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Spilla con perle finte e strass

Karl Lagerfeld’s jewels for Chanel at auction

After the Christmas break, jewelry auctions are back. And Christie’s from January 14th to 29th offers an online sale dedicated to Chanel jewelery that was part of Susan Gutfreund’s property. […]

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Rendering di Hour Universe

Goodbye Baselworld, Hour Universe arrives

Hour Universe. The after Baselworld is (also) a play on words. Hour, an English word that indicates the time span of 60 minutes, also resembles to ours. In short, a […]

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Tessa Packard, orecchini Mr Pig in oro bianco, onice, ceramica e quarzo rosa

Precious ceramics

Is it reliable to buy a ceramic jewel? Are ceramic jewels fragile? Here is the answer ♦ Durable, very resistant and incredibly light: the use of ceramic in jewelry is […]

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Bulgari, anello tubogas in oro

Luxury jewelry? Vivrelle lends them to you

Would you like to show off a Bulgari jewel, but you don’t have enough money to buy it? Or maybe you prefer Van Cleef & Arpels? Or, again, by Cartier? […]

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Padiglione 1 di Baselworld. Copyright: gioiellis.com

Farewell Baselworld also for Rolex, Chopard and …

It is the end of an era, that of Baselworld. What happened now, until three or four years ago seemed unthinkable. Perhaps the fair will attempt a relaunch, no one […]

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Chanel, bracciale in oro bianco, diamanti, onice

The Tweed de Chanel high jewelery collection

Do not associate tweed with Old England atmospheres or hunting trips worthy of Downton Abbey: this fabric is golden for Chanel. But not only because tweed is a timeless material […]

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Orecchini con rubini sintetici e diamanti

Seaman Schepps story

Short history of the great American designer Seaman Schepps, a master of color ♦ ︎ There are designers who have a resounding success for a shorter or longer period. And […]

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Bulgari, collana Serpenti con ametista, smeraldi, turchesi e diamanti

Necklaces with the knot

Adjustable necklaces, necklaces with a knot, necklaces with the string: this is why to choose this type of jewel ♦ Almost always long and thin, sometimes very precious, the necklace […]

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Bracciale della linea ispirata al folklore russo

Chanel high jewelry inspired by Russia

Chanel’s new fine jewelry collection: Le Paris Russe de Chanel ♦ ︎ In 1924 Coco Chanel launched the eau de parfum Cuir de Russie. It is not a random name. […]

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Chanel, collana di diamanti con rubino

A new camellia for Chanel

Chanel’s new high jewelery collection inspired by the camellia flower ♦ ︎ It is when there is winter that one thinks more of spring. As in Chanel’s new high jewelery […]

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Chanel, anello con leone scolpito in cristallo di rocca, oro bianco e diamante

Lions under the sign of Chanel

A new collection of jewelry roars with Chanel: Sous le Signe du Lion ♦ ︎ The lion roars for the third time. And the majestic sound of the king of […]

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Bracciale Évocation Floreale, in oro bianco, rubini e diamanti

Chanel, Coromandel high jewelry

High jewelry by Chanel: the Coromandel collection inspired by Chinese panels decorated with lacquer designs ♦ ︎ If you do not know where the name comes from, here’s the explanation: […]

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Bracciale in oro giallo, diamanti, topazio orange

The new lions of Chanel

The high-jewelery collection L’Esprit du Lion, signed Chanel ♦ ︎ Chanel’s lion returns. A proud and noble animal, the lion has always been an icon that the French Maison uses […]

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Chanel, collier di diamanti e zaffiri

Chanel, the high jewelery is sailing

The high jewelery signed by Chanel sail with the Duke of Westminster ♦ ︎ The fashion show in Paris is also the occasion for many great Maison to present the […]

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Collezione Coco Avant Chanel, oro bianco e diamanti

Chanel stops time

High jewelry on the wave of tradition by Maison Chanel. The name of collection: Coco Avant Chanel. Coco Chanel divided in two by the time: before and after. The first […]

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Spilla degli anni Settanta

Auction throughout Chanel

In Paris a sale of 440 jewels, all signed Chanel. If you are Chanel fans get ready: the French house auction Druot organize for October 10 the sale of necklaces, […]

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Chanel, harvest of diamonds

Chanel, harvest of diamonds

Few know that Gabrielle Chanel, founder of the homonymous Maison, was a woman who does not disown her peasant origins. Indeed, she had a way of expressing her passion for […]

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The look of Keira Knightley with Chanel

The look of Keira Knightley with Chanel

Chanel Joaillerie has a new face: Keira Knightley, British actress who is the new ambassadress of the Parisian Maison. She has a link with the french house: she has already been […]

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Montre à Secret Signature Morganite

What brilliant hours with Chanel

To start 2016, Chanel introduced Signature de Chanel (we talked about here). At Baselworld the Maison has decided to insist on quilted style, as the iconic quilted handbag named 2.55. […]

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La grande backlace di Signature del Chanel

The mini signatures by Chanel

We have already anticipated the new collection of Chanel for 2016, called Signature de Chanel (http://gioiellis.com/i-gioielli-2-55-di-chanel/). It is dedicated to that particular type of work quilt that was used for the […]

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