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Anelli in oro bianco e oro giallo con diamanti di laboratorio

Green breakthrough with Pandora Brilliance

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The wind of sustainability, respect for the environment and, more generally, the green has long affected the world of jewelry. This push convinced Pandora to launch a collection with lab-created diamonds and 100% recycled silver and gold. The first collection with synthetic diamonds, called Pandora Brilliance, was announced as early as 2021 and sold as an experiment only in Great Britain. After this taste, Pandora has now decided not to use any more mined diamonds and to extend the sale.

Anelli in oro bianco e oro giallo con diamanti di laboratorio
Anelli in argento e oro giallo con diamanti di laboratorio by Pandora

The future of luxury is here today. Lab-created diamonds are as beautiful as mined diamonds, but available to more people and with lower carbon emissions. We are proud to expand the diamond market and offer innovative jewelry that sets a new standard for how the industry can reduce its impact on the planet.
Alexander Lacik, CEO of Pandora

Alexander Lacik
Alexander Lacik, presidente e Ceo di Pandora

According to the Danish firm, the global diamond jewelry market is approximately $ 84 billion. Forecasts are for growth and lab-created diamonds are outpacing the industry’s overall surge. The United States is currently the largest diamond jewelry market in the world. Lab-created diamonds, Pandora recalls, are identical to mined diamonds, but are created in a lab rather than mined from a mine.
Bracciali della collezione Pandora Brilliance, bozzetto
Bracciali della collezione Pandora Brilliance, bozzetto

They have the same optical, chemical, thermal and physical characteristics and are classified according to the same standards known as 4C: cut, color, purity and carat. The diamonds created in the laboratory by Pandora are made, cut and polished using 100% renewable energy and, again according to the Danish giant, have a carbon footprint of only 8.17 kilograms of Co2e (Carbon dioxide equivalent) per carat. 5% of that required to obtain an extracted diamond.
Lab-created diamonds are created in the United States. Looking ahead, Pandora also recalls, if all diamonds were mined with the same reduced carbon footprint as diamonds created in the laboratory by Pandora, more than 6 million tons of CO2e would be saved per year, which is equivalent to replacing all cars. of New York City with electric vehicles.
Rendering degli anelli della collezione Pandora Brilliance
Rendering degli anelli della collezione Pandora Brilliance

100% recycled silver and gold
To further reduce the climate impact of jewelry, Pandora also launched the first collection with 100% recycled silver and gold. This also reduces the greenhouse gas emissions of the entry product of the collection, a silver ring with a laboratory created diamond of 0.15 carats (costs $ 300) to 2.7 kilograms of CO2e, equal to the average emissions required to produce a shirt. The flagship product, a 1-carat lab-created diamond set in a 14-karat solid gold ring (costs $ 1950), has a footprint of 10.4 kilograms of CO2e, less than the average emissions needed to make a couple of jeans.

The new collection represents a significant turning point for Pandora, as the company is committed to making all of its jewelry from recycled silver and gold by 2025. The 33-piece collection is called Pandora Brilliance and includes rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, each featuring a lab-created solitaire diamond, VS + clarity, hand-set in sterling silver, 14-karat solid yellow gold or 14-karat solid white gold . The collection will be available for purchase from 25 August in 269 Pandora stores in the United States and Canada and online at Prices start at $ 300 and each stone ranges from 0.15 to 1 carat.

Anelli Pandora indossati
Anelli Pandora indossati

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