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Pinky letters with OpsObjects

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They started out as little finger rings. But today the so-called chevaliers, the rings that once (and still today for some) carried the coat of arms of the noble family and were used as a seal to be imprinted on the sealing wax, can be worn indifferently on all fingers. And, if you don’t belong to a blue blood family, the rings don’t get engraved with the family crest, but something else. For example, a letter of the alphabet.

Anello OpsObjects
Anello Letters OpsObjects

Like the rings of the Letters line by Opsobjects, in an assortment that goes from A to Z. The letter, of course, is an important choice, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the initial one of your name. You can also choose (or give) letters that one to another, for example to those who have an important bond with you. The Letters rings are in 925 silver with yellow gold plating (price: 49 euros), and have the letters engraved in block letters. All rings are produced in Italy and handcrafted with 95% recycled silver to reduce the impact on pollution resulting from the extraction of the metal, such as water consumption, CO2 emissions and energy expenditure.
Anello lettera B
Anello lettera B

Anelli in argento placcato oro
Anelli in argento placcato oro

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