Fiere — May 17, 2018 at 4:00 am

VicenzaOro widens

Italian Exhibition Group presents the project that gives more space to the exhibition center that hosts VicenzaOro ♦ ︎
A strategic plan to make VicenzaOro shine more. Italian Exhibition Group presented a redevelopment project for the Vicenza exhibition center, centered in particular on the reference event for the jewelery sector. It is not a minor intervention: the investment is 35 million euros and provides for the radical redevelopment of Pavilion 2. The project is ready and will be realized by the architect Volkwin Marg, partner of the GMP studio Von Gerkan, Mark & Hamburg partner. The pavilion surface will be 26 thousand square meters. It will be built on two levels, against the current five, and will be equipped with functional and sustainable technologies.
The intervention decided by Ieg, a company that should face the listing on the stock market (permitting markets) next year, starts from the investment that, in 2015, was carried out on Hall 7. It was an intervention that allowed VicenzaOro to redesign the map of exhibitors in homogeneous communities, and to develop the The Boutique Show format. After some initial grumbling by some exhibitors who had to move from their usual position, the new formula was unanimously considered a positive evolution. In the last editions Vicenza has thus achieved a very high level of employment, equal to over 98%, while the demand for space on the part of exhibitors continues to grow.
Many of the commodity communities explain to Ieg, from that of high-end brands to the world of quality production, to gems and fashion and design jewelery, they show great potential for growth. With the intervention decided VicenzaOro should offer them more space.

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