Bracciali di Atelier Vm
Bracciali di Atelier Vm

Author film for the Essenziale by Atelier VM

Jewelery and art-house cinema. The Milanese brand Atelier VM has signed a collaboration with the directors Alberto Caffarelli and Matteo Erenbourg of the Alterazioni Video collective. Objective: to make a film in five episodes L’Essenziale, Welded Love Stories. The link with auteur cinema concerns the selection at the Milan Fashion Film Festival of the video, which according to the authors is a tribute to Jean Luc Godard, the French avant-garde director, one of the prominent names of the Nouvelle Vague who recently passed away. The directors have decided to reproduce some cult scenes from his films. The Essential, on the other hand, is the jewel-symbol of Atelier VM.

Bracciali L'Essenziale
L’Essenziale bracelets

The jewels in the videos are found on the wrists of two women of different generations, probably a grandmother with her granddaughter, while they wash their hands or exchange a caress, or in the arms of two friends (perhaps lovers?) while they read, play and they laze on the terrace, and again on the bodies of two lovers waking up, on the hands of three bewildered friends at the bar and, finally, worn by a girl who lets herself go in a wild and liberating dance.

La locandina del film L'Essenziale
The poster of the film L’Essenziale

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