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48 ciak for Recarlo

The love statement (with ring) seen by 42 filmmakers for Recarlo ♦ ︎
There is nothing better than a video to communicate something. There is nothing better than a ring to communicate love. The union between these two factors is the contest has involved 42 filmmakers from 11 countries, including Italy, the United States, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Spain and Russia. The young directors have produced 48 short films. Promoter of this film festival is Recarlo. The theme of the movies was, in fact, a story where the protagonist is Anniversary, a ring by Piedmont Maison and, of course, he and she. The lonely is the 18ct white gold ring with round cut diamond, the classic engagement ring. Every filmmaker has interpreted the fateful moment of the ring statement in a different way: there are those who chose the classic romantic atmosphere, who used a bit of humor, who opted for the surprise.
The winner was Photo Boot, a film by Russian director Andranik Saatchyan: the action takes place in a photo box, selfie style. The second acknowledgment went to Night Light by Italian director Marcello Di Noto, which transforms a homely intimacy into an exciting statement with a sixties soundtrack. On the podium also Il Sogno Recarlo, signed by another Italian, the actor and filmmaker Giulio Scarano. Here are the movies.

L'anello Anniversary di Recarlo
L’anello Anniversary di Recarlo

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