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Collane con lucchetto e chiave

Safe love with Pandora locks

New hearts for safe loves. Indeed, super safe, protected by a padlock. Pandora has decided to reserve for Valentine’s Day a series of jewels in the typical style of the […]

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Orecchini Gothic della collezione Classik in oro bianco con diamanti e zaffiri

The colorful, complex, passionated jewels of Liza Borzaya

As a child Liza Borzaya had the nickname of puppet, which in Russian is called Pinocchio. Many years later, she had the temptation to call his Maison of jewelry. Like […]

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Rosato, bracciale in argento 925%, galvanica oro rosa con cuori e cubic zirconia bianchi

The hearts of Rosato for Valentine’s Day

Hearts, many hearts, hoping that they are not broken on the most loving day of the year, February 14th. Rosato, a brand of the Bros Manifatture group, also chooses the […]

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Anello Honeycomb in oro 18 carati e diamanti

The jewels of Aaron Henry that love nature and are born in California

Jewels and nature, jewelry and the environment, jewelry and sustainability: Aaron Henry is a Californian jeweler who puts green philosophy first. But without giving up luxury. Perhaps Greta Thunberg, the […]

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Orecchini MIlagros in argento

Needle, thread and Keep Out

The sewing thimble turns into a silver pendant with Keep Out ♦ ︎ Who sews by hand, with needle and thread, knows that it is easy to sting a finger. […]

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Anello in platino con zaffiro non scaldato taglio pan di zucchero

On the waves with Waskoll

In Paris, the soft and nostalgic lines of the Orient in the jewels of the Waskoll brothers ♦ In Paris, the brothers Cyril and Kirk Waskoll are the heirs of […]

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Bracciale in oro rosa e diamanti della collezione Mosaico

Three collections of Treemme

Bracelets and elastic rings in rose gold, even with diamonds: this is the specialty of the Arezzo Treemme company ♦ Born in the fifties in the Arezzo area on initiative of […]

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Nanis, Dancing in the rain, collana e anello indossati

The 10 jewels that every woman should have

What are the jewels that every woman should have? Here are the ten jewels to close in the drawer: sooner or later they will be the right ones to wear […]

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Bracciale della collezione Eleganza in argento placcato oro rosa e perla

Miluna’s new jewels

Miluna jewels, brand of the company Cielo Venezia 1270, are made in Italy. Not only does the name of the brand refer to the love poem of a seventeenth-century Venetian […]

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Anello con placcatura oro rosa 14 carati e cubic zirconia

Pandora Timeless for Christmas

Pandora’s Christmas collection is called Timeless. In fact, time does not exist at Christmas, it is a moment in itself. But it is also a time for gifts and jewels […]

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Orecchini Holly Tile

Jewels with Lego by Emiko Oye

The elements of Lego become bijoux and jewels in the unusual interpretation of the creative Emiko Oye in San Francisco ♦ Emiko Oye is a truly original San Francisco artist: […]

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Bracciale con catena grumette

Zancan’s silver man

Jewelery for men is on the rise and recently many great Maisons have noticed it. But there are those who understood this before others, like Zancan. The Italian company specializes […]

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Anello in oro bianco con diamanti bianchi e grigi, opale

The smoke of Bibi Van Der Velde

There is the smoke of a cigarette, there is that of a fire, there is that (imaginary) that clouds the brain. But try to grab the smoke. Impossible, at least […]

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Bracciale Pan di Stelle by Trollbeads

Chocolate cookies transformed into Trollbeads bracelets

The ways of marketing are endless, as are the recipes that can be made with a little flour, sugar and chocolate. One of these involves the strange, funny, hybrid between […]

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Anello della linea Icon

Chevalier rings and Opsobjects necklaces

Rings and bracelets, necklaces from Opsobjects. The rings are the chevalier-style ones of the Icon line, while bracelets and necklaces are part of the Brilliant Attraction line. The rings are […]

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Bracciale con perle d'argento, perle d'acqua tonde e barocche, madreperla

The Ziio’s fantasy globetrotter

Ziio’s news bijoux ♦ It is fashion or jewelry? It’s fun and the desire to be different? It is fantasy or ecelttismo? Maybe all of these things put together describe […]

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Orecchini in argento con cristalli

Passavinti, all about lily

Jewelry from the affordable price of Passavinti, a brand from Florence that offers traditional production alongside to one kind more trendy ♦ ︎ Passavinti, a Florence brand, uses pearly fired […]

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Anello in argento Vinctum

Pianegonda in chains

Let’s immediately clarify a doubt that those who approach the Vinctum collection by Pianegonda can ask themselves: the meaning of the name. The Bros Manifatture brand, in its second life, […]

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Anello in oro bianco 18 carati, con smeraldi, zaffiri rosa, gialli e blu

Pasquale Bruni adds colors to Aleluià

The ancient Hebrew word Alleluia indicates an acclamation of praise to God, but more prosaically it is used as a sign of jubilation: and what happiness can equal that of […]

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Orecchini in argento Tiffany Supreme

Tiffany gets on Supreme’s skateboard

Tiffany gets on the skateboard. Or, better, on that of Supreme, an American clothing and skateboarding brand, which caters to the cultures of lovers of the tablet with wheels, hip […]

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