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Controllo del reattore al plasma CVD che produce diamanti ​​in laboratorio

Laboratory diamonds unknown to young people

While sales of lab-grown, ie synthetic, diamonds are on the rise, the concept of artificial stones may not be clear among buyers. Especially if the diamonds created by machines are […]

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Orecchino singolo Bohéme in oro e diamanti

Naked (and sparkling) diamonds with Persée

Do you want to know which jewel is right for you? Start with your date of birth. The method chosen by the Parisian Maison Persée is at least unusual: on […]

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Asscher, orecchini Pavo con diamanti taglio Asscher

The secret of Asscher house

The diamond jewels of the Asscher dynasty, which gaves its name to one of the most famous types of cut of the most precious stones ♦ Many know Asscher because […]

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Orecchini con diamanti di laboratorio Lightbox di De Beers

The price of laboratory diamonds is dropping

Diamonds created in a laboratory, but it would be more accurate to say in a factory, conquer many buyers. They are completely identical, from a chemical point of view, to […]

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Anello trilogy in oro bianco con diamanti cresciuti in laboratorio

Freelight Diamond, the free interpretation of luxury

From coral to gold, from gold to diamonds. But those created in the laboratory. The story of Lux Coral, an Umbrian company founded in 1986 on the initiative of Domenico […]

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Gioielli, indossato

Come vendere i vostri gioielli

Four tips before knocking at a jeweler’s door or trying to sell a jewel. It is not easy to conclude a good deal ♦ Is It A Good Time To […]

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Orecchini floreali in oro rosa, titanio, rubini del Mozambico

The new jewelry by Vania Leles

The new jewels by Vania Leles, with the most precious African gems ♦ The legacy of Africa seen through the eyes of a former model of the great jewelery brands […]

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Anello in oro con diamanti lab grown

PdPaola debuts in gold and diamonds

PdPaola, a Spanish brand that in a few years has conquered the European market, climbs the last step of quality and combines its collections at affordable prices with a new […]

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Controllo del reattore al plasma CVD che produce diamanti ​​in laboratorio

Is it worth buying a diamond born in the laboratory?

The irresistible rise of laboratory diamonds. This is why synthetic diamonds are increasingly popular with jewelry buyers ♦ Would you like to buy a ring with a large 1 carat […]

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Clean the jewels with ketchup, beer and vodka

Clean the jewels with ketchup, beer and vodka

Tomato ketchup, vodka or beer to clean your jewelry. Yes, you can. If you do not have anything better at hand … ♦ At the table with jewels. To clean […]

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Collana Anniversary

Two special jewels by Recarlo

Two special pieces for special occasions. Recarlo, alongside its collections dedicated to weddings, engagements and anniversaries, adds two jewels that are at the top of the production of the Maison […]

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Tiara Torsade de Chaumet

A spiral for Chaumet high jewelery

The aesthetics of the ellipse, of the lines that wrap around a center of gravity as in the new collection by Chaumet, characterized the Baroque period. But not only that: […]

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Anello con opale, smeraldi e diamanti

Geometries in Atelier Valani

Geometries and precious stones: the amazing story of Heena Shah and her Atelier Valani ♦ ︎ Forget the story of the little girl who loved to play with her grandmother’s […]

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Collier di diamanti by Arzano

Arzano, jewelry such one thousand and one night

Discovering Arzano, the favorite jewelery brand from real Arab houses. And not just ♦ ︎ Zaveri is an Indian surname, mostly based among the people of Gujarat. The word Zaveri […]

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Messika, collezione Magnetic Attraction, Fanny Sage nello scatto di Benjamin Decoin

High jewelry dances with Messika

Dance step diamonds: Valérie Messika created 16 spectacular jewels in a collection that has been called Magnetic Attraction. High jewelery signed in Paris by the queen of diamonds, who selected […]

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Orecchini pendenti in oro rosa e diamanti

Tabbah’s princely jewels

The jewels of Tabbah, the Maison that made the jewels for the wedding of Charlene of Monaco ♦ ︎ In 20121, the Maison Tabbah has reached the age of 159 […]

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Anello in oro giallo 24 carati, argento sterling, zaffiro blu, collezione Secret Garden

The blow of design for Adel Chefridi

The jewels by Adel Chefridi, from Tunis to New York City ♦ ︎ Jewelers are born in Tunis too. This is the case of Adel Chefridi, who fell in love […]

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Orecchini a monachella della linea Cuore

Recarlo with the heart

For some time, the Italian Maison Recarlo has focused on the iconic shape of the heart for its collections. It did it with some new lines of jewelry that use […]

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Analisi di un diamante

Alarm for laboratory diamonds

Lab-made diamonds may be green, as those who sell them claim, but they certainly pose a threat to honest jewelers and, last but not least, to buyers. The alarm has […]

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Bracciale, pezzo unico, in oro rosa con opali etiopi e acquamarina

Traveling with Yael Designs

A very personal design that of Yehouda Saketkhou and his San Francisco-based Yael Design. Starting from the name, a tribute to the disabled sister ♦ His name is Yehouda Saketkhou, and […]

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