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The playful fantasy of Zorab

Anello a forma di toro in oro e gemme

Rings inspired by animals, precious stones, jewels rich in colors: these are the high jewelery creations of Zorab, a Maison in Bangkok ♦ There are many Maison with high-sounding names that support secretly good part of their production to the Bangkog jewelry artisans. It is know, but never say it. Not surprisingly, therefore, that Zorab,…

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In the new age with Ark

Anello Aura Lalita Viola, in oro, smalto trasparente e zaffiro al centro

Ann Korman, designer of Los Angeles among jewelry and Indian mysticism with her brand Ark ♦ ︎ Take journalism, yoga and jewelry: mix it up and add oriental spirituality. Then, free your creativity. This is how Ark, the jewelery brand founded by Ann Korman in Los Angeles, was born. A story that has, precisely, these…

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Ayva, colors for manager

Anello doppio dito in oro 18 carati con diamanti, zaffiri gialli e bianchi, tormalina

The new jewels by Priyanka Kedia, founder of Ayva, queen of the compositions with small gems ♦ Responsible for strategic inventory distribution, implementation of new tools and processes, order management, inventory projections, demand and production. Again: responsible for identifying risky stocks … How can an expert logistics manager turn into a designer who proposes exquisite…

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The high jewelery blooms with La Fleur

Anello con zaffiro giallo

The jewelery pieces signed by La Fleur Jewels. Made in Bangkog, it’s hard to guess it, but… ♦ ︎ To say that La Fleur Jewels does not exist is probably wrong. But try searching this company online: you will waste time. Behind La Fleur Jewels, headquartered in Bangkoh, there is one of the many jewelery…

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Diamonds? I’ll explain how to avoid bad purchases

Esame di un diamante a un precedente Dubai Jewellery Show

Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires: which is their value? How to recognize them? Some people buy them to make up for something, someone to love, for others is a safe haven investment. Whatever the motivation, the opinion of an expert is crucial. Mainly because when it comes to diamonds, there are parameters which are a kind…

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Leonori to the top

Anello doppio con diamanti e zaffiri gialli

Leonori’s high jewelery, an Italian Maison that is high ranking as the bigs ♦ ︎ In Forlì, Emilia Romagna, a stone’s throw from the beaches of the Adriatic Riviera, Cesare Boccalatte manages to offer high jewelery. And this is not a way of saying. To create rings with fantastic emeralds, diamonds and sapphires is Leonori…

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The new Picchiotti color bracelet

Bracciale in oro con zaffiri, inserti in ceramica

Picchiotti is one of the great Italian Maison of high jewelery. Founded in 1967 by Giuseppe Picchiotti, it has established itself for the high quality of its jewels and for a recognizable style. By the way: this article is not the result of a commercial relationship with Picchiotti, but it is a free judgment. The…

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The crown jewels of Holland

Even the royals of Holland can boast a good number of important jewels. Here are what are ♦ Maxìma di Olanda was included by Time magazine among the 100 most influential people of Earth, due to its social commitment. And she looks as a lucky woman: she married a prince, she became queen and now also has…

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All about sapphires 

Anello a fascia in oro bianco 18 carati, pavé di diamanti e zaffiro ovale

Things to know about the sapphire, one of the most beloved precious gems, as well as stone of the month of September ♦ Sapphires have always been associated with romance and royalty. No coincidence that one of the most famous is the St. Edward’s Sapphire, which dates back to the 11th century and is set…

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The Ottoman myth of Sevan Biçakçi

Anello in oro 24 carati con quarzo e zaffiro

From Turkey, the jewels that have inherited the Ottoman Empire charm, by Sevan Biçakçi ♦ Sevan Biçakçi is a designer wich a style so unique that it can not be compared with any other. Maybe because his carving on translucent materials, performed with dental instruments, is so careful to leave no words. The fact is…

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Black sapphires for Suzanne Kalan

Anello in oro giallo, zaffiri neri e diamanti

She is famous above all for two characteristics: the use of white diamonds or colored sapphires and for the stones invariably cut into baguettes. Now, however, Suzanne Kalan extends a new variant in her collections: black sapphire. The first jewels, presented at the very beginning of spring, are designed to be stackable, a feature also…

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The circles of Carlo Barberis

Anelli con diamanti, rubini e smeraldi

Circles, simple rounds. Which become elaborate if colors and weaves are added to the geometric shape. The Circle collection of the Maison of Valenza Carlo Barberis is among the freshest created by the company’s designers. The circular shape, instead of constituting the volume of the jewel, is simply represented on two dimensions, that is on…

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Hydrangeas and poppies with Stenzhorn

Anello Hortensia con diamanti e rubini

Hydrangeas and poppies: it is difficult for these two different flowers to be united in the same bouquet, together with the daisies. The German Maison Stenzhorn, however, unites them in two different lines that are made with the same elements: white gold, diamonds and rubies or sapphires. For this reason, even if the shape of…

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The Petit gardens of Pasquale Bruni

Orecchini con zaffiri rosa

One of Pasquale Bruni‘s novelties concerns the collection that was launched four years ago, at Baselworld 2016, but which has now been renewed. The jewels are variations on the theme of the Secret Gardens collection. From that collection, in fact, the spin-off Petit Garden blossomed. Leaves and flowers are always the dominant motif, along with…

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Black, Starr & Frost, America’s oldest jeweler

Anello con smeraldo colombiano taglio pan di zucchero di 45 carati

Few know this, but the oldest jeweler in the United States is not Tiffany, but Black, Starr & Frost. It was founded over 200 years ago (in 1810), and in the meantime it has provided splendid jewels to the American nabobs: Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Canegis, Guggenheim, but also to the Prince of Windsor. The Maison was…

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Morphée Joaillerie is Prêt-à-Briller

Orecchino coleottero e orecchino in oro bianco e diamanti

A very personal flower garden, with small beetles that shuttle between one petal and another. It is the subject of the new collection of the French brand Morphée Joaillerie. The collection actually has a more fashionable name: Prêt-à-Briller. As in a garden, the idea of ​​the collection is to use the jewels in a natural…

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The free diamonds by Glik

Anello con zaffiro rosa e diamanti

From Brazil to New York, vacuum precious stones and furniture by Moritz Glik ♦ For Moritz Glik (don’t be fooled by the German-Polish name: he’s a Brazilian-born jeweler, where he started as a shoe designer, but has lived in New York since the 1990s), there is nothing more magical than the sparkle of diamonds. free…

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Couple corners

Orecchini in oro giallo e diamanti

Sharp or very rounded: these are the jewels of Kavant & Sharart, between Thailand and the United States ♦ ︎ Thailand is a special land where jewels grow like wild berries. In short, it is one of the countries in the world where the art of jewelery thrives and multiplies. One of the fruits is…

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Tiffany ring, mystery setting and trilogy

Anello trilogy di De Beers

The three techniques of jewelry that you absolutely must know if you do not want to make bad figures. The first is … ♦ There are jewels that have marked an era. Which have been copied, imitated, and made famous by famous people. In short, milestones in the history of jewelry that you absolutely must…

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New spirals for Gobbi

Orecchini Rainbow in oro bianco e zaffiri

A spiral can lead up or down, it depends on the point of view: those of Gobbi’s jewels, instead, bring color. The pieces of Gobbi’s new Rainbow collection, which takes up the style of the Fairytale line presented between years ago, are made of white gold and multicolor sapphires (yellow, pink, blue). All the jewels…

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