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Orecchini Positano in oro rosa 9 carati, argento

De’ Nobili, the Stars of Naples

The jewels inspired by the stars and to Positano by de ‘Nobili, Neapolitan jewelers ♦ Stardust in Naples. But it is not necessary to go to the top of Vesuvius […]

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Orecchini in oro 18 carati della collezione Colibrì

Journey into matter with Emanuela Duca

Emanuela Duca and her jewels with roots in Rome and work in New York, between the call of the earth and fantasy. From Rome to New York: a journey that […]

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Bracciale per aromaterapia indossato

The jewels that smell

The essential oils of aromatherapy combined with bracelets, necklaces and rings from the Californian company Anavia ♦ ︎ Aromatherapy is a practice of the category of alternative medicine that has […]

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Collane della collezione Cubica

Rosato with cube colors

Founded in 2004 by Simona Rosato, the eponymous brand has always focused on pendants to add to bracelets and necklaces. With the purchase by the Bros Manifatture group in 2011, […]

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Orecchini in ottone placcato argento e oro

The bijoux by Katerina Psoma

Innovative bijoux by the Greek designer Katerina Psoma, between fashion, design and classicism ♦ When she was 15 Katerina Psoma loved spending time in her mother’s fashion boutique in Athens. […]

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Collana Cyprea Bianca con zaffiri, quarzo citrino, ametrino, quarzi lemon, ametiste, perle,  australiane e giapponesi, oro bianco e diamanti

The little works of Gabriella Rivalta

Handcrafted bijoux, hand-painted pendants, fairy tale book fantasies: Gabriella Rivalta’s new jewels ♦ In Cascina Centofinestre, an old renovated rural building in the heart of Piedmont, in Monferrato, Gabriella Rivalta […]

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Orecchino singolo in acciaio, smalto e cristallo

Brosway for the summer

Be in tune with fashion, but also with the season. Two objectives that Brosway has achieved with its jewels inspired by summer, the sea, the heat and, at the same […]

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Rosé del gruppo Blackpink, volto di Tiffany

Tiffany City HardWear also in titanium

News for the summer signed by Tiffany & Co. The American company has expanded the catalog of one of its best-known collections, Tiffany City HardWear. The collection was launched in […]

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Bracciale Raspberry in oro 14 carati, zaffiri, opale

Joie DiGiovanni’s joys

Rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, Raynaud’s syndrome and colitis. It doesn’t seem like a particularly pleasant picture. But the consequences of an old car accident were, paradoxically, the spring that pushed Joie […]

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Orecchini in argento con cubic zirconia gialli

Amen, there is the sun

If there is one thing that never fails in June, July and August, at least in the Northern hemisphere of the Earth, it is the sun. Heat, brightness and longer […]

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Bracciale Defayo in bronzo con turchese

The West in Lisa Eisner’s eyes

Cheyenne. New York. Paris. Los Angeles. Former Vogue editor. Fashion expert. Rodeo photographer. Book publisher with Greybull Press. And finally, jewelry designers. Lisa Eisner, who lives and works in the […]

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Collana con ciondoli, indossata

Many charms for PdPaola

For some time, the small pendants that enrich necklaces and bracelets have been a personal manifesto of one’s character, of the preferences of the moment or, simply, of one’s mood. […]

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Anello e orecchini della collezione Vendôme indossati

Fope renews Vendôme

Fope renews the successful Vendôme collection. Here are the news ♦ ︎ Renew success without abandoning success. It seems the philosophy of Fope, Maison of Vicenza, which aims to establish […]

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Bracciale Bow in ottone e smalto

A bow for Emporio Armani

Giorgio Armani, an icon of the fashion world, reached the age of 88 without seeing his fame and creative ability tarnished, today entrusted to a solid group of designers. One […]

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Orecchini della linea Minimal Circular

Precious simplicity for Calvin Klein

Calvin Richard Klein turns 80 in 2022 (best wishes), but his signature remains fresh. The American designer, who launched the company that became simply Calvin Klein in 1968, like other […]

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Anelli aperti in alluminio, oro e pietre preziose

Villa Milano lights up summer with Lumen

Villa Milano is a jewelery shop founded in 1876 by Benvenuto Villa, goldsmith, sculptor and alchemist, who exhibited his jewels and sculptures at the great World Expositions of the time. […]

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Pesavento, bracciale con cordino nautico e cerchi in argento

Summer rainbow for Pesavento

Pesavento, a Vicenza jewelry brand, launches a Summer Capsule, In Rainbows. The rainbow is that of six bracelets in red, orange, yellow, blue, purple and white. The colored nautical cord […]

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Anello della collezione Xpandable con zaffiro dello Sri Lanka Royal Blue e smeraldi

Picchiotti expands Xpandable

The Picchiotti Xpandable collection also expands with cocktail rings ♦ The goldsmith’s art is more lavish with imagination than with technical innovation. In 99% of cases, ornaments, stones, shapes follow […]

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Collana in oro con elementi accartocciati a mano su acquamarina e perla naturale

The new jewels of Misani

Misani, a jewelry brand born in 1965 in Milan, uses a bit of everything: gold, pearls, leather, precious stones, amber, jade. The craftsmanship is testified, for example, by the use […]

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Bulgari in the Garden of Eden

Bulgari in the Garden of Eden

What do you imagine can be found in the Garden of Eden? Apples with a terrible sin included? Fortunately no. Today in the Garden of Eden you can find the […]

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