Il ciondolo-caleidoscopio di Drutis Jewellery
Il ciondolo-caleidoscopio di Drutis Jewellery

Drutis Jewelery’s Ukrainian kaleidoscope

The kaleidoscope was invented in 1814 in England by Sir David Brewster. He would never have guessed that two centuries later that little telescope containing hypnotic geometric figures of crystals would be transformed into jewels. The credit for this idea goes to the Ukrainian Maison founded by Elena (mother) and Dana (daughter) Drutis. Drutis’ business is based in Odessa and, also because of the hateful war, also in London. The jewelry of the Ukrainian Maison is full of innovations capable of combining jewelry with technology and engineering. Making a real micro kaleidoscope, which works perfectly (we tried it) in gold and pavé set with diamonds or gems is not simple.

Il ciondolo-caleidoscopio di Drutis Jewellery. Copyright:
Drutis Jewellery’s kaleidoscope pendant. Copyright:

The kaleidoscope is a beautiful jewel that also turns into a game that takes you back to childhood, as well as the precious idea of freedom. Not only. Those who buy Drutis Jewelery’s kaleidoscope also have the opportunity to design their own piece, as well as collect something to pass down from generation to generation. Among the unusual jewels of the Odessa brand there is also the mUAvement Ring, a jewel that recalls the internal mechanisms of a watch.

Il mUAvement Ring indossato. Copyright:
The mUAvement Ring. Copyright:

In the center is a clear, natural Volyn topaz. It is a gemstone mined in Ukraine. As well as the ring gear was made of Melitopol steel and Ukrainian nickel. The ring is set in gold. The idea of jewels that move, which become something that is not only admired, but touched and distracted, is also realized in the Salomone ring. In this case, stones or metal elements slide inside a groove.

Elena Drutis indossa collane e ciondoli caleidoscopio
Elena Drutis wears kaleidoscope necklaces and pendants. Copyright:
Caleidoscopio Victory in oro bianco e pavé di diamanti
Victory kaleidoscope in white gold and pavé diamonds
Caleidoscopio Sea Candy in oro giallo e gemme
Sea Candy kaleidoscope in yellow gold and gems
Anello Salomon in oro 9 carati, platino, smeraldi sintetici
Salomon ring in 9 carat gold, platinum, synthetic emeralds
L'anello mUAvement Ring, con un topazio Volyn
The mUAvement Ring, with a Volyn topaz

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