Orecchini con diamanti, zaffiri e tormalina paraiba
Orecchini con diamanti, zaffiri e tormalina paraiba

The East-West in Michelle Ong’s Carnet

Michelle Ong was named one of the 15 most influential women in Hong Kong. Promotes the art of Italian Renaissance. And she is also the designer of the refined Maison Carnet ♦

You don’t need to fly to Hong Kong to learn who is Michelle Ong. The designer founded Carnet together to Israeli Avi Nagar in 1985. Since then he has become a kind of Jar of East. So much so that the legendary Joel Arthur Rosenthal gave her compliments and has written for her the preface of a book by Vivienne Becker that collected the images of the work of the designer. His curiosity has produced a strange cross between Art Nouveau and  Ming tradition. Actually the two terms simplify a lot of the complexity of the creativity of Michelle Ong. In reality, what matters of most it’s see the virtuosity to jewelry with great and precious stones. His pieces, not surprisingly, are appreciated by those who can and want to show off their fine jewelry, like the soprano Renee Fleming and Kate Winslet.

Orecchini con tanzanite, rubellite, tormalina, zaffiri e diamanti
Earrings with tanzanite, rubellite, tourmaline, sapphires and diamonds

On his style they were wasted many adjectives: stately, exuberant, expressive … But the truth is that with a few words don’t sum up a production so dense it is very difficult. And to say that Michelle Ong is self-taught. She started designing jewelry as a hobby. He loves perfectionism: even after reaching the success continues to follow closely the artisans who make her designs. “The materials we use are a means to an end,” she explained. The absence of a school behind her also has advantages: for example, the Hong Kong designer began using the titanium 17 years ago, in advance of the others. Here are some pieces of her production.

Spilla a forma di conchiglia in oro bianco 18 carati e diamanti
Shell-shaped brooch in 18K white gold and diamonds

Michelle Ong is also a refined art lover. She has been appointed president of the Marco Polo Society, a non-profit organization that promotes cultural exchanges between Italy, Hong Kong, Macao and mainland China. And in the city, her former British colony, she promoted Shaping the Human Body: Florentine Sculpture of the Italian Renaissance, an exhibition of ten key masterpieces of the period, at the University of Hong Kong.

Spilla a forma di farfalla con diamanti, rodolite
Butterfly-shaped brooch with diamonds, rhodolite
Orecchini a forma di foglie con diamanti colorati
Leaf-shaped earrings with colored diamonds
Spilla con diamante nero briolette, tormalina violacea briolette, 260 rubini e zaffiri rosa
Brooch with black briolette diamond, purplish briolette tourmaline, 260 rubies and pink sapphires
Collana con pendente di diamanti e smeraldi
Diamond and emerald pendant necklace
Il libro Carnet scritto da Vivienne Becker e edito da Thames&Hudson
The book Carnet written by Vivienne Becker and published by Thames&Hudson


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