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Anello Toi et Moi con diamanti di Shay

Moi & Toi, story of a mythic ring

Moi et Toi, a shape of ring that is timeless. Like love. Here are some of the most fascinating rings Moi et Toi ♦ Two diamonds are better than one, […]

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Orecchini di Graff, copia di The Christmas Pig autografato e lettera di J.K. Rowling

Up for auction at Christie’s for charity J.K. Rowling’s earrings

Lumos maxima: Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban, the third film in the saga of the world’s most beloved wizard, opens with the words of this spell. And Lumos […]

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Le modelle Qun Ye, Aya Jones e Grace Elizabeth con collane della collezione Graffabulous

Graffabulous, Graff’s magnificent jewels

Puns, puns, are a lovable trait of the British people. The londoner super jeweler Graff also takes part in this hobby, launching his high-end collection under the name of Graffabulous, […]

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Anello a grappolo Wild Flower

Graff’s wild flowers

A rose is a rose. It is a passion flower, but also very formal. Wild field flowers, on the other hand, are freedom. And women today, more than ever, want […]

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Michele della Vallem pupazzo di neve  in cristallo di rocca smerigliato, zaffiri gialli tondi, smeraldi e rubini, smalto nero, zaffiro arancione cabochon tondo, diamanti tondi, oro bianco, giallo e annerito 18 carati

Michele della Valle & friends with Christie’s online

In view of Christmas, from 23 November to 7 December Christie’s offers an online auction entitled Jewels Online & Colorful Whimsy: Jewels by Michele della Valle. The sale includes high-end […]

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Lo stand di Graff a una edizione di Baselworld

Graff attack, data on Trump stolen and …

Can a jewel cause an international crisis? It is the risk of a hacker attack on one of the greatest jewelers, Graff. The Londoner Maison, founded by Laurence Graff and […]

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The Chrysler Diamond, diamante a forma di pera di 54,03 carati, colore D, Internally Flawless

Chrysler and The Dancing Sun, two super diamonds with Christie’s

Spring is one of the two periods of the year when large jewelery auctions are concentrated. After the one in Geneva, Christie’s offers another Magnificent Jewels auction in New York […]

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Graff, modella con collana composta da 374 diamanti bianchi e gialli

Graff’s Tribal diamonds

x There who tattoos himself tribal motifs on the skin and those who prefer a splendid diamond jewel. There is no contradiction, because the new collection of super jewels just […]

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Successful yellow in Geneva with Christie’s

Successful yellow in Geneva with Christie’s

A large 28.88 carat yellow diamond, rectangular cut, VVS2, was the precious object that obtained the highest price at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction in Geneva. The diamond was sold for […]

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Collana di diamanti su platino e oro bianco di Graff

Graff superstar at the Sotheby’s auction in Paris

Do you love Graff’s jewels? An interesting occasion presents itself for you in Paris: the Fine Jewels auction organized by Sotheby’s on 27 May. To tell the truth, the jewels […]

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A Colombian rectangular-cut emerald ring, weighing 13.53 carats

Christie’s top jewelery in Geneva

Big deals (71.3 million) and big jewels at Christie’s auctions in Geneva. And Graff buys one sapphire for 2.5 million ♦ ︎ Winter is a very hot season for precious […]

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L'anello di Graff con il Lesotho Pink

With Graff the king of pink diamonds

The rare 13.33-carat Lesotho Pink diamond becomes a 5.63-carat Graffiti ring ♦ ︎ Graff had purchased the 13.33 carat Lesotho Pink diamond for $ 8.75 million: a record for buying […]

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Lavorazione dell'orologio-bracciale Threads

For Graff it is time of diamonds

Graff’s Threads collection is enriched with watch-bracelet with diamonds ♦ ︎ For Laurence Graff, it’s always time to do something exceptional. For example, you can watch what time it is […]

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Laurence Graff con il Lesotho Primise, il 15esimo più grande gioiello del mondo

(Italiano) Monsieur Laurence Graff

Graff opens a super boutique in Paris with the treasures of the Maison of London ♦ ︎ In London it is an institution, in the world it is a myth, […]

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Il diamante Graff Lesedi La Rona

Graff’s square diamond record

This Graff’s maxi diamond weighs over 302 carats and is the largest in the world with the square cut ♦ ︎ Not always a weight loss diet is better solution, […]

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L'orologio con pavé di 60 diamanti gialli per un totale di oltre 25 carati

Graff in yellow

Preview Baselworld: the jewel watch by Graff covered with 60 yellow diamonds ♦ ︎ Preview of the news from Baselworld, the great watch and jewelery fair scheduled for the second […]

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Graff, orecchini di diamanti ispirati a Cy Twombly

Graff’s art is inspired by art

A series of unique pieces by Graff and inspired by the works of a famous artist, Cy Twombly. They are really jewelry with collectible diamonds ♦ ︎ The jewelry, when […]

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L'anello Trombino con diamante Blu di Bulgari

The 5 most expensive engagement rings ever

Engagement rings: here are the five most expensive ever celebrity gifts like Paris Hilton, Beyoncé or Grace Kelly. The one with the highest price is … ♦ What have been […]

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The Diamond Secret, Graff

Diamond Secret, Graff’s masterpiece

The stunning Diamond Secret watch-bracelet presented by Graff at Baselworld 2018♦ ︎ What need is there to spend a lot of money on an object that show you the time, […]

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Ingresso principale allo spazio espositivo di Baselworld

Baselworld 2018, selection and news

Baselworld 2018 starts with the selection. But news jewelry are not lacking ♦ ︎ “The world is changing fast. Faced with this challenge, there are only two alternatives: to grow […]

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