Bracciale rigido della collezione Paillettes
Bracciale rigido della collezione Paillettes

Sea version sequins with Chantecler

Wear sequins at the seaside? Not exactly the ideal kind of match. But wearing Chantecler jewels, but it’s better not on the beach, is another thing. The Maison of Capri has the Paillettes line among its collections, with a version that seems suitable to be worn in an elegant seaside resort. It is a series of jewels that are part of the collection, characterized by the use of a pavé of deep blue sapphires, which are combined with 18-karat yellow gold. The jewels present the precious stones on one side and the Chantecler logo, the stylized gold rooster, on the lower surface. In some cases the jewels have a touch of sea blue enamel.

Collana in oro e zaffiri blu della collezione Paillettes
Necklace in gold and blue sapphires from the Paillettes collection

The jewels, for example the bracelets, also hide a titanium core, to preserve the flexibility and non-deformability of the metal. The design of the collection is made up of many round elements, which in the case of the bracelets are proposed in sequence. A style that recalls, in fact, the shape of the sequins.

Anello in oro, smalto e zaffiri
Ring in gold, enamel and sapphires
Bracciale flessibile in oro giallo e zaffiri blu
Flexible bracelet in yellow gold and blue sapphires
Collana con pendente fronte e retro
Necklace with front and back pendant
Orecchini a bottone in oro giallo e zaffiri
Yellow gold and sapphire stud earrings

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