our part, we were a little on the reserve and did not really think that the 2021 edition could see the light of day. During these digital meetings, we organized a survey to find out the percentage of exhibitors willing to participate in GemGenève – The Challenging Edition. To our surprise, more than 70% of exhibitors confirmed their willingness to be part of it. From that moment, we decided to take up this challenge and organize the 3rd edition of GemGenève in record time, namely in less than 6 weeks. This is the advantage of a small, responsive team close to its exhibitors. I believe that we can be proud of having been able to meet the demand of the majority of them and to demonstrate, once again, that GemGenève is indeed everyone’s trade fair.”
Thomas Faerber: “I absolutely confirm the above and take my hat off to the organizing team! “.

Thomas Faerber Confermo assolutamente quanto sopra e mi complimento con il team organizzativo!

Lo spazio riservato alla Head. Foto: G.Maillot
Lo spazio riservato alla Head. Foto: G.Maillot

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