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The winning challenge of Nelson Jewelry

The winning challenge of Nelson Jewelry

From Hong Kong the collections of Nelson Jewelry, a giant in the industry ♦ ︎ Hong Kong has long been one of the jewelers’ capital. Not only because in the […]

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Anello con smeraldo colombiano taglio pan di zucchero di 45 carati

Black, Starr & Frost, America’s oldest jeweler

Few know this, but the oldest jeweler in the United States is not Tiffany, but Black, Starr & Frost. It was founded over 200 years ago (in 1810), and in […]

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Girocollo in oro giallo e diamanti della collezione Sahara

Vania Leles, the African soul of gems

Rubies, emeralds, diamonds: these are the colors of Africa for Vania Leles, which uses gems of origin that are responsible for high-class jewelery signed VanLeles ♦ Africa for Vania Leles, […]

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Collana di 43 perle di giadeite imperiale

Giada beats diamonds at Sotheby’s auction

Top and flop at the high jewelery auction organized by Sotheby’s in Hong Kong. In summary: disappointment with precious stones, enthusiasm for jade. Overall, however, the sale of Magnificent Jewels […]

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Bracciale in titanio e fibra di carbonio con diamanti per 7 carati

Lugano Diamonds, the official luxury

From California, Orange County, Lugano Diamonds luxury jewels. No, the city of Switzerland has nothing to do with it ♦ Born in Israel, Moti Ferder served four years in his […]

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Satin finish and full pavé rings in white gold with blue sapphires, emeralds and diamonds

Love in Verona for Roberto Coin

Roberto Coin‘s tour of Italy through the places most loved by tourists and art lovers makes a stop in Verona. The city of love, the literary homeland of Romeo and […]

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Anello eternity Live Diamond con diamanti prodotti in laboratorio

Live Diamond’s green jewels

Diamonds lab grown are receiving growing interest, also thanks to their definition of environmentally friendly stones. This typology includes Live Diamond, an Italian brand that is part of the Morellato […]

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Collier Goddess Garden in oro, diamanti, morganite

The Goddess Garden by Pasquale Bruni

Between nature and sentiment, luxury and idealism: the Goddess Garden collection by Pasquale Bruni contains the elements that characterize the production of the jewelery brand from Valenza (Italy). The theme […]

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Helix, anello con diamante da 16,23 carati

Jessica McCormack plays with Livewire

There is an old game, widespread in the Anglo-Saxon world, called Buzzwire. It consists of guiding an electrically controlled metal circle along a cable that has an irregular path. It […]

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Collana Beyou in oro rosa. e bianco, con diamanti

The sound of Giorgio Visconti’s love

What is the sound of love? Everyone is likely to have one, private. The own sound. Now, however, he can decide to share this music with Giorgio Visconti‘s new collection […]

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La mascherina di Jacob & Co indossata

The diamond mask by Jacob & Co

There is an accessory that all women have had in their bags for a few months. No, it’s not sunglasses or a make-up set. It is the mask that the […]

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Bracciali tennis della collezione Face Cube

New Face Cube tennis bracelets by Recarlo

Black diamonds in contrast with the white ones. And band rings that hide invisible micro springs inside them, which allow the jewel to widen by approximately three sizes, with the […]

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David Morris, anello con diamante a taglio princess verde intenso con spalline di diamantati rosa e micro diamanti bianchi

The very rare green diamonds

Green diamonds are very rare and very expensive. Because they have a secret ♦ ︎ Colored diamonds inflame Sotheby’s and Christie’s auctions. The most popular colors are yellow, pink and […]

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Solitaire di Tiffany

Tiffany makes diamonds traceable

Ethically correct jewelry: it is a need that is increasingly requested by those who buy a precious object. In short, gold and diamonds must not come from mines that ruin […]

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Anello Camille in oro giallo e diamanti

The special diamonds of Jean Dousset

Granddaughter of Louis Cartier, he worked by Caumet and Boucheron: to Jean Dousset does not lack credentials … ♦ Good blood does not lie, according to an old proverb: it […]

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Anello in titanio con rubini e diamanti

The Diana Zhang orchids and bamboo

The Diana Zhang flowers: a masterpiece with emeralds, 2700 tsavorites and 5500 diamonds ♦ She was the first woman designer, Chinese, to be invited at the prestigious Biennale des Antiquaires in […]

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Orecchini a forma di denti di squalo in oro rosa 18 carati e occhio di tigre blu

Sara Beltrán’s wish

Envy her: Sara Beltrán, spends her time traveling between the sea of ​​Morocco, Mexico, Croatia, Italy and Greece. To rest she can choose between houses in Paris, New York and […]

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Anello con zaffiro rosa e diamanti

The free diamonds by Glik

From Brazil to New York, vacuum precious stones and furniture by Moritz Glik ♦ For Moritz Glik (don’t be fooled by the German-Polish name: he’s a Brazilian-born jeweler, where he […]

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Roberto Coin renews Sauvage Privé

Roberto Coin renews Sauvage Privé

Launched in 2018 with the idea of ​​a transgression authorized to the canons of classic jewelry, the Sauvage Privé collection by Roberto Coin  has been renewed over the years, but […]

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Anello con diamanti gialli

In the design of L’Dzen

An international background, a family tradition in jewelry, a great desire to enter the Olympus of luxury designers: with these premises Payal Shah founded L’Dzen. The designer’s mother and father […]

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