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The platinum ring with three smells

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A Norwegian artist and a German designer-designer have designed a ring that emanates three fragrances ♦ ︎
What can be the scent of a jewel? Now, at least in one case, it can be established. The idea is of the Norwegian artist Sissel Tolaas, who together with designer and goldsmith Georg Hornemann have created a unique piece as a meditation about the odor world. The smells are not just pleasant or unpleasant sensations, but they condition people’s lives as well as affect their behavior. Georg Hornemann has studied various types of odor containers. And he thought of recreating a jewel inspired by the rings containing poison, used by noblemen in the Renaissance. At the same time, Sissel Tolaas, an artist who has worked with smells for years, has designed three fragrances that have special goals: provoking attraction, distraction, or attention.
Through a rotating mechanism inside the jewel, the intensity of each smell can be controlled. A mechanism allows to recharge the ring. But it’s not a toy: the ring is made entirely of platinum and is available in only six specimens. The price is 18,000 euros. Federico Graglia

Il disegno dell'anello di platino
Il disegno dell’anello di platino
L'anello di Sissel Tolaas e Georg Hornemann
L’anello di Sissel Tolaas e Georg Hornemann

Sissel Tolas nel suo laboratorio
Sissel Tolas nel suo laboratorio

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