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Theodora’s lines

in vetrina
Anello Entos in argento placcato oro e diamanti, indossato

In Athens, the designer Theodora Daraklitsa creates jewelry outside the box. And she surprises ♦ ︎ Theodora is a Greek designer from Athens, one of those cities in the world that concentrates a large number of highly creative jewelry makers. To this elite of innovators belongs Theodora Daraklitsa, who founded her brand Theodora D. She…

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The classical Greece of Christina Soubli

in bracciale/COLLANE/vetrina
Orecchini in oro 22 carati ispirati all'antico strumento musicale greco, la lira

The proposals by Christina Soubli, a Greek designer who combines tradition with modern jewelry trends ♦ Greece, a holiday destination, home of classical philosophy and, unfortunately, in recent years has also been at the center of the difficult geopolitical chronicle. But Christina Soubli, a Greek designer, daughter of art, thinks of the Hellas of the…

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Alkemeya’s alchemy

Anello in oro 18 carati con ametista menta

For Greek mythology, Daphne was a nymph associated with fountains, wells, springs, rivers, streams and other bodies of fresh water. And this is because, for a charm by Cupid, she was harassed by the god Apollo who wanted to make love with her. For this she asked her father, the river god Penaeus, of her…

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The time of Oxette

in ANELLI//COLLANE/Orecchini
Orecchini della collezione Optimism in metallo placcato oro e cristalli di cubic zirconia

The jewelry imaginative and accessible arriving from Greece proposed by Oxette. It’s a shame when about a brand you know little. That is, if he sees the production, of course, but you do not know either owners or designers, who apparently prefer to remain in the shadows. It’s a shame because the greek Oxette brand,…

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The Lesson of Fotini Psarouli

in vetrina
Anello con piccole perle e quarzo lemon

Fotini Psarouli, a modern jewel teacher in ancient Athens ♦ ︎ From years, Greek jewelry is one of the most innovative. There are many designers who have appeared on the international scene with jewels of a very modern style, usually with the preference for geometric shapes, as if the ancient architecture of Greece of Fidia…

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The curves of Myrto Anastasopoulou

in ANELLI/Orecchini/vetrina
Anelli impilabili in oro e tormaline

The bold curves and rigorous geometries of Myrto Anastasopoulou, designer in Athens ♦ Myrto Anastasopoulou she is a Greek designer. The country that originated an architecture that is imitated until today and is considered to be the cradle of Western civilization, now is curiously the cradle of a modern design, which has nothing to do with…

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Jean Prounis, the new antiquity

in COLLANE/vetrina
Bracciale in oro e perle South Sea

The new ancient jewels by Jean Prounis in New York, with the thought of the classic Greece ♦ Jean Prounis is a young woman and designer from New York. Better to specify sex, because in the French language Jean is a male name (the female version is Jeanne). But in the American melting pot the…

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The freedoms of Diane Kordas

in ANELLI/vetrina
Anello con motivo pelle di pitone in oro e bordi in rodio nero, topazi

The traditions and geometries of the jewels designed by Diane Kordas, of Greek origin and Anglo-Saxon culture ♦ Diane Kordas explains that she wants to create jewelry with simple designs, but with a touch of modern glamor, to make each piece unique and at the same time rich. The mix used by the designer reflects…

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The Greek tradition of Lalaounis

in vetrina
Orecchini Honeycomb in oro e citrini

Athens-based jeweler Lalaounis interprets the ancient Greek tradition of jewelry ♦ In Athens Ilias Lalalounis is a classic almost like the Parthenon. He is a few years younger, however: the founder of the jewelry at the foot of the Acropolis was born in 1920, into a family of goldsmiths and watchmakers from Delphi now in…

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The Greek-American jewels of Christina Alexiou

Cuore intagliato in tormalina rosa-verde

From Athens to New York, from psychology to jewelry: Christina Alexiou is a designer who decided to combine Plato with Geronimo, and she has come a long way. She combines, in fact, some aspects of the aesthetics of her native country with that of the Native Americans. On the other hand, she explains, Greece has…

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Etho Maria, high jewelery with a Greek accent

in ANELLI/vetrina
Anello multi band con diamanti e ceramica

Etho Maria, Greek expression that sounds like “come here Maria” is an international jewelry brand originating from Athens, Greece, where it still has a headquarters. But today it also has branches in Milan and Florida. Etho Maria, a brand born in 1992 as Lithos, shuns so much to make its history known, and to give…

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Double core for Venyx

Collana con smeraldi Muzo, opali, ametiste, zaffiri

New jewels by the Greek designer Eugenie Niarchos and her Venyx, which also launched a collaboration also in the fashion industry ♦ ︎ Eugenie Niarchos and fashion designer Saloni Lodha return to work together (and it’s the second time). The duo’s new collection is called The Bond girl and is dedicated to all the women…

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Ileana Makri’s blades of grass

in ANELLI/bracciale/COLLANE/vetrina
Orecchini a cerchio in oro giallo lucido e smeraldi

Green and the Greek sun in the Grass collection by Ileana Makri: gold and emeralds with a pinch of champagne diamonds ♦ ︎ The Greek islands, immersed in an intense blue of Mediterranean Sea, seem burned to the tourists who crowd their sunny beaches during the summer. But actually they are green the rest of…

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By Anastazio a mythical collection

in Argento/Orecchini/vetrina
Anello in oro con ametista

The ancient myth of Meander in the jewelery collection of the Greek designer Anastazio ♦ ︎ Greece, in addition to being a popular tourist destination, is the country where western culture was born. There is no need to disturb the philosophy of Plato & c., The architecture of Fidia, the literature of Homer, the theater…

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Evans, jewelry from Olympus

in Design/Orecchini
Orecchini in oro con zaffiri blu

Ancient Greece and modern Greece in the jewels of Evans Collection, brand of Athens ♦ ︎ Anatol is a jewelery brand founded in Athens in 1974 by designer Anatol Rouli. It is a company with many activities, from wholesale to retail. In Greece it operates through two main shops in Kifisia (northern Attica) and Golden…

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Etho Maria dancing at Rihanna’s arm


A bracelet by high-jewelery Greek maison Etho Maria worn by Rihanna at Barbados ♦ ︎ Takis Etho, a Greek designer who founded Ethno Maria in Athens in 1992, can be satisfied. Rihanna, in fact, wore a bracelet from the Maison of Athens during the Rihanna Drive Ceremony that took place on November 30 in Barbados,…

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VicenzaOro becomes more international

in news
L'ingresso a VicenzaOro January 2017

VicenzaOro increasingly international. And in September show of Greek designers. Now is the time of the final. Disassembled the stands, VicenzaOro has come to terms with the numbers of the winter edition of what is one of the leading trade fairs for the jewelry industry. Result: stable despite the crisis, mainly due to the foreign…

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Elena Votsi, Hydra myth

in vetrina
Anello di Elena Votsi

Designing jewelry, watching the sea, feeling the breeze of creativity that is driven by the waves to the shores of Hydra, Greek Aegean island where there is a design myth, Elena Votsi. As a mythological character, the designer has gathered around herself many faithful followers. And recently the giant of stones and jewelery, Gemfield, has…

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The philosophy of Anastazio

in vetrina
Anello in oro, diamanti e citrino

Anastazio Kotsopoulos is the founder and creative director of the jewelry brand based in Athens that bears his name, Anastazio. It is one of the emerging designers of large patrol of Hellenic jewelers. He started working with his older brother, Agis Kostopoulos, who acted as his teacher. The debut was a success, took place through…

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