Anello con topazio. Copyright:
Anello con topazio. Copyright:

The unconventional design of Shavarsh Hakobian

On the border between West and East, Armenia has the possibility of using different languages, or choosing original mixes. This is the path followed by Shavarsh Hakobian, a jewelry designer based in the capital, Yerevan. Shavarsh decided to combine the precious elements of jewels with original shapes and unconventional materials, such as wood, leather, fabrics, tusk, butterfly wings. Since 2008, when he launched his brand, Shavarsh Hakobian Jewelry, he has been making unique or limited edition jewelry for women or men. The creative process also passes through wax sculpture, which broadens the creative possibilities.

Anello in oro bianco, diamanti e perla di Tahiti
Ring in white gold, diamonds and Tahitian pearl. Copyright:

Everything that surrounds me can become a source of inspiration for the creation of a jewel, be it a beautiful piece of music, a butterfly landing on a flower, a particular part of a building, or the movement of a clock mechanism.
Shavarsh Hakobian

Shavarsh Hakobian. Copyright:
Shavarsh Hakobian. Copyright:

The Armenian jewelry designer debuted at GemGenève with ten rings from the two new Muses and Butterflies collections, made especially for the event in the Swiss city. The Muses collection features architecturally inspired lyre-shaped rings, balancing organic and industrial shapes. All the rings in this collection are dedicated to women who supported him in his artistic journey. The Butterflies collection showcases the designer’s interpretations of the butterfly motif. Some rings also feature movable elements, adding an engineering touch to the jewelery design.

Anello Narine della collezione Muses
Narine ring from the Muses collection
Anello della collezione Butterfly
Ring from the Butterfly collection
Anello della collezione Butterfly in oro bianco e giallo, perla di Tahiti
Ring from the Butterfly collection in white and yellow gold, Tahitian pearl
Anello in oro bianco con diamanti blu, con elemento circolare mobile. Copyright:
White gold ring with blue diamonds, with mobile circular element. Copyright:
Anello Natasha
Natasha ring

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