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The 5 most expensive engagement rings ever

Engagement rings: here are the five most expensive ever celebrity gifts like Paris Hilton, Beyoncé or Grace Kelly. The one with the highest price is … ♦

What have been the five top engagement rings so far? There is no official ranking. There are even cases like that of Paris Hilton, who lost the $ 2 million engagement ring (the latest in a series) that was given to her by her fiancé and promised husband, Chris Zylka. In any case, it is possible to identify the engagement rings that have been awarded and have set a hammer price at a public auction. In short, on many rings given to actresses or famous women you can make assumptions. On these, instead, there is a certainty. So, here are the most expensive engagement rings.

What are the five top engagement rings of the world? You can establish a ranking considering the hammer price at auction or at shop. In this case, here are the winners.

L'anello Trombino con diamante Blu di Bulgari
L’anello Trombino con diamante Blu di Bulgari

The ring more expensive is signed Bulgari. On 24 April 2013, the «Trombino ring» was sold in London by auction house Bonhams to 7.9 million euro, equivalent to 9.5 million dollars. It is a ring with a 15.30 carats blue diamond. The diamond is cut to cushion within a pavé brilliant-cut diamonds and baguette cut diamonds. Blue diamonds are extremely rare. Over the last ten years, only thirty blue diamonds over five carats were beaten at auction in the world. Few if we compare with the tens of thousands of colorless diamonds sold in the same period. The blue color of the diamond is caused by trace of boron, that makes diamonds semi-conductors of electricity: the blue color is intensified when the diamond is hot. Not only: these diamonds can also become phosphorescent exposed to short wave UV light and project a red glow for a few seconds. The diamond is mounted in a ring Trombino created by Bulgari in the mid-1960s. The ring was bought by Laurence Graff, of Graff Diamonds.

Elizabeth Taylor con l'anello di fidanzamento
Elizabeth Taylor con l’anello di fidanzamento

Diamond ring by 33.19 carat Krupp and Taylor-Burton, sold for $ 8.8 million. The ring was given to Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Burton. The diamonds, Asscher-cut, has long been worn by Elizabeth Taylor, before being sold at auction by Christie’s in 2011 for a price of $ 8.8 million. Originally the ring was owned by the German actress Vera Krupp, wife of industrialist Alfred Krupp.

Beyoncé con l'anello da 5 milioni di dollari
Beyoncé con l’anello da 5 milioni di dollari

In third place is the Beyoncé’s 18-carat diamond ring valued at $ 5,000,000, a gift from rapper Jay Z. The ring is signed Lorraine Schwartz and features a diamond-cut emerald. The diamond, colorless, is recognized to be one of the best in the world.

Paris Hilton con l'anello porta jella
Paris Hilton con l’anello porta jella

In fourth place is the ring of Paris Hilton, with a 24-carat diamond worth $ 4.7 million. The heiress-starlet has received the ring from the young greek namesake  Paris Latsis. Their happiness was ended rapidly, but the 24-carat diamond with an emerald-cut mounted on a white gold band retains its charm. Paris Hilton, however, do not have it anymore: after breaking the engagement, the ring was sold at auction to raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. But for nearly half of its original price.

Grace e il classico anello Cartier
Grace e il classico anello Cartier

In fifth place the Grace Kelly’s Cartier ring , a 10:47 carat diamond, worth 4.06 million dollars, fruit of love of Prince Rainier III of Monaco. This also has an emerald cut diamond, and is known to be one of the best among those produced by Cartier.


Un momento dell'asta di Christie's
Asta da Christie’s

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