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Zelenin’s oblique wedding ring

Wedding or engagement rings that adapt to the true shape of the hand: this is the innovative idea of ​​the Russian Maison Zelenin ♦ ︎

Do this amazing experiment: look at your hand. All right, you’ve seen it since you were born. But did you observe it well? No. If you had really looked at your hand, you would have noticed that the ring finger fits on the palm with an oblique line. Seen? Have you ever noticed? Despite this, wedding or engagement rings do not consider human anatomy and are always straight, a circle that does not fit the shape of the hand.

It must be the reasoning that Olga Sutyagina and Roman Zelenin made to get to design a ring that fits the real shape of the hand. The egg of Columbus, to which, however, no one had ever thought of before the young Maison Zelenin did it. The jewelery brand is based in Kostroma, Russia, but has the ambition to be available soon in the other countries of the globe. Comfortable, adaptable to the anatomical shape of the fingers, the ring is called Deep and was presented at VicenzaOro September. And, according to the creators, the shape of the Deep ring also symbolizes deep feelings that will last forever.

Olga Sutyagina con l'anello Deep. Copyright:
Olga Sutyagina con l’anello Deep. Copyright:

One of the advantages of the Deep ring is, however, comfort: it is more easily worn and more pleasant to have on the finger, according to the experience of those who tried it. The inclined ring can be enriched in different ways, even with diamonds: Zelenin has chosen those created in the laboratory, white or colored, to spread the idea of ​​efficient luxury. Speaking of luxury: Zelenin has also created an unusual metal and stone hummingbird to testify to the concepts of skill and lightness.

Roman Zelenin. Copyright:
Roman Zelenin. Copyright:

Anelli di Zelenin
Anelli di Zelenin

Il colibri by Zelenin
Il colibri by Zelenin


  1. Thank you for the great article about our work.
    It was pleasure to meet you at VICENZAORO and share our ideas.
    All the best,
    Olga Sutyagina

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