Anello contrarié in oro bianco 18kt con perle Australiana e Tahiti da 10 millimetri
Anello contrarié in oro bianco 18kt con perle Australiana e Tahiti da 10 millimetri

Coscia, a pearl under Vesuvius

The centuries-old tradition of pearls from Coscia, a jeweler born just 100 years ago in Torre del Greco ♦

The story is rather adventurous and dates back to 1919, when Vincenzo Coscia, left from Torre del Greco, he landed on a small island of Mozambique, where the beaches were littered with shells carnelian, the best to produce cameos. Coscia, a jewelry company that today boasts a showroom at the Center goldsmith Tari (Caserta) was born under the sign of the trip. By the search for stones and precious materials to distant shores, to the markets of New York, Cape Town, Sydney.

Anello in oro 18kt con perla d’acqua dolce a bottone di 8 millimetri, madreperla e diamanti
18kt gold ring with 8 mm freshwater button pearl, mother of pearl and diamonds

In the Fifties the business was continued by his son, Vittorio, which widens the horizon and he specializes the company in the manufacture by cultured pearls, Australian and Japanese. The activities were continued and extended over the last twenty years by Giancarlo Coscia, who modernized the company to make it suitable to face new business challenges, with lines ad hoc, as Lelune (pearl necklaces classic), or Coscia 925 (younger style , with bracelets and pendants). The company, now known abroad, maintains its roots in the Greek Tower, a town on the slopes of Vesuvius, known worldwide for producing cameos and processing of corals. But it is the pearl of the core production of Coscia. Here are some of the jewels of the most significant collections of the brand Campania.

Collana in perle australiane e di Tahiti con pendente in oro 18kt e diamanti
Australian and Tahitian pearl necklace with 18kt gold and diamond pendant
Anello in oro rosa, con diamanti e perla rosa
Ring in rose gold, with diamonds and pink pearl
Orecchini in oro bianco, perle e diamanti
Earrings in white gold, pearls and diamonds
Bracciale con perle e diamanti
Bracelet with pearls and diamonds

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