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The Diamond Secret, Graff

Diamond Secret, Graff’s masterpiece

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The stunning Diamond Secret watch-bracelet presented by Graff at Baselworld 2018♦ ︎
What need is there to spend a lot of money on an object that show you the time, when just take a look at the smartphone? The question is wrong. Objects, jewels of excellent quality, like those of Graff are not watches: they are emotions. Not just for the amount necessary (on request) to buy a similar timepiece. But because getting the Diamond Secret, a high-jewelry bracelet that hides the dial and hands of the clock, is an achievement reserved for a few: it’s luxury, but also an object that only a small number of Maison in the world could realize. Very few.
The watch with secret has a delicate design, but above all rich. It consists of multi-layered white diamonds set in an invisible metal mesh that moves smoothly on the wrist. In short, it is not only an extraordinary bracelet composed of diamonds of different cut, marquise, round or square, but it is also comfortable to wear. Under an imperceptible and flowing mechanism, which is operated by pressing a button, a small dial is revealed, which otherwise remains completely covered by the diamonds texture. Alessia Mongrando

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