Acqua preziosa, anello chevalier in oro bianco con zaffiri ( 8,69 carati) e diamanti (0,69 carati)

Stefan Hafner under microscope

Three days to choose sapphires, three months to realize the ring chevalier Precious water by Stefan Hafner: the drop stones, prawls setting, were placed in the specified order to control the movement and adjust it with the joints that are locked in a asymmetrically. This movable fringe is connected with rigid part of the jewel harmonically without interruption between the drop stones and round sapphires set with bits applied on the base ring. And then there is the mechanism of the size, ie the spring inside the stem, which required a month of study to be able to build a ring with an internal spring which would make it flexible and therefore adaptable to the size of another finger in addition to pinkie, without weighing on the hand. So, technique is fine, but without losing lightness, softness and delicacy. Monica Battistoni

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