Crieri, anello con smeraldo della collezione Bogotà. Copyright:
Crieri, anello con smeraldo della collezione Bogotà. Copyright:

Can an engagement ring be colored?

A ring with a colored gem instead of the classic white diamond? You can.

Perhaps it will be surprising for many, but the engagement ring must not necessarily be linked to the classic white diamond. Mind you: a rim in white gold with a brilliant and fourteenth -century diamond or six rebbi (the Tiffany frame) that block the gem, are fine. Indeed, such a ring has the advantage of being able to be worn on any occasion, with any dress, at any phase of life. It is necessary to know, however, that this type of ring is a fairly recent convention.

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Anello Essentially Color di Picchiotti indossato con tormalina verde, ametista, diamanti
Essentially Color ring by Picchiotti worn with green tourmaline, amethyst, diamonds

The rings that for centuries have accompanied a request for engagement, a commitment for marriage, or simply were a testimony to the love of a man towards a woman, they were not the solitaire. Indeed, more often a colorful gem was chosen, from ruby to sapphire. It was, and it is still, a choice appreciated by women, the more the ring is made with generous size stones.

L'anello di fidanzamanto indossato da Kate Middleton. Era di Lady Diana
The engagement ring worn by Kate Middleton. It was Lady Diana’s

Therefore, it is completely legitimate to give an engagement ring with a precious or semi-predious gem. Just remember Diana Spencer’s famous engagement ring, with a large blue sapphire surrounded by a diamond crown. But it is not the only example of engagement ring with colored gems. Although there are also those who, like Jennifer Lopez, have received a ring with diamond, but of green shades, a very rare color for this type of gem.

L'anello con diamante verde di Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez’s green diamond ring

However, the choice of an engagement ring with colored gems must be performed carefully, because there is the danger of exaggerating. A ring full of colorful gems, very lively and flashy is not indicated as an engagement ring. Rather, it is what is called a cocktail ring, which suits, precisely, for parties or worldly occasions. An engagement ring, however, will often be worn on several occasions: it will therefore have to be sober, without excess, to be able to combine with any dress, both during moments of leisure, and in the office or during a ceremony.

L'anello con acquamarina indossato da Merghan Markle
Aquamarine ring worn by Meghan Markle
Anello con rubino e diamanti indossato
Ruby and diamond ring worn

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